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Very Brief Bio:
Male, 28 years old.
Likes: Basically all kinds of music, writing/reading fiction, anime.
Non-RP related interests: Used to play a guitar. Used to do 'harsh' vocals. Played basically every sport. Mostly play multiplayer video games, and MTG occasionally.
I'm into a lot of different RP's. I do like darker themes, action, drama, fantasy. Etc.
I'm very used to doing digimon and pokemon theme roleplays (because of friends) though I also like to do original ideas.

*gives cookie* Would be glad to RP with anyone. :3

Disclaimer Warning: Does not actually give much of a damn who uses art.

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Oh no, you're totally fine. I have a friend coming over. And I'll be afk for most of the weekend, so I'm in no rush.
My shower thought of the day is "Would 'Pumpkin' be considered a feminine or masculine smell?" Though regardless, I smell like a pumpkin pie now. (Thanks Sis for the X-Mas gift. I really need to buy more bar soap.)

So I know what they say about wanting something too badly, but holy sh*t. I made a bid on a house today and f*ck me, do I want it. Its such a nice place. Don't do this to me world. ;-;

Also, you finally did me a solid world. 👍
Roleplaying (It resembles a character's name.)
Spotify recommendations haven't been too bad lately. Aside from the remixs and covers, like wow those are almost always terribad.

But I'm celebrating with this dumb song at the moment.

Banned for your anarchy bias.

See? If you were a true believer, there would be no laws or bans to eat.
I saw Nobody this weekend. I went from hating the guy at first to worshipping him. One of the best flicks I've seen in a while.

Been meaning to give that a watch. So how John Wick, would you say the movie is? (Reviews I've heard say its actions scenes are nice, but the villain's lame.)

I've been house hunting as of late. And I'm more than likely going to be purchasing a house this year. Preferably sooner, rather than later.

So I know what they say about wanting something too badly, but holy sh*t. I made a bid on a house today and f*ck me, do I want it. Its such a nice place. Don't do this to me world. ;-;

Another thing that I've been strongly considering as of late, is getting myself a shelter dog. Because for one, I'll finally have some actual space and fenced-off backyard, where I'd feel safe to keep it. (That, and I think my cat is too perfect to ever be replaced. <.<')
Miles watched their anxious stares shift to ones of confusion, once his choice had been revealed in a brief flash of light. As his mushroom pokemon made a grand spectacle of its unveiling — by twirling around like a ballet dancer, with one leg off the ground. Swiftly winning the heart and attention of the young girl that observed him continue this for a few seconds more. Before he finished off his excitable entrance, by striking a pose while facing her and proudly proclaiming its name. “Breloom!”

Which soon received her applause, and then the louder kid’s mocking laughter shortly after. Causing Breloom’s joyous expression to fade into a discouraged pout. Prompting the girl to huff and stomp her feet, as she turned to face them. “Hey! What are you laughing at?” She snapped, with her hands quickly taking out a pokeball from within her jacket’s front pouch. Having the boys’ hands reaching down into their pants’ pockets, and pulling out their own in response.

“I thought we were going to battle, not have a pageant show for little girls.” He scoffed. Visibly upsetting the Breloom further, until Miles' voice had him looking up at his trainer’s confident smile.

“Show‘em what you’re made of, Frolic.” Miles encouraged, calmly sticking his thumb up. Instantly lifting the Breloom’s spirits and his red claws up in the air, as he took a boxing stance. Followed up by the sight of her Skitty coming out and unleashing a feminine mewl.

“Ha! That’s the dumb one who got stuck inside the berry bush!” The kid taunted, with his finger pointing to the pink cat. As she was now prancing around Miles’ pokemon and making playful attempts to paw at the green seeds on his tail. Interrupted by his friend's impatient sigh, raising the pokeball in his grasp.

“Can we just start this already?” His darkly-clothed pal asked rhetorically, letting out his Raboot. As the rabbit stood beside him, with mutual apathy and folded paws. Getting a tongue click and a smug grin from the other, as he lightly tossed the pokeball upward and caught it with the same hand.

“Don’t be a buzzkill.” He replied, patting his friend’s shoulder. “We’ll get some ice cream right after this—on him.” He added with emphasis, tilting his head in Miles’ direction. Capturing the Raboot’s eager gaze, as his pupils practically morphed into hearts. Though it was quick to notice and mirror his trainer’s fatigued stare and motions, as the friend groaned and held his forehead.

“Yeah-yeah whatever.” The friend dismissed. With his Raboot uttering similarly critical noises in agreement.

While Miles maintained his upbeat appearance and waited for the second pokemon to be shown. He turned his smile toward the violet-eyed trainer that nervously approached him. “Is something wrong?” He wondered, as his cheerful tone seemed to ease her worries. “Oh. And I’m Miles, by the way.”

“Um. Will your pokemon be alright against the fire type?” She questioned with hushed concern, hands stuck inside her pockets.

“Of course he is.” Miles answered, unconsciously rubbing the back of his head. Hmm. What’s the problem with that type again?

But remembering why would have to wait—as Miles looked at the kid’s Bouffalant. Soon hearing the kid hollering out, with hands raised next to his mouth. “Come on! Are you two scared or what?”

As Miles stepped forward, with a cool-sounding statement readily prepared. “I’m never afraid to win-” He began, before pausing at the familiar voice that was calling out his name from behind. Receiving all of their eyes and witnessing Conner running up to him, while proceeding to intervene before the battle started.

“You idiot! Can’t you see that we're about to double battle? Meaning four people only.” The kid rebuked bluntly, with a glare. “So unless you have money to chip in, you better scram!” He asserted. However, as if on cue, a blonde boy their age would suddenly rush up to the group with a friendly wave.

“Looking for a third team member?” The perky teen questioned, raising his arms in a bright yellow jacket, with both of his hands covered up by his long sleeves. Approaching the two boys like they knew each other, with his Jotik emerging from underneath his hood. Immediately causing the louder boy to run behind his darkly-dressed friend, and the Bouffalant to subsequently retreat behind his trainer. Both shivering in unison, as their unsolicited protector sighed.

“Weren’t you still grounded?” The boy remarked. As the blonde kid smiled slyly and shrugged his shoulders.

Leaving the conversation at that—Miles proceeded to clear his throat and address the newcomer. "If everyone's willing to accept my friend’s participation-"

“T-that’s fine.” The orange-haired boy stuttered, pointing at Jotik. “B-but so long as it's your friend fighting that thing at a distance. F-far away from us.” He appealed. As the Bouffalant swiftly nodded, and the Raboot shook his head in disbelief.

“Aw. Don’t call her a thing.” The blonde boy uttered with a frown. Soon taking her out of his hood and holding the Jotik out in his sleeved hand. As he turned to Conner and smiled. “Don’t you think she’s pretty?” He inquired.

"Jotik." She chirped with glee, waiting for the young man's answer.

Miles Green ♂

Age (Birthdate): 20 (April 18th)

Brief Personality

Brief History
Just an unremarkable working class family, with little in the ways of struggle and hardships that many others hadn’t experienced too. However, unlike his smarter siblings and parents. Miles was always considered a below average student. With handwriting too sloppy to make notes and study well. While also finding himself disinterested in learning about most subjects. On the other hand, put an orange ball inside his hands and watch him work his magic. Deciding to be a hard worker for his one specific goal to become a well-known athlete — and so he worked on it every day. Working out with weights, doing cardio, learning different plays and moves to conquer his opponent. There was very little he was concerned with, aside from getting better.

So when his most supportive grandfather gave him a couple of pokemon, and insisted that he have some training partners. Miles was reluctant to accept, but ended up with some of his closest friends. Which helped Miles greatly in his time of need, mourning after the grandfather that had passed away peacefully in his sleep. Though Miles didn't know how to react, when he alone had been given his Grandparent's small home and all his accumulated wealth that nobody in the family knew of. Suddenly being blessed with a generous inheritance, and garnering the ire of most of his 'more successful' siblings. So needless to say, he had something to prove. But his grandfather's belief in him, only gave Miles another reason to be proud and goal focused. Having a pair of Pokemon who were equally determined to be the best, and perhaps even widening Miles ambition to be the greater at more than just Basketball. As he’d become a world famous pokemon trainer on top of it! The problem was — he was kind of terrible at it...

Pokemon (And Their Names)
Breloom ♂ (Frolic)

Heracross ♂ (Paragon)


  • Miles also inherited two backyard stray cats that have always seemed to adore him. (Jonah and Foster) But they never liked to stay indoors for very long. So he fed them in dishes outside, and bought them little dog shelters to sleep underneath.
  • Miles has two older brothers who he barely saw growing up. One older sister who hated his guts. And a younger sister that watches over the cats whenever Miles travels. But only because she's working to be a veterinarian and likes animals too much to let them go hungry and unloved.
  • Miles can’t really cook either. So cup noodles are his favorite food to ingest.
  • Miles had only learned to swim very recently, because of a friend who surfed.
  • Miles doesn't like to wear the color Green.

Whortleberry City

It was a good thing for Miles that Route 25’s paved trails were so smooth. Since his daily ride to the park could’ve easily ruined his new plaid button-up jacket. Due to the large bowl of breakfast ramen - that while once delicious - wasn’t settling very well in his stomach. Yet the young man’s vibrant smile would never seem to falter. Looking up with awe to witness an older trainer soaring across the partly-cloudy skies on a Pidgeot. As he would feel a mild spring breeze blowing against his face and styled hair. Calmly breathing in a strong flowery aroma—which signaled that he was close to arriving at his destination. Thus, he had an extra reason to stop at the side of the road, and take a swig of his peach iced-tea. Pausing to soak in that the overcrowded city noise had long faded again, and was now replaced with a peaceful stillness...

At least until the silence got interrupted by the vibrating and buzzing sounds, coming from within his wrinkled pants pocket. Causing Miles to put the orange sports jug back into his bike’s detachable bottle holder—and then pull out the smartphone just to confirm that it was an accidental button press. Briefly squinting his grayish-blue eyes at the screen, and adjusting its brightness to account for the morning sun. Quick to notice that his texts were read recently, as he checked his two sent messages.
No response. Wonder if he’s still in bed- Miles reasoned, with his index finger slowly twirling the dark-red strand of his hair. Before shrugging it off and sliding the phone back in the opposite pocket, where his several pokeballs were kept. Ah well. I’ll see him soon enough, I guess. He concluded, proceeding to pedal onward until he reached the park.
* * *

But within minutes of getting there, Miles had another temptation in his sights. Riding his bike over a sturdy redwood bridge, arching above a flowing stream of crystal-clear water. As he had begun looking for an unoccupied bench—with shade. Utterly surrounded by lush greenery, bright-pink trees and fields of oh so many colorful flowers. Even able to go elsewhere in the area, if he wanted to see the wishing fountains, or its shrubbery that resembled pokemon. Though that’s when Miles overheard the boys mocking laughter, and a girl’s shouted response.

“Why won’t you battle me?!” She hollered out. Turning his attention was toward their conflict—as he stopped to set down the bike and approach them. Receiving a pair of weary stares from the teenage boys who noticed him first. One dressed in all black - including the pokeballs clipped to his waist - with dark circles underneath his eyes. And the other young trainer that was wearing some loose dirty clothes and fake jewelry.

“We said no already. So buzz off toots.” The latter boy retorted, resting his elbow on the other’s shoulder, as they stood together. Clearly frustrating her further—for she hadn’t even noticed Miles walking up from behind.

“I’m not a toots!" The girl exclaimed with a stomp. "I’m only a few years younger than you are!” She countered, pointing her finger at the louder boy.

“Excuse me. But what’s going on here?” Miles asked from a short distance away. Briefly surprising the girl, as she turned around to face him.

“Look. I didn’t do anything.” The gloomy kid prefaced in a blunt tone and dismissive posture.

“But his friend called me a bad trainer! And then they both laughed at me, when I told them to battle me two on one!” She asserted, pointing to the other one. Prompting Miles to nod his head in understanding—with hands stuffed down inside his pockets.

"Alright. Then how about this..." Miles negotiated with a determined smile. Soon pulling out a pokeball and his fat leather wallet. “A single pokemon double battle - us versus you two - where the winners get what’s in here.” He stated, with his hand casually waving the wallet out in front of them. Immediately catching the two boys' interest, and causing the girl to smile. Months in. And I'll still never get over how normal gambling is for pokemon trainers. He reflected, before expanding the pokeball in his grasp. I just hope you're ready for this pal. Miles thought, before unleashing his ultimate tour de force...
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