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well... that's a total bummer. Not only because it's on hiatus, but because if what you say is true, it will likely come back in an era that reflects pretty much every other Star Wars RP out there.

Thank you for letting me know, though. I appreciate it.
Okay, so I've been off of this RP site for... well, it's been a while. like, a looooong while. Anyhow, Star Wars roleplays are really hard to find. At least, well-organized ones are. So when I came ack to this site find this blaring banner of Star Wars RP going, well it seemed like serendipity.

HOWEVER, I have no idea what all this complicated do's and don't and stickler rules are about what you can and can't RP as. And among all these rules, I can't seem to find anything that denotes WHEN these RPs are taking place.

I'll get right to the point: I've had a Mandalorian Merc that I've been trying to get into a roleplay for as long ago as I've made her. It's been ...5 years? 6 years? It's been a few unsuccessful years, and I've been across a slew of roleplay sites. Here's the rub: She's timeline specific to the Old Republic era. Born in 3710 BBY, I'd like to ideally play her in the year 3679 BBY ( with a little flexibility of +/- a year or two). If you've played the SWTOR MMO, it's about 30 years before the events in the game.

So before we waste each others' time, I'd just like to simply know if this is even possible here. The timeline is the first deal-breaker I encounter when looking for a compatible place to RP.
Hi~~!! Interested over here!! MEE!! And yush you totes put this in advanced check! Thinking you'd get more hits, right? ^^
yes, well. i will be posting the more elaborate recruiting topic in the advanced. I am going to go ahead with it, afterall. Most likely i will grab some more attention after something more solid is put up. I will have it ready and up in a couple days. I will put a link at the bottom of the OP, and message every person that has thus far expressed interest with the same link. thank you all for your replies. :)
Hmmm.... well, ima need a bit more than this if I'm gin to proceed. I have too much invested in this idea to have it fall flat
Count me in, good sir, or mam.
Ma'am would be proper. Although, "Hey you!" will also suffice. I am currently writing up an extensive description of the world canon that will be in place: Olde world kingdoms, known races, names and brief descriptions of the major colonies on the new frontier, etc. Oh, and a brief timeline so that players can latch their character's backgrounds into the stream of things more appropriately. It's a bit of work, but I figure by the time this generates enough interest for me to be sure about it, i will have a good and solidified world for everyone to really decide if they want to play in or not.
Oh, yes.... I believe it would definitely fall under advanced. I will edit my OP to reflect that in case there are further inquiries. I'm actually wondering if I shouldn't have just posted this topic there initially. :/
Hello, I just started here myself. I am poking my toes in the water to see if anyone is interested in what I'd like to do. If you are interested, here is a link to my post on the site: If this is not your cup of tea, I will take no offense. I'm just looking for potential players at the moment, but I don't want anyone disingenuously interested or people that are not qualified for the RP by means of time availability or writing proficiency. :)
Thank you both for the salutations. :) I have already posted in the general interest thread and hope to get some replies soon.
Ok, so I'm fresh on this site... but I'm a vet to PbP RP. I move around when things get dead in a story (as seems to be the nature of the beast). I guess I haven't found a good site that fits what I'm looking for, yet. I stated this in an intro thread, but I will say it again: I don't do pre-formatted canon. I'm open to bits and pieces of concepts from other works, but I hate playing in worlds already laid down by a book series, tv show, movie, game book, etc. I am considering putting together an ongoing RP in a loose fantasy setting. Not exactly medieval, but definitely olde world. The dynamics of the game would enable players to RP as a variety of races, to include ones of their own contrivance. This of course is all within reason of avoiding an OP race. The standing setting that I have is that the kingdoms and empires of the known races had begun to settle on a new continent. Colonies have already been established for some years, so a method of trade and commerce has taken route, but is still fairly fresh and uneasy. There are also of course the native races to the new continent, and their respective villages, towns, etc. This is how I am allowing both for a defined set of races and their histories, and also keeping an avenue open for new beings and cultures. This new continent is largely an unexplored frontier. I DO have a central theme for the players to follow along in, and have the loose beginnings of a story thread. However, there is no 'end goal' and as I said before, the RP will have the potential to be continuously open ended. Think of it like having a daily mission on a video game, only that in the PbP realm a daily mission can possibly take months of back and forth typing to finish. Also, with this RP being continuously open ended, it has the potential for characters to come and go without being essential to the current storyline. It will be open to taking in (and losing) characters at convenient points in the story if new players wish to join in later on. I will not let character intro derail the current storyline, however. New additions will be worked in as is feasible by the current state of events in the RP. This RP also has the means to branch off into multiple stories that are rooted to the same world. We may just open a new RP topic if this happens and share dually running RP's if that occurs. Also, I have an idea that as the quests that the players embark on are completed (or abandoned), that the players themselves may take turns GM'ing the next quest... or even have tag team GMs. At this point, I am not divulging the opening plot and rudiments to the world. However, I will say this because I have proposed a fantasy setting and I feel that it should be put out there to anyone that may have an interest based on that: This will also be a relatively low magic setting. Innate magic is non existent, no mages, sorcerers, or wizards. Magic is derived from charms and artifacts, and their power tends to be passive and typically with a low efficacy. The skill of the craftsman of said charms and artifacts is directly responsible for the potency of the magic, as well as the competency of user of these items when wielding them. That aside, I am first seeing if players would be interested in playing under all the premise I have stated above, as well as the conditions that I am about to lay down. I would expect players to post up every other day or so... no hiatus' of a week unless you give fair warning. In this case, your character can be temporarily adopted by another player or the GM. If your absence goes on for too long, the character stands to suffer a very likely death. I also expect a certain degree of literacy, and variance of descriptive vocabulary. I don't need Shakespeare, but let your posts reflect the intellect of a good writer. :) I will be providing a scenario that potential players will need to message me an RP response to use as a filter for good writers. before any characters are submitted, please do this first. I want players to submit flawed characters. Realistic flaws = realistic characters. Do not be surprised if we deliberate back and forth a bit until a character is good to go. Also, try to avoid cliche character archetypes. Also, stay in character. This is a big annoyance to me personally when your in-game actions do not reflect the persona of your character. For this reason, I will require a decent description of the players characters. Physically, yes, but more importantly who they are, their motivations, their aspirations, their history. This way, we can more easily keep them IN character. If I get enough affirmative responses to this interest check, I will edit in a link to the topic with more details for further inquiry of player interest. The more descriptive interest thread would then be categorized under the Advanced Roleplay subforum.
question: If the world is in an industrial age, what is the limit of technology? As in, are their firearms? Engines? Flying vehicles? "Steampunk" is very broad and sometimes does and doesn't encompass these elements. Outside of totems, what is the limit of characters tech.?
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