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Current Reptiles with scars are actually pretty rare, given how reptiles heal. It can happen but it has to be a pretty deep injury.
3 mos ago… Anyone up for a Fate RP... again? OOC is up this time!
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3 mos ago… Anyone up for some Fate RP?
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Karma finally caught up to a certain someone.


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Nobunaga brushed off the statements by the new arrival. She had little interest in openly discussing her own otherworldly nature(nor any reason to reveal that she was the same as him).

No, she had a far more important purpose.

A smile crossed the small girl's lips.

"In that case, my proposal is a simple one," she began, "It is plain to me that the value of access to the forest was not enough to override the desire for knowledge, even if they lack any idea of how this pursuit could effect them."

She spread her arms.

"Of course, you could merely insist this pursuit was punished in forming a new deal, but even the threat of punishment cannot stay the desire for knowledge," Nobunaga continued, "As such, that desire must be met with something else. Not only must this adherence to this reckless and careless God of Knowledge be punished, but an outlet for the desire for knowledge must be provided."

Nobunaga's smile grew. She had considered this the moment that the Kyrinth spoke of the root of the trouble between itself and the villagers.

"The villagers are to protect the forest, to ensure that it will flourish, to treat it as valuable not only for the sake of the resources they require but also for its own sake," the warlord continued with a flourish of one hand, "Because the guardian of the forest is also their beloved teacher."

The value placed on a teacher, someone who gave their knowledge to others, was high. And in a world like this... there was so much that the elder beast could share, wasn't there?

"You cannot move against this god directly, but you can supplant its purpose," the very thought of punishing the reckless god of knowledge in such a way, even if he had long sense moved on from this experiment, was pleasing to the practical-minded girl, "Those who seek knowledge will merely need to consult with the teacher they knew from childhood. The one whose very existence is tied to the natural world, whose knowledge of this world improves their lives."

She had no way of knowing just what the Kyrinth knew, but its very nature as a beast of the natural world and the title of 'Elder' implied wisdom if nothing else.

"Replace this god of knowledge. The value of not only access to the forest, but of a teacher who is far less reckless and far more wise, who will become beloved for the knowledge they pass on, will seal a renewed pact with the villagers. After all, knowledge is a valuable thing, and thus those who can provide that knowledge are beyond value."

It was something of a gambit... but surely, the capacity to guarantee care for the forest improve giving knowledge, and also begin wearing down the reckless deity's influence... it had to count for something, didn't it?

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The left path shared some similarities with the right. Just as was the case on the right side, the glow proved to be the work of a multitude of glowcaps, covering nearly every surface in the tunnel. Joining them in this case were a multitude of vines hanging down from the ceiling, immediate recognition of the species rendered difficult due to the lighting and their generic appearance. Still, this implied potentially more lush growth deeper in the cavern.

This time, however, it became apparent just why the glowcaps were so numerous.

Roughly five meters on into the left path, was the relatively fresh corpse of a carrier bird. While it was still most certainly dead for more then a day or so, that was still fairly fresh given how difficult to access this part of the cavern must have been. The implication was obvious, there must have been another entrance to this cavern elsewhere... or the building that had fallen into the pit wasn't as empty as first expected.

Glowcaps had already begun to grow on the body, but it was mostly still visible. On closer inspection, another grisly discovery would be made: The carrier bird's body was savagely torn open, much of the meat and internal organs gone. The entire underside of its neck had been torn away as well, and given the particular density of glowcaps there it was likely the animal had been killed by having its throat torn open.

The presence of a saddle was also concerning, though no human body was present.

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So that was it.

The machinations of another deity, and those who chose to connect themselves to it, were the reason for the collapse of the deal between the Forest's Ruler and the people. And on top of that, the Kyrinth's personal feelings on it seemed to be one of mild disappointment rather then anger...

In a way, a lack of animosity between both parties was both a boon to their cause... and a setback. Without a particular grievance or incident, it became harder to address it specifically. Additionally, the fact the Kyrinth had no particular attachment to the land and could simply relocate the forest in its entirety...

But Nobunaga would not be discouraged from her cause.

"So it is the actions of those who still cling to the ideals of this god who threatens the very land they live upon?" Nobunaga asked, casting one glance back towards the new arrival before refocusing on the great deer once more, "Unable to see the danger through the allure, I see."

She took a deep breath.

"Still, there are those within the village who wish to rekindle the lost relationship between you," the petite continued. Indeed, the town's chief was quite happy to hear that she was willing to attempt to reform their deal, and she could not imagine that desire was absent from the rest of the townsfolk.

Then perhaps...

"You may have no particular need to remain on this land... but are their not animals who dwell within this forest who would be incapable of moving with it? Those with young, those who have attachment to a strict territory, or any other myriad of reasons. This sacred grove and all within it may be able to depart, but there are still creatures that would be destroyed not by a natural cycle where one animal feeds upon another, but by the upheaval of what lies sealed beneath this land and the waters that would rush in to contain it."

Nobunaga paused for a moment.

"Of course, my concerns to that regard may be unfounded," she added. It was impossible to know for certain just what kind of capabilities the Kyrinth had in regards to the creatures that lived in the forest, but it was unlikely it was specifically sending those beasts from before to attack the town based on its own lack of malice.

With that being said, then perhaps it was worth appealing to its concern for native creatures living outside of the grove itself.

To be truthful, a God of Knowledge sounded far more like a figure that would appeal to her under other circumstances... But Nobunaga detested what she had heard here. Seeking knowledge and away to better the future was all well and good, but it was utter foolishness to pursue it to destruction. Knowledge had to be acquired with wisdom, not with recklessness.

Nobunaga placed a hand to her chest.

"Regardless, I have proposal, if you should be willing to hear it."

"Eh-heheh, I avoid fighting anything, but I'm really good at hiding..." Imarui responded, scratching the back of her head with one hand. She didn't have anything good for fighting. She didn't have an Arti-

The small girl paused for a few moments.

That wasn't true... and that reminded her, as much as all these people seemed nice, when it was time to locate an artifact she was going to have to get away from them as soon as she could. After all, she didn't know how they'd respond when they learned about the true nature of her necklace. She could hide its light, certainly, but she didn't want them seeing it in the first place...

But that was okay for now.

First, they'd explore!

It was pretty dark down here, and that was the remains of the building that had fallen into the pit, all smashed up and crushed... it really was good nobody had been inside it at the time!

"Anyway, exploring together is a lot better then splitting up!" declared the little white-haired girl cheerfully, even as the boy from before rushed off down the right side path. She definitely didn't mind the older girl sticking with her, but there was no reason to dawdle around here any longer! Imarui adjusted her backpack and turned to follow the skateboarder's path...

The right side path was much brighter then the initial site of the descent, and it was immediately apparent why that was.

The walls, floor, and part of the cieling were encrusted with hundreds upon hundreds of glowcaps. The large mushrooms gave off a somewhat eerie blue-white glow, and while they in and of themselves were harmless, it did indicate something somewhat unsavory.

Something had likely died here at one point. Glowcaps could grow in incredibly harsh conditions, far moreso then this cavern was, but the initial catalyst for their growth was almost always the presence of a corpse.

The light of the glowing fungi did, however, illuminate the true hazard.

Hanging from the ceiling were thin, silvery, hairlike strands that would have been completely invisible in the darkness. Following them to the roof of the cave would reveal that they were attached to a slimy substance, within which was the bodies of the creatures the strands were attacked to. Wormlike creatures, the length and width of a grown man's arm.

On their own, they were harmless to anything larger then a rat or similar creature. But when something brushed against their sensory strands that was too large for them to pull up and consume...

They weren't called Screaming Slugs for no reason, and many subterranean predators had learned to respond to the screams of the creatures as a sign that food was nearby.

Beyond, the cavern seemed to widen again, and it almost appeared as if something other then the glowing fungi was attached to the walls. Perhaps there was an underground forest of some sort? They were hardly unheard of.

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Alrighty, I'll update here tonight.
Mihama Nanako


Slumping entirely off the bed, then rising into a sitting position, Nanako lamented what a mess her wakeup must have looked like. Melt had plenty of reasons to poke fun at her already, and that just gave her more! ... She paused for a moment, glancing at her right arm and experimentally moving it up and down.

The soreness was barely present now.

"Eh-heheh..." Still embarrassed by literally rolling out of bed, the brunette scratched the back of her head, giving a smile to her Servant, "You know, I actually do feel a lot better today, I think... Do you want breakfast?"

Sure, it was a little bit late for breakfast, but not only did it provide an easy way to change the subject quickly from her embarrassing fall out of bed, but Nanako was quickly realizing that she really felt very hungry, and maybe getting something to eat would help her get a little bit more into the swing of things for the day.


Saber - Artoria Pendragon

"Perhaps they were inspired by seeing others come here?"

The Saber-class Servant sat down at the table across from her Master. She supposed that was the case, though it was something of an odd coincidence... not that she knew exactly what that could mean. This city was still so strange to her. But... Perhaps they were planning for some sort of combat mov-

She paused.

That line of thought was unlikely. Certainly, there were Servants all over the cafe, but this was no army in some sort of Great Holy Grail War, or anything of the sort. This was simply people enjoying food, be they Master or Servant.

It remained difficult to get used to this atmosphere given her previous summons.

... Their orders might not arrive soon...?

At that note, it was difficult for Artoria not to show any signs of impatience. She wanted to try the food here... but being so impatient would surely be unbecoming...

@FlappyTheSpybot: It'd be pretty difficult to pull off, but not completely impossible.
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