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21 days ago
Current first 3 months i have walk 1705 laps. i am proud of my self. i get my first vaccine tomorrow morning
1 mo ago
ok beside medicine and yoga what do you do if you have anxiety and i need ideas that a person with some disables can do. i have anxiety over bad weather pm all your ideas and pls ty very much
2 mos ago
tired of being sore just sayng
2 mos ago
where i live we are ten days shy of a year of this virus. it is the first day of march
2 mos ago
i have now walk 600 laps this month and that is with ten days of no walking. i am proud of my self. and we will have a week to go before the end of the month


my name is angel
I love roleplaying and have been doing it for several years. it helps me let my creativeness out and lets me play out story ideas. I like to write stories.

i am in a wheelchair i am very unique and i am tired of guys acting all friendly and then a few months later or a while later the truth comes out. i am tired of being use. i am a good girl yes i have problems name someone who dont. but at least i do not let my problems control me.

love in movies books and music. i just want love i am not asking for a lot i am just asking for what everyone wants to be accept for who they are. dont pity me i do not need your pity

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In Post what ever 22 days ago Forum: Spam Forum
hopeless romantic
i do not know.

what is one of your worse habits that you would like to stop doing?
I am a fan of writing and reading fan fiction.
a teacher or a author

if you could travel anywhere in the world. where would you go?
neither really

spicy chicken or original chicken
probaby both but i guess 100 today

are you going to get the vaccine for the virus or not?
i do not know lol.

do you have a tablet or a computer?
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