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Update: for my birthday I got into a car accident. Starting to think staying in was a better idea after all.
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"hey how did you want to spend your birthday?" - I guess sitting in front of my computer playing games isn't an acceptable answer...?
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Raindrop, drop top.


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Awk. Well I suppose if we can get a few more ready and rolling I guess we can kick things off after all!
It's been a while and I've gotten no word from potential new blood, so I think at this point we'll probably call it here and try again in a little while
Ramiel Wyndham

Travel Tunes

The trek from lands of the Amber Grove to the Fourth Encampment had been a long and boring journey- in all honesty, Ramiel wouldn't have been entirely surprised if they had just left without him. But the campaign to reclaim Gabaras seemed to be a big movement, gathering a truly huge number of men and women to retake the city. It really seemed like everyone had been called to retake Gabaras, Ramiel himself had passed by many a group of travelers headed in the same direction, some quicker than others. Ramiel himself had elected to travel alone. It was faster, though a bit riskier to be able to move without worrying about others. Still, Ramiel found himself with no company but a older, dimwitted, and slightly swaybacked mule named Rowan to carry both himself and his burdens. A horse was unfortunately not much of a conversational partner and Ramiel spent much of his journey with little but his own thoughts to entertain him.

Rowan snorted curiously and slowed to a pause, stirring Ramiel from his thoughts. Refocusing on the road ahead of them, Ramiel was surprised to find that their path had been blocked by a peculiar butterfly a few feet from his nose. At least he thought it was a butterfly, it glowed with some sort of light and seemed to be just as aware of him as he was of it. Curious, and perhaps without even realizing it himself, Ramiel reached out for the intriguing creature, offering it his finger to perch upon. The glowing creature floated closer to Ramiel and seemed to land on his finger, but disappeared as soon as Ramiel blinked. Sitting up straighter, Ramiel turned in his saddle and looked around him- had he imagined it? But there was little else around him but the road, a few trees, and what appeared to be a small group of travelers off in the distance.

A few days further and Ramiel had finally arrived at the Fourth Encampment, a huge base set within the pine forests outside Gabaras. It was hard to miss, the closer Ramiel got to the encampment, the more travelers like him he began to see, men and women of all walks of life, come to save the land. From there it was easy to find the way, into the camp, and towards its central plaza for processing. The massive line of newcomers soon brook into many smaller lines as the camp processed mercs, adventurers, and military men as quickly as possible. Some looked more battle hardened than others, some looked downright shifty and suspicious, others seemed to just be here for the sense of adventure, boasting about their prior accomplishments to anyone bothering to give them an ear.

Ramiel himself was greeted by a pair of human soldiers in armor with Kogani colors. One checked him over with arcane sight, the other didn't even bother looking up from a stack of papers he'd been writing on. The soldier spoke like a man bored out of his mind, and his questions sounded less like questions and more like statements or commands than anything.


"Wyndham, Ramiel"



"Military or organizational affiliation.
"Amber Grove Rangers-"
"Good, you'll be staying-"
"-formerly, freelance currently.

The soldier paused, looked up at Ramiel, rolled his eyes and gave a frustrated sigh, before crumpling up the current paper he had been working on and throwing it aside onto what appeared to be a growing pile behind him. Pulling out another sheet and hastily refilling in the prior information Ramiel had provided to him along with the proper unit affiliation and continued the lines of questions until they got to the end.

"-do you swear your loyalty to the mission and understand that desertion carries the punishment of imprisonment and-or execution?"

Ramiel chuckled at this, "What, are you serious?"

The soldier, looked up again at Ramiel for the second time the entire conversation, and again rolled his eyes and sighed with frustration. "Yes, we're serious. Either say yes or return from wherever the bumfuck you came from- I hardly have the time to breathe, nevermind the time to entertain you and every other recruit's questions."

"Fine, sure, sure." Ramiel answered, waving his hand dismissively. Without another word, the soldier finished writing on the slip and handed it to Ramiel, not even waiting for him to grab it before shouting 'NEXT' into the line behind him.

Ramiel winced as he grabbed the card, looking down at it as what he could only imagine to be his thumbprint appearing on the card, along with the marker 'C7'. He found the C block of tents easily enough and made his way to it. The encampment seemed to be continually building new blocks of tents for their growing numbers. This particular block seemed to have been relatively new, as it seemed to be empty, save for a particularly large dwarf, his entourage, and a barrel of drink. Ramiel resolved himself to keep that in mind, he hadn't had anything other than water or light ale to drink for the past few weeks.

He hitched his mule up to a post nearby his tent, and moved his belongings from the mule's packs to his tent, but didn't bother unpacking. Chances were more likely than not they'd be back on the mule and on the move before he could really settle down. He grabbed a stool from within his tent and carried it over to his dwarven neighbor- pausing to allow the dwarf and his company to have their drink together before he introduced himself.

The dwarf leading the entourage was a stocky fellow, with a shaved head and gold hair even more brilliant than Ramiel's own. He paused and waited until they acknowledged him before he plopped the stool down next to them and sat.

"Hail, Goldenbearde." Ramiel called warmly in greeting. "After a few weeks on the road, I can tell you confidently I'd be willing to pay near anything for a tankard of good drink. I don't suppose you'd be willing to spare a fellow blocksmate a tankard would you?"
Here's my character! Almost done, just gotta fit up the equipment and the last bit

I'm working on something now- leaning towards a sort of magically inclined archer of some sort.

As far as discords go, I'm not a huge fan of them- probably because I already have way too many servers I'm a part of and another is likely to get lost in the discord (heh). But I'll go with what everyone else wants
Interested! Reading up on everything right now
@TinyKiwi hey! Yeah unfortunately with the way warfare kinda goes, using an ultra light outside of an infantry support role is more of a liability than anything. The weapons they carry are generally not strong enough to pose a viable threat to larger machines,

That being said I'd be willing to make an exception if you wanted to go the combat repairs and refit route- just know that you wouldn't be putting out much in the way of combat
@Rapid Reader, @Dog sounds good! Once again, I really appreciate everyone's patience!

@Zombiedude101 let me know if there's anything you have questions with!
@6slyboy6 You can always take a read through the prior iterations to see if they're something your speed……

@Rapid Reader, @Dog, it seems our cast has dropped a bit- Whoami's let me know that she's doing some service related stuff for a month or so. So it'll be down to the 3 of us without some extra blood. Do you guys mind waiting for some new interest, or would you like to get started sooner rather than later?
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