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Current POOHEAD189: happy birthday! :D
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have a good day everyone
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tfw you end up embarrassed just as the day starts to end. -sighs-


I joined 2 years ago ago now.

I enjoy pm rps, if anyone is interested. but i will do thread rps too.

i am into otome games. i enjoy rock music. i like reading.

my fav. colors are: red, blue, pink, white, and black.

i am open for any rps.
However, i am not into rps that are strictly nation, horror, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, superhero, military, or sci-fi.

i enjoy romance/vampire rps, maybe a bit of fantasy.

I like dragons unicorns and pegasi.

i avoid arena and tabletop roleplays because i am afraid of messing up with those types of roleplays.

i recently decided to give the steampunk genre a shot.

i am trying to get into casual roleplaying, not just free or 1x1.

i love vampires/vampire romance.

current ideas:
vampires/demons kidnapping their desired mates to marry.

A tribe of centaurs searching for their long lost princess.

a beauty and the beast type rp

an arranged marriage between a human princess and a vampire prince

an arranged marriage between a centaur and a minotaur

action fantasy tournament to determine a prince/princess consort, the next ruler if you will.

a guy who has to marry a merperson or other fantasy creature or else be destroyed for knowing they exist (was inspired by an anime i saw once, this concept.)


I have a few different interest checks if anyone wishes for other ideas for rps. :)


some of my interest checks:………………………………………


an old roleplay I wish to revive/finally get started:…

I try to discuss further plot additions with potential rp partners.

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I still have my nintendo 3ds.
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i would say 'i don't know what to say'.

Do you think a power ranger would make a great hero if they were real?
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