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Current How do you write like you're running out of time? Write day and night like you're running out of time? (This darn song is stuck in my head T.T)
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Welp, now to wait for the next patch of FFXIV ;A;
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Expect delays with replies as FFXIV Shadowbringers has come out <3


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There we are! I had Treville slip off for a bit, feel free to have it noticed by someone :)

How have you been lately?
Elise couldn’t help but take in the beauty of the forest, the mist that shrouded it in mystery to her as she didn’t know these lands and she took in every sight she could memorising it in her mind. It gave her some peace and comfort to be able to focus on something like this after having opened up about her past, allowing him inside the walls she had built up briefly. Was it just because she wanted to believe Lady Cheldarine in the fact he needed her by his side, or was it because a slither of trust would help build some sort of relationship between them making life easier in the long run.

I should still be careful, perhaps one day there will come a point when I feel safe in these lands. Who knows when that will be? I can’t allow myself to get comfortable.

“Your highness?” Pulled out of her thoughts Elise turned to see Treville had approached from behind and she found herself frowning only thinking he had yet more wonderful advice for her that she didn’t care to hear about.

“I don’t want to hear it, I know you are against this wedding tradition, but it’s not about you. Nor I or even him. This is for the people to show a united front, how else do you expect to achieve peace from this?”

“No, I have made my thoughts clear on that matter and I already know it falls on deaf ears where you are concerned.” Treville bowed to Elise before rising once more his horse now alongside the others being fed. Offering out his hand to help Elise down from the stunning white mare, she had ridden on he cleared his throat. “I have just come to advise that I will keep an eye out and sweep the perimeter.”

“Do what you must.” Sighing softly before she strode off away from him not even glancing back at his bowed form before he slipped off into the woods as the announcements were made. Trevilles priorities had always been keeping the Princess safe, even behind enemy lines he would put himself in front of a blade before it could reach her. The news of the assassination attempt did have him unsettled, although he couldn’t be sure if it was meant solely for the King, he would keep his eyes and ears peeled out for oncoming danger. Something that could happen whilst out in such an open area for a hunt.

Brushing herself down Elise was soon joined by her ladies and overseer of her household in Morganyth, Atarah, Ida and Flora all stood ready to serve her with bright smiles on their faces. Apparently, they were all very excited to be part of the hunt as if it was some big deal, which when Elise considered the thought it technically was with the sentiment behind it. Just to her it didn’t mean anything other than helping their case for peace.

“You remember Lord Iria, and that’s Lord Urathon. Of course, Lady Cheldarine is someone you’ve met on multiple occasions now.” Ida began whispering in the Princesses ear to remind her of all the notable members at court. “They’ll make an announcement. Then the hunt will officially begin. Did you want to rest a while once it’s begun? Or join in the festivities? Your tent is nearly ready.”

“I may just sit and watch a while first, enjoy the beautiful scenery before me.” Without wanting to admit it Elise felt quite drained both physically and mentally already from the events and the idea of sitting down for a moment or two sounded quite appealing.

“Of course, you should see the stars at night your highness, it’s exquisite. I’ll ensure we have a warm winters coat ready as the temperature drops at night.”

“That would be wonderful, thank you so much.” Elise found herself smiling at her lady in waiting happy at the idea of being able to look up at the stars at night. It had been the first time she had ever been outside overnight, not counting her trip up here because she had been travelling. There had never been an opportunity for her to go out hunting as that wasn’t what a lady did back home. Not that it stopped her from practicing how to handle a sword and a bow and arrow for that matter as she wasn't prepared to be as defenceless as she had been when she had been taken at a young age.

Glancing up towards the dias as a silence swept over the people in attendance, she heard the hunting horn, and she felt her gaze fall onto Ozragad finding herself more curious about him with each new thing she learnt whilst here. Can I really trust him? Or will he be the one to kill me?
Hey I'm really sorry I haven't posted yet! Work has been crazy so I've barely had time to do anything, I'm hoping to post on Sunday latest! :)
No worries, I have plenty to work with!

That would be good, I’m happy if he goes off on his own to hunt or if Elise accompanies him. Either option I still have a lot to work with.

I can definitely have Treville sneak off to help keep up with suspicion. It would be innocent as well because he’d be looking out for Elise and be ensuring her safety only to rouse further suspicion with attempted murder haha
Hey don't worry about it! I'm super patient and I'm always happy to wait, so take your time if need be :)
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I'm honestly obsessed with this book, I'm happy to look for another partner who is interested in ACOTAR :3
I was gonna say it's probably going to take him a while to adapt haha
Iris felt the smile on her face as she spoke to Cas on the phone, hearing his voice on the other end and just knowing he was fine. Well, as fine as he could be considering everything that had happened but just knowing his was alive and well physically was a comfort to her when she had feared for his death weeks ago. “Good, because I’m not about to address you with titles. Cas sounds better to me anyway.” Chuckling softly to herself as she pulled her knees to her chest on the sofa she was lazing on, her fingers idly tracing the plush soft blanket that was draped around her.

“I doubt I’d ever even called you Caspian if I’m honest. It feels so formal.” Rambling on slightly as she knew just idle chat was preferable to tackling whatever demons they currently faced. “Maybe if you’ve annoyed me.” Teasing softly as she continued to trace her fingers over the blanket as she spoke just happy to hear his voice.

“I’m…” Iris felt herself hesitate for a moment, she had a roof over her head and food and important amenities that she could need. Physically she was okay, apart from the nightmares keeping her awake and maybe she could tell him that, but again she didn’t want him to worry about her. Though if she didn’t tell him he would worry about her keeping secrets from him, it wasn’t good either way so for once she decided to be a little honest with him. “I’m alright… mostly. Just tired, it’s hard to sleep at the moment, but I’ll be okay.”

Iris knew it was selfish for him to come to the hotel and see her, she knew he had more important things to worry about and if she could give him the peace of not having to worry about her then she would do as such. “I’d rather know how you are; everything must be going so fast for you.” Changing the subject back to him because she wanted to know how he was fairing, losing a father was bad enough but to then inherit a Country straight away that was an awful amount of pressure. It was a cruel twist of fate that they had both ended up orphans.

“Of course, I watched the ceremony, I’ve never seen such an event before. You must have been so nervous. I was cheering you on from here though and I know you will hold those words you spoke dearly. As I always tell you, you will be a great King.” Iris spoke softly down the phone just keeping positive about it all because she knew neither of them were ready to talk about the more serious issues they were facing, it was hard when they couldn’t be there to comfort one another so if they didn’t talk about it hopefully it meant neither was too troubled, but in reality, that was not the case and she knew he faced demons as much as she did. Difference was she didn’t have the eyes of a Country looking to her waiting to see if she would fail.

“I ordered some tomato soup.” Adding on the fact she had ordered food knowing he wanted to hear about it rather than skirting the subject of course, not after their last conversation when she hadn’t even done that. “I know you’re thinking how bland of me… but well.” Chuckling slightly as she glanced towards the tray of untouched food that he didn’t need to know about. “I’m sure you had something much better than me this evening, though right? An event like that, what did you have?”

Oh definitely! I can’t wait for the day I finally get to find out about his past though.
Elise continued to ride on the white mare and for some strange reason she felt a slither of relief after having told her tale, not once had she voiced it to anyone before partly because her father had forbidden it and in truth, she never wanted to relive that moment again. Now, she felt an odd sensation almost like it had been freeing even with having told Ozragad of all people. This hidden secret of her past. If her father knew she had told their enemy of all people he would go mental, probably as he would assume it exposed a weakness that he could take advantage of. Is he my enemy though? Even with the peace treaty she knew how her father thought, and she wouldn’t be surprised for one moment if he was already finding loopholes to bring this country down. Brutal honesty also told her that it didn’t matter if she was his wife or not, she would go down with the Kingdom alongside him.

It’s a start between us, I guess. I don’t know what possessed me to tell him. I’ve never…

Frowning to herself as her eyes focused on her wrist, the fabric hiding the scar that she knew was there beneath it. “I’ve never told anyone about it, and I’m sure you can understand why it’s not been broadcasted before. I just ask you respect that and keep it to yourself.” Her voice was soft, no hint of her usual stubborn self as she had shared something quite intimate and even though she was to marry this man he will still a stranger to her.

I don’t need anyone’s pity on the past.

Nodding along as she listened to him talk about the wounds he had received on the battlefield, how the adrenaline fuelled him she couldn’t help but wonder if anything did scare him. Had there ever been a moment in his life he truly feared for something?

I can’t ask something like that.

It was only then did her eyes widen slightly as he admitted to know of the same feeling she had experienced, life slipping away without having any sort of power to stop it. Whether directly or not she couldn’t quite tell as he didn’t go into it, maybe he would another day as after all this wasn’t the conversation, she had expected to have with him. Elise had just expected to exchange small pleasantries, wait for the Hunt to be over and return back to her room as if it was any other day here. No in depth talks or getting to know one another like it had turned out to be.

The silence was almost deafening as she glanced to the sky to see the hawks crying over them and she took the chance to look at the lands before her. They were beautiful in its own sense and she found herself comparing it to Eorzia and what her home was like, but she had to remind herself that it was no longer her home. Not when her life was to be here now. They still had meadow grass here and although when she had first approached the city it was in some sort of cave it still had some green land. Not much from what she had seen so far, but enough for wildlife to live inside. That is probably why lands were a big part of the deal.

Meeting his gaze as she looked back towards him a wave of confusion crossed her face, why was he sorry? It wasn’t like he had specifically ordered the rebels to do such a thing, and then there was her father who hadn’t done anything to help her at that age which to her was just as bad. None the less, the apology from him had stirred an emotion inside and she wasn’t sure what it was exactly. “No… I.” Hesitating for a moment as she glanced away her fingers gripping the reigns of her horse painfully tight, “It means more than you realise, to offer sincere words like you have. Thank you.”

As Elise spoke her chest tightened as she tried to process what she was feeling in the valley, rather than make an effort to figure it out she put whatever it was down to not feeling one hundred percent and that it was having an effect on her rationale side. At a loss for anymore words she offered Ozragad a warm smile before he raced down to the encampment, keeping the horse at her own steady pace she continued on just watching his retreating figure finding that she wanted to know more about him.
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