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7 days ago
Current I am looking at all of the RPs I have gone quiet on, all of the ideas I've had to close down, all of the partners I've let down... In the distance, an idea for a new Witcher RP. I am the worst. :<
20 days ago
I got announced as a Manager today at work, like, officially. *Squeee*
23 days ago
Wishing everyone a peaceful weekend. Take some time to be kind to yourself, to unwind, and to have some rest. <3
1 mo ago
Personally, I like to “find” romance in my roleplays. Just naturally developing chemistry from two separate characters. It can feel unnatural to specifically write a character as a love interest.
2 mos ago
I fiiiiiinally have vacation time! It has been a long year, I am looking forward to a week of recreation! xo

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Hello friends. I regret to say that I think it's time the roleplay draws to a close. Mostly because I've not felt extremely creative after my grandpa's passing and also I think the roleplay has slowed down enough to where it seems stagnant. I apologize if this is a big let down, because it was an awesome 6 months GMing for you guys! I think next time I make a large roleplay, I'll include everyone together to make things happen quicker.

Thanks, and I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!

Stay tuned though, because after a short rest I'll probably be up to making another RP or open my 1x1 thread up again. Thanks!

This is a shame, but take care of you <3

I won! Thank you ❤️ And we’ll done to everyone else who entered as well 🥰
<Snipped quote by Stormflyx>

Dream Weaver it is then :)
[@Dream Weaver]

done, my friend! :)
Scratch that may I please get it changed to Sunshine, if that’s not taken. :)

Sunshine is taken, but Dream Weaver is free if you'd like me to change to that? :)
Being an "advanced writer" (in a roleplay setting) is also more than the characters that you play.

It's in the story that you craft with what you are given by a GM, it's how well you can develop chemistry with other writers that translates onto the page and creates something cohesive. It's writing about your setting, creating good prose, could even be foreshadowing, using themes throughout your posts.

Writing and roleplaying - whether casual/high casual/advanced is so much more than the character that you're playing, but how you give character to everything else as well.
I have a bit of a varied cast of characters to be honest so I don't know that I really use archetypes too often!

Lately I've been really enjoying writing very plain, normal characters in fantasy settings. So, characters without any kind of magic or experience with adventure. Something something lack of skill, incredible and extraordinary spirit.
Hi. I'm just a guy who's been on and off the writing grind for several years now, and I've been looking to get back into practice. When I'm not working I enjoy playing video games (or staring at my ever-growing Steam backlog), playing D&D, and dabbling a bit in voice acting. I definitely hope to see and write some good stories with you all.

Hello Hello Hello!

Excited that you're here - I hope to see you around soon! x
It's been a crazy time out in the world and I'm just about ready to shake things up again with some interesting RP threads! I find I have more time on my hands now after not having properly Role played in almost a year and a half. I really miss it.

So here I am again back to hopefully make some friends and do some good threads!

I'm more than a little excited to be back! :)

Welcome back to the Guild, friend! :) If there's anything you need help with - just sing out!
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