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2 mos ago
Current I am looking at all of the RPs I have gone quiet on, all of the ideas I've had to close down, all of the partners I've let down... In the distance, an idea for a new Witcher RP. I am the worst. :<
2 mos ago
I got announced as a Manager today at work, like, officially. *Squeee*
2 mos ago
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. Take some time to be kind to yourself, to unwind, and to have some rest. <3
3 mos ago
Personally, I like to “find” romance in my roleplays. Just naturally developing chemistry from two separate characters. It can feel unnatural to specifically write a character as a love interest.
4 mos ago
I fiiiiiinally have vacation time! It has been a long year, I am looking forward to a week of recreation! xo

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Sebastian D 12 mos ago
That tiresome feeling is probably us understanding there's more heat around us than we acknowledge.
TGM 12 mos ago
Sometimes I think Storm is as skilled of a writer and reviewer as she is an alcoholic.

- a testimonial by @Inkarnate
Gcold 1 yr ago
Stormflyx is savvy, sophisticated and sincere. She's also an excellent human being

- a testimonial by @Gcold
Dolerman 2 yrs ago
Would you be interested in joining a 1x1x1 Deep Lore Fantasy adventure as a 3rd?
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
P.S.: HTTYD and Riders of Beck are fantastic to me. I would love to RP that random with you sometime, canon or no, it doesn't matter to me. HMU
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