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"I would die for a night of emotion. I would give anything for that look in your eyes. I would gladly jump into the fire, scream I am a liar. Yes, I am a liar." The Bunny The Bear: Lonely
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6 yrs ago
"I can't believe. That when I breathe. There's something good inside of me. Just one good thing inside of me." Hollywood Undead: Believe
6 yrs ago
"This cannot be, it must be a dream. More like a corrupted nightmare. Can't bare this harsh reality. This can't be the end of my story. She's my only destiny." FLW: Voices
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I like it.
Hello. I am have revised my original idea to be just a space freighter thing.

I’m thinking five crew members:
Pilot: Flies the ship.
Captain: Negotiates trade, communications, and makes decisions for the ship.
Navigator: Plots hyperdrive courses, initiates scans, and monitors radars.
Engineer: Repairs the automated systems, monitors/repairs hyperdrive/engines and other hull damages.
Mechanic: Repairs drones sent to planets or asteroid fields.

It will be a bit more of a slice of life with myself playing with the market depending on systems and decisions made. It will be random.

The goal would be to make money, buy the ship, and start a new corporation. The Ultimate goal is to have fun and live a weird aliens life.

A few of the rules I have:
Everything is randomly determined by me. Meaning if I am extremely unlucky, the crew is extremely unlucky meaning critical damage can be attained and leave the ship vulnerable.

I won’t make anything happen because I want it to happen.

Whoever wants to be the captain will have to make decisions based on either a democratic or monarchical system. The captain can consult the crew or can make decisions without.

I have a few rules I have to follow but the listed rules above are negotiable.

Let me know if anyone is interested!
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But I am adjustable.
Definitely Mario and Pokémon.

I would love to be the treasure chest toad. That little chest swapping cheat would be great! And at the same time would love to be a friendly shy guy. I hear they can do a bunch of different professions. <Could be wrong.

For pokemon, I think being a pokemon snap tourist or perhaps an archeologist would be awesome. However i was very fond of steven and his obsession.
I am interested in this because I love the Bioshock Series. I had a few Big Daddy/Little Sister characters I used to play around with albeit by myself. I, unfortunately, am illiterate and would need some time to brush up on the Bioshock series but should be easy enough since it's just 1-2, before I could commit.

Hope you find someone.

The Eye in the Dark
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The Idea I Have...

In a fantasy world, where magic is widely known and commonly used, there is chaos brewing just beyond the horizon. A "super" secret order is attempting to train "Super Soldiers" where in they use twins. It is a common conception that twins are natural bearers of Telepathy and this order desires to tap into that in order to create super soldiers.

It's a rough draft and very bare, but do I have any takers?

(On a side note, it will be a very slow story. I am currently employed as a Courier and my time varies quite drastically from 6 hours to just under/over 10 hours such as tonight. Patience would be much appreciated.)
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