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2 mos ago
Current I am looking at all of the RPs I have gone quiet on, all of the ideas I've had to close down, all of the partners I've let down... In the distance, an idea for a new Witcher RP. I am the worst. :<
2 mos ago
I got announced as a Manager today at work, like, officially. *Squeee*
2 mos ago
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. Take some time to be kind to yourself, to unwind, and to have some rest. <3
3 mos ago
Personally, I like to “find” romance in my roleplays. Just naturally developing chemistry from two separate characters. It can feel unnatural to specifically write a character as a love interest.
4 mos ago
I fiiiiiinally have vacation time! It has been a long year, I am looking forward to a week of recreation! xo

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Hello! I'm a longtime RP veteran, having been RPing in some form for nearly 20 years, on various games and websites. Roleplaying is ... Pretty much the most important thing there is to me, and my number one hobby. Stylistically I really prefer to just lean into whatever my RP partner/s prefer, whether that be multiple-paragraph essays (Which tend to take me forever 'cause I have to spend a lot of time imagining how things look/interact/react) or shorter, snappier lines back and forth (Marginally quicker x.x).

As far as content/theming of what I like to RP, it's /pretty much/ anything-goes. Fantasy stuff is definitely my favorite, but I do also really like sci-fi, and contemporary stuff can be fun too. I'm also fully comfortable in all levels of adult content in RP, ranging from nothing at all/PG-13, to fully NSFW smut, though in the case of the latter it would typically be when it serves the plot.

Outside of RP-related stuff, I spend pretty much all my time at the computer, most of it gaming, and listening to music. If you're a fan of female-vocals gothic/symphonic metal, we can definitely be friends.

Well well well, another fantasy lover!

Welcome to the Guild. I'm another long-time, old roleplayer. :o
Testing! Testing! >.< Sorry, I'm just trying this out!

I'm lychee and I roleplay sometimes! I'm looking for a place to roleplay with my friends that is a little bit more persistent than roleplaying on discord, so I'll just be looking around a bit for now! ^^

Welcome to the Guild, Lychee! Happy you're here :)
It’s been poofed
Storm Warrior

Trying to make more dynamic drawings so I literally spent all day on this one haha. All in Procreate with the Apple Pencil. I just felt like doing a concept drawing of a roleplay character I've been thinking up and then it became a full whole thing after um, 8 or so hours.

Oh well, I can think of worse ways to spend a rainy Saturday.

In Gif the User 2 mos ago Forum: Spam Forum

A sweetheart <3
Can you please delete you account so I can have that username? :D

Kidding (sort of)

Welcome to the Guild!
EDIT: woops should of made my own thread ><
posted this in the wrong place, please can I get a delete? Thankyou

I have gone through your list and deleted the Interest Checks, however I cannot delete the actual roleplay threads as it's unfair to the players who did write posts to have their work removed.
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