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Sister and I managed to get my CV finished, now I gotta do a cover letter. BUT FIRST TIME TO GAME.
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I fell into the Sea Shanty Hole. Oops. Now I wanna do a Pirate Roleplay; either sea or Space I don't mind either way.


Hiya! I'm Sporko!
I'm a non-binary Roleplayer from New Zealand!
I roleplay many of things and I'm very ready to start new friendships and new roleplays here!
I prefer to roleplay in the mature sections of places because I have a tendency to get pretty wordy when it comes to violence and language.

I have a lot of characters, it's... Crazy. My character list is here!
If you wanna try and start up a roleplay with me, just flick me a message!

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Nessa relaxed as Jessica smiled to her, she took the communicator from Jess as she handed it over. She looked at it before she followed suit of what Jessica did. She took a moment to pull Ra from her shoulder and placed him to the ground.
"You stay here." She told him, "I won't be long. I promise you." Ra gave a small nod and moved to sit on a juttered out part of the wall of the escape pod before Nessa breathed in.

Her freckles glistened as she breathed in, getting all of the oxygen she would need before she hopped towards the door to the ship. Nessa looked back towards the other woman with a bigger smile, "Shall we?" She asked before she pulled the door to exit into the floatlessness of the ship.
As soon as she was in the floatlessness of space she moved to fix her hair before she fanned her wings out. The wings were helpful in flight, but they acted like rudders in space. With a strong sway of her tail she was pushed along the broken cryopods, she looked to them with a small frown on her face before she got to the end of the hall. She glanced back to see if Jessica was following closely, she didn't want to already lose the other woman.

The light that flickered through the broken parts of the ship, the light from the nearest stars washing over her as she felt her body tremble in the warmth. She would have let out a sigh if it didn't waste the oxygen in her lungs; as soon as Jess got to her side she moved to lead her down a small hallway.
To many, this would be a worrying thing, being led by a former slave and especially potential council criminal down a small corridor.

Nessa moved to grab the door handle and tugged at it, feeling the hinges keep hold before she pulled a bit stronger, the door ripping off immediately with, if there was air, would have been a crunch. The slinters from the door floated around Nessa, slightly lit up from the light now coming off her body.
"This way." She spoke to Jessica, "They keep everything in here, but the important stuff is stored secretly."
Dante looked up from the couch as Mitch walked in, "Welcome back." The Shifter said, moving to stand up slowly, he moved his hand into his pocket and offered the flash drive. "Dunc's charging. The poor kids worn himself out." He said with a small frown, he looked Mitch over hesitantly.
"And this is from me." He said as he pulled his hand from out behind his back, revealing a rifle-looking firearm that was painted mostly black with some small navy blue dots over it. "This is the weapon you requested. Just... Please don't make me regret this." He said as he offered it over to Mitch.

"It has a safety, the small switch on the side." He said, motioning to a small button just off to the side from the trigger. "It's semi-automatic, it fires maybe 3 rounds each time you click the trigger down." He moved to pull out a small box from his pocket, "These are the rounds. They contain a very special compound within them, I wouldn't advice you to open them up and get any of it on your skin. It's a compound that is sort of like an acidic moss." He continued, pulling out one of the cartridges' and lifted it to the light to reveal it was made out of tinted glass, and an almost liquid substance moved inside.
"Now my half-brother is an idiot. This doesn't eat away at organic matter. It just covers them in the moss, and then they eventually die depending on how long they're stuck under the moss." He put the cartridge away before he looked up to Mitch, "If they're really unlucky, there's spores of Trevillians in them, sentient plant people." He paused, waiting for Mitch's input, knowing he just gave him a lot of information.

The autopsy didn't bring up anything helpful to the team. Severe burns through most parts of his body tissue, his bones had fractures along each part and the marrow had become liquid that started to bubble through some of the cracks. His brain was half-liquid, half slush.
His heart had turned black, but surprisingly unscarred or injured. His lungs were filled with blood, and much the same, so was his stomach.

Runes were on his skin, not too deep. Colour would have pulsed through them but nothing was left inside him.

Steph paused as someone came and dropped off a small box of books before closing the door quickly. She looked over towards the books as she pulled herself up off the bed, moving to grab the box and carried it to the bookcase to start putting them away.
She was rather meticulous on putting the books away; making sure they were ordered in a way she would understand. She looked at the titles and furrowed her brow at the couple of romance books put in the mix, she knew the titles, she had heard of the raunchy books before. She broke down the box and placed it on the coffee table for someone to take when they came back to drop off food.

Her stomach gave a rumble at the thought of food, Steph was never really one for eating meals, but knowing that she usually snacked during the day, made her understand why she was hungry.
She wondered if she was able to ask if she could have a snack, or if she had to wait for when they brought food.
She let out a sigh as she leaned back onto her bed, feeling her body hit the blankets and mattress with a small grunt.

Rose woke up within the three hours of being left alone, looking around with narrowed eyes before she slipped out from her cocoon.
She let out a large yawn, her fangs flexing slowly as she looked around a bit more. Rose walked to the wall before she strung a web from her palms, moving to loop them around the metal spokes and started to weave the web through a couple of them.
"Surely we can use the web to make some stuff." Rose spoke to herself, moving to twist her wrists as the web came out. "Maybe the web can be used for the agency?" She asked herself out loud. Despite going through the change and being manhandled away from the company, she was still focused on trying to help them.

Gaia's ears flicked as she heard the goats bleat. She folded up her wings in the shadows of her room and moved to climb on the ceiling, she watched down to the beasts below, she wrapped her tail around another metal pole before slowly lowering herself to grab one of the goats, moving to quickly bite its head before it could let out a noise to alert the other goats.

Anyone watching would know she's a skilled hunter, versed in the ability to hunt a whole group of animals. She fanned her wings out and used the hooded tips to make a shelter for herself to eat safely and without getting blood near the other goats.
A loud crunch echoed over the room as Gaia bit into the goats skull, moving to throw the head aside before chowing down on the body she had caught.

A black rock structure slammed into the mountains away from the city. On contact it splintered and cracked, shattering outwards as the rocks hit the ground like shards.
An inky black hand lifted out of the rubble and moved to grab the side of the structure, the black liquid slowly dripping from them.

Harriet pulled herself from the structure, dripping with an inky black liquid. She stumbled forward and shook herself before she collapsed to her knees, coughing up more black gunk.
"Fuck.." She spoke just above a whisper, her body hurt. Everything hurt, her head was thumping. What happened? What did she do?
Ray looked to Benjamin as he spoke, she hesitated before she nodded once. "Later." She said to herself.
She glanced up towards Dia, watching her slowly with a small quiver as she bit down on her sandwich again.
Dia turned her attention away from Ray as she watched the staff, trying to see if any of them were watching them.

Ari waited outside the messhall with a sigh, looking around before she paused. She headed towards where she was getting a strange feeling.
She stepped towards the shadowed hallway she could see before she was grabbed and pulled into the shadows; pinned to the wall as Josh looked over her with narrowed eyes and bared sharpened teeth.
"Back off!" Ari growled, swinging her legs out to try and hit him.
Nessa watched as the other pirate pointed out the problem, her eyes looking over to where she was pointing as she focused her eyes on the corpse. "I remember hearing him rambling." She said, "I could never really understand what he was saying." She looked to Ra quietly before she looked back to Jessica.
"It may not be any help," She started, "But I think I know where they kept the belongings." She continued, Ra nodding in agreement to her words.

Nessa moved to stand up, her legs quivering before she stabilized herself. "Nessa." She started, "Nessa Nova." She had hesitated on giving her full name, she was a known name across many different circles. Being hunted by one of the most dangerous people within a special council where she used to work as a Bodyguard.
She looked out of the escape pod and narrowed her eyes, "They kept my stuff hidden from the other stuff, maybe they did the same for the other man?" She rubbed her temples quietly, Ra watching Jessica carefully. "And I would prefer to get my stuff, losing some of the things inside would be... Hard for me."

"Scout bots." Ra squeaked quietly, Nessa giving a small nod before she looked to Ra and shushed him. Ra's ears drooped before he moved behind her head so she couldn't see his face properly.
"Is there a way for you to follow me though safely?" She asked, her kind were able to breath without Oxygen for a while; and Nessa reckoned she'd be able to get to where her things were kept in time.
Comet gave a grumble at the mention of staying behind in the trees. She did this too much already, she glanced to Noble as he rubbed her neck.
"We'll be okay Comet." Noble said as he slipped off her back, moving to grab his bag and slipped his dagger into his pocket before he looked towards Comet again. "I'll call for you if I need you, blend into the trees." He moved to press his head against hers, getting a low rumble from his dragon before they pulled away.

Comet stepped into the trees hesitantly, watching Noble as he walked to join the others. She fluffed her wings before she leapt into the trees with ease, her midnight scales helping her blend in with the dark leaves in the shadows.

Noble walked towards Trevor and Gnol, taking a last glance towards the trees before he breathed in.
"Right." He breathed out, "Ready."

Mercury gave a tired grumble in response of being okay.
"Your paw hurts." Ricki said quietly as she knelt down to pull his injured leg out from underneath him. "It's alright buddy." She said to him, moving to put her bag down before she moved to rummage through it. "I think I have something to at least numb the pain."

Ark watched the humanoids and the smaller dragons quietly, looking to Meria as she spoke about the water.
"It is underneath." Ark spoke gently, "The water flows in rivers underneath the rocks below the meadow." She watched Rai as she hopped from her back and landed easily, heading over to Mercury and moved to kneel by his paw.

"Bear trap?" She asked with a tilt of her head, "Some sort of trap for trapping large beasts, probably some spraining." She sighed. "It'll heal up perfectly fine, Walking on it won't be too hard. We could make him a splint if Linda can't find any Dragonfruit."

Damien and the Female stepped away from each other before Damien turned to the rest of his group.
"My friends, this is Kela." He said with a grin, "She's one of the oldest members of the Order. As you can see, she's not exactly human."
Kela punched Damien in his side gently with a small smile, she moved and bowed to the group. "As Damien said, I am Kela. My dragon is over there, his name is Ram."

Ram lifted his head proudly as he was introduced, Orian used the time to smack at his face and ran away, causing the barreled dragon to chase after him.
Niccia stopped by Seth and Saveri, grinning towards the two of them.
"My apologies if I am interrupting anything." She said as she linked arms with Michael. "I was wanting to introduce my Boyfriend to my friends."
Seth looked towards Niccia and Michael and bowed his head to Saveri before he went to go talk to someone else. Saveri turned to face Niccia and Michael before he floated to the ground with a bow of his head.
"A pleasure." He said as he held out his hand to Michael, "My name is Saveri. Or as you would know me, Celebi. Keeper of the Forest. Wanderer of time."

Bia looked to Lytse and offered him another berry with a small smile. "It's not much of a story." She started quietly, looking up to the stars again and watched them sparkle. "I was hatched by a young couple who were expecting a child. They had their child, a young girl; I grew up with her as a Pichu before I evolved into a Pikachu. She... wasn't a good trainer, she didn't understand how to battle properly and focused on... dressing us up and feeding us way too many berries."
Bia looked back to Lytse with a small smile, "We went to Alola when she heard about the food there, I was... Overweight to say the most, she never let me explore or exercise. And when we got to Alola I... almost couldn't take it." Bia closed her eyes and looked to the plate of berries. "Then she learnt about the difference in Raichu's between Kanto and Alola, how the Alolan ones are said to be like Pancakes, so she just found a thunderstone and just kind of, smacked it into my tail and... I guess she just fell out of love with me."

Nygari smiled to Netherlu as he spoke to her, moving to look at him properly as he asked about a human being with a legendary/mythical pokemon. She looked towards Frosiien for a moment before she looked back towards her partner.
"'One of us' meaning my children?" She asked with a tilt of her head, "Or are you meaning, myself and you?" She moved to take a sip of her drink. "I'm... unsure, If it was one of my kids I would just hope that the humans are kind to the Legendary. If it was you however, I wouldn't be too happy because you know how possessive I am with you." She said with a happy sigh, looking into Netherlu's eyes.

Gavin looked over to Nethan as he spoke to him, he lifted his head and a small smile spread across his face. "You can thank Niccia really." He said with a bit of a chuckle, "Did you bring anyone?" He looked around before he looked back to the taller Legendary with a bit of a smirk. "I'm kidding Neth, you still caught up with Xander?" He had a bit of a smirk, "If you're avoiding him because of some bottled feelings~" He gave a cheeky wink towards the Kyurem as he pulled himself off the tree.

Xapher looked to Andy as he and Mindy spoke, he moved to hold out his hand before he watched the man move away.
"Ah." He said with a bit of a smile before he looked to Mindy again, "Is he family?" He asked as he looked to Mindy with a big smile. "Although, your words seem more of talking to a master of some sorts."

Frosiien looked to Andy with a bigger smile as he returned, moving to take the glass from him and gently sipped from the glass.
"Are there any Legendaries you wish to meet?" She asked as she looked back to him with a raised eyebrow.

The table shuddered slightly as something bumped into it. A small figure moved a hoof to their head before grumbling, slipping his snout out of the tablecloth, suddenly pulling it in as the large Buffalo Pokemon walked past the table, presumably looking for him.
As her horns glowed, Steph's skin seemed to flare up with blue runes; specifically angelic runes. Steph kept her eyes closed as she felt the runes burn her skin as she mumbled silent incantations under her breath before she lowered her chin to her chest and the runes seemed to fade out of existence. Steph opened her eyes as a flash of power shuddered through her body, causing her to fall forward onto the bed as she moved to grab her horns, feeling only heat and pain before she relaxed, her legs trembling before dropping them to the bed.

"By the stars." She swore in angelic, pausing as she heard her own voice, "What the- What am I speaking?" She asked as she looked down to herself, her skin was still its normal, partially scaled mess it always was. She sighed and moved to tie up her hair, hesitating as she saw a flash of colour in the mirror.
She stood slowly, stepping towards the mirror, her legs still shaking. What had happened to her body? Why was it suddenly so weak and warm?

She stopped at the mirror, looking at her hair; which was a deep black in colour for the most part, but suddenly had flicks of pink all through it.
"Pink?" She asked in confusion, moving to spread her wings out to look if they changed. Nothing, still the same Demon wings she had seen before. She sighed and checked her horns, still a glistening pair of twisted horns; nothing off or odd about them, well... Apart from being horns.
"Augh, why do I feel like this?" She spoke to herself, it had felt like her body had a top up of... something. What did she manage to do with those incarnations she had read in a book previously? Her tail swayed, her originally pointed tip had unfurled to a small feathered fan.

Daz swayed where he sat, he had fallen silent and he stared off into the distance.
The blood continued to drip and slowly start to become a proper flow from his mouth. A bubbling sound echoed from his chest and neck, his eyes started to glass over before the doctor could even start to try to take him towards the surgery room.
He opened his mouth to speak, only a strained, dying croak came from him before his head dropped to hang on his neck, his body falling forward to fall from the bed.
Sorry for the late reply! It apparently didn't ping me when you tagged me.
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Star-Born, Ms. Nova, Nessa, Ness. And more frequently; Star Hopper. The woman had been called many things in her life....

Nessa didn't remember how she got captured, she was just glad to have Ra with her the entire time. She used to ponder how she was captured before they shoved her and Ra into a tube together and everything went black; was she careless to not hide her identity? A starborn, on its' own was a rare find, but one that was seen as a war criminal to a crucial part of one of the councils made her worth higher than it already as.

She remembered fighting the chill that flooded through her body, but when they transferred her from her cage to the cryotube they had a spacial band around her eyes to stop her from seeing starlight, meaning she had no power left on her.
She felt weight suddenly hit her body again as she breathed in a gasp of air.
Her eyes were blurry, there were figures with her. She went to move her hands, only to be reminded they were tied up behind her for the Slavers safety.

She opened her mouth as her vision slowly came to, her ears slowing their ringing as she heard a females voice speak to her.
"R...Ra." She uttered weakly, her voice croaking at first before she looked around. She tried to struggle against her restraints again, to no avail. "Where is he?" She asked in a cold voice, struggling a bit more. "What have you done with him!"

Just out of view, Ra uncurled from the tube. He had climbed into Nessa's hood to stay safe, but as she thawed, he fell out onto the glass.
At first he didn't seem to be breathing, a casualty like the rest of the ship. But the small dusty orange creature's ears started to flick, lifting himself up from the ground with a bit of a stretch.
He moved sluggishly to leap up to his humanoid companions shoulder and gently pressed his head against her head.

Nessa's fear washed from from her face as she looked to Ra and leaned her head into him.
"You're safe." She croaked quietly before she looked back to the Pirate carefully. "Lemme guess, 'large price, high liability'?" She asked almost disgusted, she hadn't really come to senses of where she was, to her she was given to a new 'Owner'.
Ray shuddered at the idea of talking to that witch again. She looked to her sandwich she made and started to eat in silence. She looked to Benjamin as he mentioned it was Dia. "But she's in a staff uniform?" She asked quietly, she looked around to find Ari as if she suddenly remembered her lack of voice. "Where is Ari? What did you do to her?" Ray asked Dia, her voice raising a bit in volume before Dia lifted her fingers to her lips.
"Ari is okay, she's watching the door. Please don't raise your voice at me. I'm in a staff uniform to keep you two safe." Dia said quietly, "I don't want you to look like you're violent towards Staff."
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