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Current @Vampiretwilight Truly, Madly, Deeply do
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Did you say Shadow Realm?…
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3 mos ago… Looking for some interest for a fun and interesting fandom RP.
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3 days until my bday
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"How I went from a disabled overweight white dude to the greatest chef the world has ever known and found the love of my life"


I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.

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up for more partners still.
I was inspired tonight watching Naked and Afraid and had an idea. The characters would be contestants on the show but after surviving the show would find their survival just beginning. Their plane crashes on their way back and they are injured with no survivors but themselves.

Being naked and afraid I am looking for a female partner for this and whoever wants to partner up with me for this we can decide on the location for the survival, I am pretty open for suggestion.
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