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In Nightland 24 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Valerian Nico Alvarez-Knight

Valerian woke from a fitful slumber, hazy impressions of eerie dreams fading into a gradual alertness. They had a few recollections immediately upon rousing; drowning in toxic yellowish gas, scrambling for breath, bodies mingling close-by facing the same predicament, a mechanical being – contraption? – emerging in their vision, a susurration of voices offering advice, guiding, tempting with forbidden knowledge, deceiving with the unknowable…

Val shook out of it with a sigh, nighttime hauntings morphing into the jittery anxiety of what they already recognized as the start of a Bad Day. Scratching at their inner upper arms, shallowly marking the already irritated skin, Valerian stumbled out of the bed. Thankfully, it was the only one in the cramped bedroom/living room of the dorm, though the bathroom the student shambled to was shared with one other. However, it was early enough that they did not have to wait to have access, and so they did their morning ritual of toilet, shower, tooth brushing, and hair combing, all without ever looking into the mirror. The clear, artificial reflective surfaces gave them the creeps; they always got the feeling that something else was lurking on the other side. Besides, ever since they nearly disassociated from staring into the reflection of their own eyes, they had all the more reason to refrain from checking their image unless absolutely necessary.

The next step was to check their daily agenda – it was a Thursday, which meant Stanton in the evening, thank God – taking their meds (and making a note that they did so), and getting ready for the rest of the day. The routine was mindless, their focus fleeting, thoughts skittering from topic to topic, but keenly drawn to various paranoid musings. Fuck, is it surveillance? Human or non-? Will they get me today? God, I don’t wanna be disappeared like that…A tremulous exhale as Valerian did their best to come to grips with reality, but sneakily checked for shadows that might be too long or too deep, the glint of cameras (or eyes), misplaced sounds. It felt like something was there, observing, hiding, watching; waiting to strike. Val hunched into themselves as they picked their attire, firmly thinking different thoughts. It would soon be Christmas; they still had to get gifts for the family…a family lacking Vivi. With a shudder, they bit their lip; her death was still fucking devastating even three years later (and counting). Closing their eyes, they offered a silent, wordless prayer. Then, a comforting thought. Right, it’s Stanton day. Just get through all else, and you can see him, talk to him. And the others, yeah. It’ll help.

And then you’ll be fine. Just fine. Right. Fine.


It was finally evening, and when Valerian stepped off the bus at the station just by the monument, they had a pressing need to meet with Stanton face to face. All day long they’d been plagued by whispers, nearly inaudible voices whispering to them or about them, laughing or urging, driving them to distraction even when they’d plugged their ears with buds and tried to drown out the auditory hallucinations with music. Every person they’d seen today had seemed more suspicious than usual, and they hadn’t been able to shake off the notion that they were being followed even when no one but them was there.

Their black boots crunched on the fresh layer of snow swiftly melting into indistinguishable slush on the salted sidewalk. Valerian paced steadily towards the meeting spot, head tilted down. They drew the coat (black, faux leather) tighter to their body, its hood offering additional protection, and their backpack (carrying a wallet, water, folding umbrella, bandages, gauze, and scissors) slid slightly down their right shoulder. They were glad for all the layers they’d put on for the evening; leather gloves (black, studded), two shirts and a pullover underneath the coat, thick jeans (black) shredded very lightly at the knees which revealed the crimson nylons (very warm) underneath. The wine red knitted scarf was wrapped around their neck and half their face, and the clammy breath being blown back into their face didn’t bother them as much as the cold would. The exposed piercings (eyebrow studs and two pairs of rings, cuff and chain industrial, as well as a pair of crimson crosses for the ears) were cooling quicker than their skin, and the effect was a startlingly cold pinched feeling, almost as if someone had pressed ice cubs there.

Though uncomfortable, the cold was grounding. It was a matter of a couple or so minutes before Valerian was at the monument, though their steps faltered when they saw Linda, the assistant, waiting along those who’d already arrived. Val wasn’t sure why, but seeing her there felt wrong. Still, they walked the remaining few steps towards the group, nodding at the gathering. They recognized all of them without having to look at their faces; Valerian was more familiar with their figure, attire, and – though most of those were currently covered – their hands. He very rarely looked at other people’s faces, and almost never directly into their eyes.

Rather than strike up a conversation, as a few had chosen to do, Valerian lingered on the outer boundaries of the group; still a part of them, but not directly involved with anyone there. They weren’t much for small talk, especially not today. Their gaze darted around quickly, biting their lower lip. They felt antsy, keyed up, tense, and high-strung. If they could, they would be scratching at their skin; they had a brief longing for something sharper. Instead, they crossed their arms over their chest, practically hugging their torso, and a light shiver overtook them. They weren’t certain it was just due to the cold.
In Nightland 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Nightland 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Oh, btw, since I dislike using photos of actual people, I do hope a description will suffice.
Ooh, seems like it could be my thing.
@Jangel13 Sorry to say, but I'm not really interested in this anymore. I was thinking about posting but it already feels like a chore, so since I'm meh about it, I'll be taking my leave.

To everyone who's spoken to Lexie, assume she went scouting and wandered too far. Also, sorry for any inconvenience.

Day 0 / Church -> Outside / Goblin

“Thanks for the story, Elder, it was an interesting one,” she offered him a clouse-mothed smile. She memorized the info about the gods, and thought about it. Given Kir’s ability to copy weapons, and some of the hobgoblins’ actions, magic was obviously possible. So, maybe gods existed too. Or maybe they were just powerful (maybe also dead) beings who liked being worshipped.

Which Lexie wasn’t opposed to the concept of deities or worshipping them, as long as she got something useful out of doing so. The one that interested her the most was Duvelna, the goddess of death and night. She supposed she could ask about her or worshipping in general sometime later.

For now, Lexie grabbed one of the hides at his feet and wrapped it around herself like a skirt. Well, it was more of a furry toga if anything, but it’d keep her warm and unexposed.

She returned to her sisters. Aya was talking about a new plan for her traps. “An ambush and a trap? Sounds good to me,” she said. “As for the weapon, pick whatever you like,” she shrugged.

Suddenly and in the middle of their conversation, one of their brothers came back inside, a rabbit’s horn and hide in his arms. He shoved the items at Aya and began dragging her away. “Hey!” Lexie shouted at the abrupt goblin brother. Before she could do much but step forward, Kir already got involved, confronting Argos by bonking him on the head and insulting him.

Well, at least that got his intention. Lexie sighed, and walked over. “Do what you like, but if you want to involve others, you should ask before just dragging them away, you know,” she pointed out to Argos.

After he left, she turned to her sisters. “I don’t know if we’re a good match with that guy, though he could probably come in handy in some way,” she said, shrugging once more. “For now…it’s time to head out, huh?” she asked, and glanced towards the gobs before heading towards the open exit. At the church’s door, she waited for her sisters, but also looked outside. She went just a few steps further, enough to be able to observe what was going on in the vicinity.

Some of her siblings were already out there, chasing rabbits nearby. There was grass, there were bushes and trees, and she assumed there were rabbits there somewhere too. Lexie hoped the others weren’t so loud that they’d already scared the rabbits away. If they had, she and her sisters might have to head further away from the church. If they could, she’d much prefer to find their prey as near as possible. As such, Lexie looked closely around, noting what was where and who was where. She thought about where the rabbits might hide if they wanted to do so and about where and how she could hide to surprise and catch or intercept them.

Hoshio Kikuchi

When Hoshio grabbed his bow and quiver, Maria questioned his lack of effort at a disguise. He looked her up and down, and nodded once. “You do look appropriately tourist-y and nonthreatening,” he stated matter-of-factly. “However, the two of us don’t have to go so far; we can just pretend to be martial artists, ya know. Kyudo and Iaido aren’t so rare around here,” he shrugged. Of course, it was still a bit odd, but most people weren’t willing to question a ‘practice’ weapon too much. And for those who did, Hoshio did in fact have a membership card for the nearest archery.

Mai then showed that she’d been thinking ahead, and had got a charm that could detect devils. Should have thought of that myself, Hoshio smiled wryly. He didn’t show the slight embarrassment he felt, though.

“Oh, awesome, Mai. Thanks,” Hoshio nodded approvingly and in gratitude to his coworker. The aforementioned bell rung once, and the hunter immediately tensed, then forcefully relaxed. In that moment, however, he’d switched to work mode, and he was already gazing up at the shrine. “Let’s go,” he stated. Maria had not even waited for his order, and had just rushed ahead. This time, Hoshio did not mind so much.

Soon after, screams could be heard. “Dammit,” Hoshio swore, and hurried up the stairs. By the time he arrived at the temple, Maria was already swinging her blazing weapon and knocking zombified civilians around. “Good going, but try not to burn down the shrine!” he shouted, hoping he’d be heard.

Hoshio swiftly notched the first arrow, and started to rain missiles down upon the swarm of monsters and rocks. He did frown at the infected people; there was no way all of those had been up here for the devil to change. So, where’d the leader get them? Did it lead them there or had it brought them there otherwise? He didn’t know, but he’d take care of as many of the little guys, the rocks they carried, and the scattered rocks as he could.

He’d noted the scales – a snake devil’s shed skin – but it was dormant for now, so he left it alone. Hoshio did find this whole thing odd though. Again, it seemed like two or more types of devils might be working together, and he wasn’t sure how much of it was a coincidence. Either they’d all come on their own because of the rocks, or perhaps some had already chosen to organize to get the rocks together? The latter option would be especially dangerous for the DHA, so Hoshio made a mental note to alert the higher ups of the possibility of devils cooperating.
Yea, here. I am gonna post at some point, probably not today tho.
Would you ladies like argos to help? His skull can force enemies into a confrontation thereby eliminating the problem of a target simply running away. He could literally direct the enemy to your traps

Lexie wants to try ambushing at least one rabbit on her own. If they fail afterwards in the trapping attemps, help could be good. But this also brings to mind the following question: how is xp upon a kill distributed? Does everyone participating in it get the xp?
Do me a favor and all 3 of you and knowledge of the 3 to your characters. This is something the elder hobs have as well because I'll explain what the shrines represent

Oh, we get that skill already? Neat.
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