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Current Happy birthday to you~ Your name is Poo~ You've always been the best moderator~ And you've banned me too.
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Country roads, take me hoooome
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Baccano? Fair 'nuff
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Subs before dubs, my dude, The unspoken rule for every anime that isn't Space Dandy.
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Did somebody say killing friends?


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Banned because banning people is part of my skillset.
y my poopshoot leak???

the hell
types like this?
Banned for being a witness of VaultBoy Fest
Banned for not enslaving me
" What're you ladies doing, ganging up on me?! " Markus questioned, his tone marking a bit of flattery but also surprise as the two Pokemon approached his Seviper. Did they see Desmundo as the weaker link? He felt kind of bad about that, but noted that it was probably correct: Seviper was quite the powerful Pokemon, after all. Especially when raised from when it was hatched. Before Markus' eyes, one of the opposing trainers had their Pokemon leap forward to try and bite his Seviper: But it seemed to fall short, chomping at the air.

Markus wouldn't waste the chance. He called out to his Seviper to give it a command: " Seviper! Swat it back with your Poison Tail! "

Hissing at the words of it's trainer, the Seviper's tail began glowing a distinctive, bright purple as it swerved it's body, forcefully swinging it's tail with the intention of knocking it backwards at the approaching Dhelmise.

" O-Oh, I should... T-Tell Fluff to do something... " Desmond muttered to himself, witnessing the battle starting. What was he supposed to do? He didn't know her attacks; Well, except one. She had thundershock for sure... He'd just use that, yeah! That'd work and make her take a move, right?

Though, before Desmond could say much of anything, Fluff was already dashing towards the battle. With what force the small Pokemon could muster, it launched itself up above the Seviper's height, eyes not on that Growlithe now; Instead she wanted to take down the bigger target. Electricity trickling through her wool, she fired off a Thundershock attack towards the Dhelmise: Fully seeking it's demise.

" G-Guess she did it on her own... " Desmond remarked under his breath, feeling somewhat useless as the crowd's cheering made him shrink away somewhat, knees shaking at all the commotion.

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