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Current “A person who wrote badly did better than a person who does not write at all. A bad writing can be corrected. An empty page remains an empty page.” ― Israelmore Ayivor
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“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” —Thomas Mann
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Just got promoted, which will require me to move again. No longer looking for partners, but I will keep up what I have. Sorry to those I inadvertently ghosted, and to everyone else: good luck.
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For Halloween, I'm going to turn off all the outside lights and pretend I'm not home.
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Is it Friday yet?


1) Before anything else, those eighteen years of age (and under) need not apply. The older/more mature you are, the smoother our working relationship will be. My characters and stories often take turns that minors (and the faint of heart) may not agree with, and I will not censor myself.

2) Like many adults, I have a fulltime job and many obligations. I make time to write because it's what I love doing, and I RP because writing a story is funner with a friend. I like getting to know characters: their thoughts, their ambitions, the things that keep them up at night. More than that, I am intrigued by the situations they find themselves in. I think, masochist I must be, part of me even enjoys the torture of not knowing what happens next.

3) I keep real life and RP separate, and I tend to keep small talk to a minimum as a result. If you're looking for someone to chat with 24/7, I will probably disappoint you. That aside, I consider myself a friendly and mature guy, and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas as they arise.

4) I enjoy romance, but nothing over the top and not as the focus of a story. While we're on the subject, complicated and slow burn are more my style. Also, I am only interested in writing MxF relationships. I can play either.

5) I'm open to mature scenes only when it fits the story. Don't sweat it if you're not up to it. It's not the reason I'm here.

6) My RP limits are: no kids, no furries, no bestiality, no bathroom stuff. Let me know yours.

7) I will never harass you for a reply, and I won't freak out when things don't go a certain way. Respect (and a little bit of courtesy) will go a long way.

8) I am looking for advanced writing in the past tense and third person point of view. Two or three replies most weeks is my preferred pace, but quality is more important than quantity and I would be open to something less frequent if the right person and story came along.

9) You're more than welcome to pitch plots to me that aren't on my list, but I need character development, story progression, and IC conflict to stay interested. Slice of life is a no for me. Modern plots (without something extra) are also a hard sell.

10) The point of all this is to have fun. Shall we?

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Will, 21+ male, EST. Boring corporate tool by day looking for a creative escape. Like many adults, my spare time is nowhere near equal to the hours I want to devote to this hobby. Sadly this means I have to limit myself to one partner so I don't disappoint anyone (myself included) or bite off more than I can chew.

My writing style and preference are: third person POV, past tense and novel format. The latter means proper grammar and spelling most of the time. I'm not perfect either. On that note, I hold on to the elusive dream of writing something worth publishing one day, so I treat every reply as a chance to improve. That said, you can expect Advanced writing from me with the occasional High Casual reply thrown in. My preferred pace is somewhere around three or four replies a week but I expect this to vary.

Other thoughts:
- I keep real life and RP separate, and I tend to keep small talk to a minimum as a result. If you're looking for someone to chat with 24/7, I will probably disappoint you. That aside, I consider myself a friendly and mature guy, and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas as they arise. Scout's honor, I want to know what you're thinking.

- It doesn't matter to me what gender you identify as. That said, I stick to M/F pairings with the occasional F/F. I can play either of these with comfort.

- Ideally looking for someone who's fine with writing multiple characters. I like to fill the world with other "main" characters and a supporting cast.

- Yes to romantic RP (just not as the focal point) but prefer slow burn or complicated stories. Smut completely optional, let me know what you're comfortable with. Not a big deal.

- PM RP only. Open to chatting on Discord to make setup faster.



Really need a break from modern and sci-fi. I'm looking to revisit my first loves: Medieval Fantasy and/or Historical. Not huge on fandoms but could be open to a Game of Thrones Westeros, Lord of the Rings or multi-kingdom type of setting. Only original characters and alternate or custom timelines.

For historical writing, not looking for anything that requires 100% accuracy or realism.



- Your brother, the king, has died unexpectedly and has only an infant daughter by his wife, the queen, who comes either from a foreign throne or from a powerful family within the kingdom. He declared no official heir, and seeing as you are his only surviving sibling, an attempt is made on your life in hope of strengthening your niece's claim to the throne. Your uncle is the only other viable pretender but he has not yet made his intentions known. For whatever reason, it is my character's duty to take you somewhere safe.

- Alternatively, you are the young queen and your husband has unexpectedly died. You have by him an infant daughter, and you are seven months pregnant. For reasons we can discuss, your marriage was controversial or unpopular, and you quickly learn that forces are at work against you. Your father is a foreign king or a powerful noble in the kingdom and seeks to keep your family on the throne by forcing a regency council. The only people that stand in your way are your sister-in-law and your late husband's uncle. I play a high ranking noble in your court whose support could make or break your cause.

- The above plot ideas in the same story, in which we jump between different characters as we see fit to push the story along in different directions.

- Will add more later.

PM me if interested. Thanks for reading.
Monday morning, fifteen minutes earlier

“How’s your case going, Kimo?” A grunt was all Tom got in response, but he’d known better than to expect much from his three-hundred-pound, wrong side of fifty-five Hawaiian friend. A former Navy man, the guy kept secrets better than the dead did and wasn’t much of a talker to begin with. It was exactly why Tom, who loved the sound of his own voice and took no shame in the fact, had made it a daily habit to talk to the guy. There was nothing quite like shitty coffee and a free therapy session to start the day off right.

“Well, no news is good news,” replied Tom with a confident smile, the very same that had reduced sweet, god-fearing women to goo in his early twenties. At thirty-five, his brown hair was equal amounts salt and pepper, and what used to be a six-pack was a few notches short of a dad belly. Despite all this, he maintained a mischievous quality in his green eyes, and when he spoke, some of his famous Midwesterner charm came through. Tom took the man’s predictable silence as an invitation to slide into the chair next to his, then set his coffee mug and cellphone on the table and leaned back in his seat. “Wish I could say the same, but I’ve had one hell of a week, and—”

“What do you want?” Asked Kimo dryly as he laid the daily paper out on the table and leafed all the way to the horoscope section.

“What I always want: your expert advice,” stated Tom, undeterred by his buddy’s frigid act. “My new partner is a nutcase. Yesterday she had a meltdown because I made a comment about the Patriots. How was I supposed to know she’s from freaking Massachusetts, or that she cares about that stuff? Have you ever met a woman that even likes football?”

Kimo had met plenty. He was also pretty sure the offending conversation hadn’t been sports related, but Tom was like a train when he was fixated on something, and there was no point trying to squeeze a word in. Besides, it required less effort to ride out the one-sided venting session and let him talk about his feelings. Kimo looked up from his newspaper and studied his sensitive companion, wondering—as he did most mornings—how Tom had made it so far in life.

“And that got me thinking last night. She’s from Massachusetts.”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Kimo said with a shrug. Stirring his coffee with one hand, he flipped through the newspaper until he got to the comics with the other.

“Maybe Salem didn’t get all the witches.” Tom stared and waited for his theory to sink in. The response he got came in the form of a tired sigh. It was the sound Kimo subconsciously made every time he’d had enough of Tom’s shit.



It was some kind of bullshit, alright. Tom couldn’t even get McCann to approve a one-week leave for him to join Kimo on his yearly family vacations to Honolulu, but he was willing to send one of his best detectives—along with one greener than a tennis ball—on an almost-two-month-long work trip. Worst of all, they weren’t going anywhere far away or exotic. Or warm, for that matter. Tom groaned loudly—but whether it was in response to the shitty assignment, or Costello showing up, was unclear. He avoided eye contact with his new partner by feigning interest in the folder closest to him. He flipped it open, looked through some low-res crime scene photos with a mildly skeptical expression, then shut and tossed it back on the table after a couple of seconds.

“Sir, with all due respect, you want to send us to the Fox Islands because of some animal attacks?” Try as he might, he couldn't hide his annoyance. “Seems to me a simple call to Animal Control would be a better use of our time, not to mention the money the department would save on our per diem, along with the man hours.”

“First of all, Duke, just be glad I’m not sending you to the Rat Islands. Secondly, you let me worry about all that.” Just when Tom thought he was going to get away with one of McCann’s more diplomatic answers, the captain shut the door to the conference room, then continued. “Your job is to take the case you’re given and figure out the fuck whodunnit, not to waste my time by arguing or giving unsolicited advice.” McCann made it a point to look at both his detectives, daring either of them to argue.

Tom didn’t have anything to say and glanced at Costello, hoping the newbie had a death wish. Unfortunately, the captain cut their talking window short.

“Starting from around this time last year, there have been sixteen unsolved murders and twenty-nine missing persons reports filed in the city of Unalaska alone. This morning, I got a call from the mayor herself, telling me that the very same sheriff I was in contact with a week ago went missing on Friday, along with the granddaughter of a prominent member in The Aleut Corporation.” McCann took two folders from the table, opened them, and slid them closer to the detectives. The one in front of Tom was for a Sheriff Jimmy Faraday, an early-50s mixed Caucasian man with hazel eyes, cropped bottle-brown hair, and a thick gray mustache. To Tom, Jimmy gave off sort of a military veteran grandpa vibe. The second was for a Junior Deputy Kamiti Samuel, known by friends and family as Kami, a petite female in her early twenties with black hair, light brown eyes, horn-rimmed glasses, and a big smile. If not for the DOB, Tom would’ve aged her at about seventeen.

“Damn,” was all Tom could say. It wasn't that uncommon for small population areas to have missing people and the occasional homicide, but the Fox Islands wasn't the kind of place you arrived at or left without anyone knowing. He was sure some of the disappearances could've been caused by accidents, and the supposed murders a result of some animal altercations, but nearly fifty incidents in a year? He didn't want to admit it, but he could see why people were upset and why the situation justified an investigation.

“Damn is right,” McCann said. “I wish I had more intel for you, but with their sheriff missing and them being down a deputy, their office is undermanned and overworked, and we’ll be waiting weeks for those files to come in. Needless to say, we don’t have weeks, and that big storm rolling in before the weekend means the ferry company is closing shop early. I need you both on the boat by Wednesday morning. Any questions before I continue?”

Besides his growing frustration about the lack of prep time and info they were being given, what Tom really wanted to know was why McCann was sending in two homicide detectives to investigate a couple of disappearances. He settled for, “And we know they didn’t just get lost in the woods somewhere?”

“When you get there, the acting sheriff Senior Deputy Stillwell supposedly has some dash cam footage I’m told you’ll want to see. There’s also a Russian scientist, an ethologist, that saw something. We don’t know what that is because they’re refusing to work with authorities. How about you, Costello? Questions?”
Bump. Looking for one more. Will reply to messages in the morning.
Bump, after a long hiatus.
Just received word that I am being promoted, which will require me to move again. No longer looking for partners, but I will keep up what I have going so far. Sorry to those I inadvertently ghosted/stopped replying to, and to everyone else: best of luck.
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Weekly bump after a busy weekend. Feel free to shoot me a prompt that isn't on my list.

Also note the changes I made to the tags, thanks.
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Made some edits. Prompts that have been scratched out are those I'm either already doing, or not in the mood for.

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