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Appreciate the patience. Could I get the Discord link? It seems like most of the OOC discussion is gonna be there.

“It’s gonna rain today.”

Savyna’s elbow rested firmly on the counter, with her hand supporting her chin as she pried her eyes away from her magazine for just a moment to glance out the window. “I don’t see a single cloud in the sky,” she observed, her free hand twirling a pen between her fingers. ”What makes you think it’s going to rain?” Savyna circled an item in the catalogue she had been eyeing, and flipped to another page. She gave her co-worker her attention, but her eyes couldn’t be bothered to look at him and continued to skim through the magazine without pause or care.

“I’m never wrong about this,” her co-worker responded, chewing a wad of gum and counting the bills in the register. “It’s like a premonition or something. Always happens right on cue after I have this specific recurring dream.”

”Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. It’s one of those dreams where you’re suddenly back in high school again – and you’re running late to class. I make it in by a hair and get to my seat. Then a teacher I never had says, ‘Alright everyone, please turn in your homework.’ I then get up, and pull out a square of lasagna from my pocket and I hand it to him-“

”As one does.”

“Well y’know, it’s a dream. My brain doesn’t really question the semantics of why I’m giving this man a damn lasagna when I’m dreaming. Anyway, he then gives us a quiz where all the questions are in braille.”

”So what does this have to do with it raining?”

“I dunno, but every time I have this dream, it rains on the same day.”

”Whatever you say, Bryce. My shift’s about over, by the way.” Savyna grabbed a set of keys from a metal hook and tossed it over to her co-worker. ”Your turn to close today.” She grabbed her bag and made her way to the door, before she was stopped.

“You dropped something,” Bryce called out, pointing at an envelope on the floor. Savyna slouched over to pick it up, giving Bryce a nod of thanks. “So… what is it?” Bryce asked, ever so sensible, and ever so nosy. The enclosed letter specified that the addressee remain confidential about the contents, else face legal ramifications. Savyna was not keen on sharing too many details either way.

The letter had been on Savyna’s mind all day, with the implications causing for concern. Had she finally been discovered after all these years? She left Hong Kong to avoid the scrutiny of those that wanted to exploit her, and now she had the attention of the CIA. If they knew what she knew, then there wouldn’t be a chance that they’d let her walk. She turned to face Bryce, a tinge of nervousness in her otherwise listless voice. “I can’t really get into it too much, but it’s uh… a job offer.”

“You gonna take it?” Bryce responded, still chewing on the same piece of gum.

”I don’t know. It’s likely that they’re giving benefits and paying me more than this place.”

“Then take it.”

”At the same time, it’s just as likely that it’s dangerous work. They’re asking me to relocate.”

“So don’t take it then.”

”Well it’s complicated, alright? I kinda don’t want to, but at the same time I don’t really think I can easily turn something like this down. Probably best for me to sleep on it.”

Bryce shrugged and fetched a broom to begin sweeping the aisles. “I mean, do you really want to work in a dingy place like this forever? Some days I just wake up and feel like I’m getting crushed by the weight of all the people I could be. Instead, I’m just regular-ass Bryce workin’ the grind at this convenience store and writing online reviews on how terrible movies like ‘The Key of Blackwater’ are.”

”Hey, that’s my favorite shitty movie. Only I can talk shit about it,” Savyna refuted. ”Also, working here isn’t so bad. It’s actually kind of cozy when you aren’t dealing with shitty customers.”

“So like twenty percent of the time it’s alright here, then.”

”I mean… well… yeah.”

“I’ve probably bent your ear enough, I don’t mean to hold you up. Though if you end up not wanting that job, maybe put in a good word for me, yeah?”

”I’ll think about it,” Savyna promised. At the very least, taking the job would give her a chance to observe the ones watching her. She went out to her motorcycle parked by the back of the building and revved it up. With a heavy sigh, Savyna placed on her helmet and began riding home.

It began to rain heavily.
Apologies again on my delayed updates. Currently dealing with the winter storm down here in Texas and it's been pretty rough. I'll try to get in a post either today or tomorrow.

Edited her abilities and some details about her escape. I hope this is more in line with your specifications.
Sorry I'm late on this. This took a lot longer to fill out than I anticipated. Let me know if there's anything I need to adjust/clarify.

EDIT 2/14/21: Readjusted abilities and parts of history.
Hi. I'm just a guy who's been on and off the writing grind for several years now, and I've been looking to get back into practice. When I'm not working I enjoy playing video games (or staring at my ever-growing Steam backlog), playing D&D, and dabbling a bit in voice acting. I definitely hope to see and write some good stories with you all.
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