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Feels like a great fit!

Both those characters would suit perfectly the PG we're seeing form, and I foresee having chances to interact with them with both my planned characters.

Not that I'm, you know, biased or anything.
I'm reluctantly withdrawing.

I really like this roleplay, however I haven't been able to give it the proper time and responsiveness it deserves.

This is partly a product of offline busyness and partly due to my over-committing and I apologize.

Vel is handed over to the care of Mag and Lucky as an NPC. Please treat her well.

A filament of light caught fire, gleamed and exploded into a blazing corona inside her mind.

Since her days as a Padawan Catsai’s force talents had been well-trained but marginal in the Sense and Control schools. Instead her gifts lay in channeling the Living Force to Alter her surroundings, heal those in need or fade from living view. She was trained and accomplished in three lightsaber forms with a broad understanding of the others, but the more time she spent with Vera-Li the more she felt as though she was on the verge of a whole new level of understanding.

Like this. This… electric awareness of her Padawan, the russet-haired woman (more a girl surely) which had only grown over their years together.

Unlike some of the new ascetics of the order, neither Catsai nor her master had ever subscribed to the idea that a Jedi must forsake all emotional ties. It was rather that they must not let those ties rule them, and the home he shared with his wife and their three budding Jedi children had always felt awash with serene calm every time she visited during her training. This was the proper way for a human Jedi to manage their emotions, not to pretend she was some kind of animate droid. In another place and time she might have spoken with the Jedi Vera-Li S’vrone, flirted with the lovely woman and, with her sweet accord and the grace of the Force, shared a passionate relationship with her that could easily bloom into a deep and abiding love.

The Skerrige Jedi Knight instinctively shied away from that line of thought, curling a finger around one of the beaded braids that framed her face and dropping her eyes to her hands as they cradled the cup of steaming freshly steeped tea before taking a sip.

No the difficulty was that the young Jedi was her sky-blessed storm-born Padawan. By rights she should release her to another Jedi’s tutelage, one of the senior Masters in the High Council if they were so all-fired hot to keep her safe at home and far away from any potential for harm. But… But. Before the dark-eyed Jedi had admitted to herself just how strongly she felt their connection it had never seemed that important. She knew she would never do anything to endanger the girl’s wellbeing, so what harm if she watched over her from her mentor’s reserve? By the time she admitted she was in trouble, she was already lost and she simply could not give her up. Of course she would keep her unseemly feelings to herself; there must never be a pressure on her bright-eyed charge that could stunt the growth of her gift. Besides. Limited though her own skills were in Battle Meditation, they were among the greatest in the Order barring her student’s. If not her, then who? Someone who might care less, be less careful of her well-being? No. It had to be Catsai.

So; the sadness in Vera-Li’s voice brought her head up, but the hurricane of emotion staggered her enough that she could only listen as her student made her pledge of self-sacrifice.

If she knew it was what the girl truly wanted. If she thought this was something that she truly desired, to seek greater lessons from a more talented and less troubled teacher then.. Yes. Catsai would mourn silently, but she would not stand in her way. She would even help her to find a place where she would be happiest, before taking herself off to do what good she could. Instead she felt how hard it was for the lovely redhead to make this offer, and while her heart bled for her she also blessed the Force for this moment of transcendence.

“Fox-child, no,” she soothed, standing and putting a hand upon the other’s shoulder. “You don’t need to do that. I know you feel guilty that the High Council value you so highly… but they aren’t actually wrong in that.” She smiled infectiously, then sipped appreciatively from her tea. “You would be worth keeping safe even if you only had enough Force sensitivity to fill this teacup. As it is,” she made a gently deprecating gesture, “you are a major strategic resource. Their only mistake is that they see the power, not the person.” She squeezed her student’s- no, her friend’s shoulder, looking intently into her eyes as serenity calmed the storm in her chest.

“You are capable of so much more than they know. This is detrimental to your growth in the force, not simply mine… but they are the High Council so we have to assume they know what they’re doing.” She paused, a wry cast to her lips as she listened to herself. “I suppose, there’s always the Mercy Corps…” She lifted one hand, palm faced upwards as she described the one avenue the Council was allowing the Jedi to help with the war effort. "Or we stay here, we focus on your training and we face the Trials in six to nine months." She turned up her other palm, offering the choice to her.

"I'm not going to leave you here, mo chara. Either we stay or we go, together."

3963 BBY - Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Eight years ago a younger, more conventional Catsai Windhost led her newly assigned Padawan into the diplomatic nightmare of the Sarkan Interregnum. Despite spending two days trekking through the jungles after an opportunistic would-be rebel sabotaged their airspeeder the pairing made it through safely and presided over the coronation of the young Queen Azsil to the general acclamation of noble houses prepared to go to war against her four standard weeks previously.

Six years ago the meditations of the Jedi pair at the Order's shrine on Lorrd were interrupted by a Myrialite invasion. The Jedi remained there for a full week in support of the fetal resistance before the High Council's decree demanded Catsai extricate both herself and her apprentice from this untenable situation. As a budding Sage with a raw gift in battle meditation that was still blooming under the Knight's tutelage, Vera-Li S’vrone was simply too valuable a resource in the Council's eyes to risk, for any reason. Catsai and her teenaged student left; reluctantly, to the loud protests of the resistance cells they were abandoning. The whole journey back to Dantooine she had reassured her student that the Lorrdians were talented and resilient. They would endure and surely find their own freedom, but the High Council's instructions must be obeyed. In the end her Padawan seemed comforted but despite her calm outward facade the Knight herself was deeply troubled. The first seeds of her disenchantment with the High Council's decisions were laid.

Two years ago with the news of the Republic Navy’s confrontation with the Mandalorians along the border near Taris, Catsai was but one of the younger Jedi who added their voices to those urging the High Council to act. The Jedi Order was supposed to be independent of the Republic, not beholden to it. Where in the Code did it speak of defending and protecting only Republic taxpayers, while those in need beyond her borders suffered like the Lorrdians had? Instead, their vision clouded and troubled, the Council kept the Jedi close to home and deliberated as war grew ever closer. During this period Catsai and Vera-Li toured half a dozen of ancient Jedi shrines, meditating on each and drawing closer to the full mastery of the Padawan’s battle meditation. Catsai had just enough of the gift to guide her student, to appreciate and observe her mind channeling the Living Force to her ends but at most she could reach out to half a dozen minds. When Vera-Li had come fully into her power she could reach across battlefields; maybe across worlds! Her Padawan had a beautiful mind, and often Catsai caught herself admiring her talented pupil more than she strictly ought. When their minds linked in training and during the occasional skirmish in the sublevels of Coruscant and their rare jaunts offworld, she was careful to keep her unseemly attachment to herself. The last thing she wanted was to frighten her student or damage their accord in any way.

When a band of dissatisfied young knights defied the High Council’s dictates and went to support the Republic Military after the fall of Vanquo, it was chiefly care for her student that kept Catsai from following the same path. Instead she led the blooming Sage to Corellia, where they became involved resolving a series of incidents among the local high society. Both Jedi had the opportunity to hone their own handling of customs in the wealthier strata of the galaxy, while the local more insular Corellian Jedi found it more politic to let the outsiders reap the rewards (and the blame) while they maintained their own working relationships with all the proud families in the future. All through their work there, they kept hearing news of the fighting and the exploits of the Jedi following Revan; how despite a lack of support they were beginning to hold the line and make the Clans work for their victories. Again and again the Revanchist called for volunteers from the Republic and the Jedi… and over time, some began to answer.

When they returned to Coruscant two days ago, Catsai was already making plans with Veri-Li for their journey to support the defense of the Republic. Surely this was why they had been recalled. Within the Order it was no secret that the Council had re-opened communications with the Jedi Crusaders; surely they were about to announce their full support for the defense of the Republic, and the preservation of countless innocents from the flames.

The doorway to Vera’Li’s quarters irised open with a soothing hiss, but the woman it revealed was oblivious to the effort. Her plain blue robes disposed around her, Catsai Windhost stalked into the living area, every line of her body rigid with suppressed feeling. She closed her eyes as the door slid back into place and inhaled deeply once, twice, three times. Clearing the emotions from her mind as she reached out to the Force and accepted its serenity like a crisp Skerrige alpine breeze through all the hallways of her being. Opening her lavender blue orbs more and existing within the peace of the moment, she found her pupil and made her way through the suite she visited so frequently until she sat cross-legged opposite her.

She had all the time in the world now and simply observed Vera’Li as she breathed, waiting for the Padawan to return to the present rather than interrupting her. When at last her eyes are focused on her own Catsai is direct and to the point as is her wont.

“They won’t let us go. It seems there was a rumour of a Mandalorian strike team in the Corellian Sector, so they recalled us for our own safety.”
Hi all, we've started discussing our characters and possible connections in the Discord so I thought I'd bring the conversation over here for everyone to see.

General concept is, we post the character or characters we intend to apply for so that we can find other players' characters in a similar sphere and discuss how we might have run into one another before the start of play. Especially useful for Masters and Apprentices of either stripe.

Going first, I have:

1. Twi'lek Pirate Captain called Nima'tualin, aiming to raid, loot and pillage across the galaxy in the name of both fun and profit. Optional periods of shore leave in luxury resorts without extradition policy.
2. A budding Sith Apprentice with an unusually sane appreciation of the Sith Empire and its goals. Ambitious, but quietly so and relentlessly competent.
3. A possible third character, considering a few options and committing to none of them until 1 and 2 are live.

Bonus points to anyone who keeps tabs on what everyone says they're doing and works up some kind of lowkey census.

Vélaneah was always careful on unfamiliar ground. Cautious about putting herself forward, of appearing too bold or drawing ire on unfamiliar ground. Some of that was undoubtedly her upbringing, seeing her family's rivals tearing her father down, seeing each and every crack in his armour. Some of that was pure self preservation in the barb-tongued court of the Imperium. Some of it, she theorised, was due to her elemental affinity. Let the pyromancers be bold and impulsive as the flames they wielded. It was water that would wear them down and douse their fires. Water endured. Besides, she didn't really want to go traipsing off into the countryside. Not that she wouldn't, she just felt that she might be more successful if she focused on affairs within Haev. Perhaps if she asked one of the Captain's guards, they would know about something requiring her particular brand of cool and relentless persuasion. Grey eyes considering the most attentive-looking of the humans as she made her way to the table in Einarr's wake and secured an insignia and coin of her own. Roughly 20 coin anyway. She took a step away, then stilled as Stravi spoke to her - and courteously at that.

She went to respond - but Georgia was there afore her, helping to confirm her in the decision she had already made. "Of course Sir Stravi, I would be delighted," she opined, looking up at the dwarf. It would mean journeying out of town, but in the company of two individuals she already knew enough to respect and one she was curious to learn more about over the compass of their expedition. "I trust you mean to depart today," she noted wryly. She could still feel the sway of the ocean beneath her legs, but the dwarf nobleman had never struck her as one to waste time from the first moment they had met one another. "I will make some of my own enquiries, but be sure to find me before you depart."

Making her way to the horse lines, she struck up a conversation with the grooms there that would have surprised any of her highborn friends from the Imperium. While her accent retained its refined lilt, she was gaily cheerful as she hailed the weary handlers with a wave. "Good morrow to you! My colleagues and I are taking a small jaunt up to the dwarfmines north of here and will need patient and steady mounts to cover the distance swiftly and leave us still able to walk." She smiled quickly and brightly. "I have some small experience with horses, let me assist you in saddling them for us, I know we must leave shortly."

Taking the opportunity while among them, Vél helped to pick the four mounts she judged most suited to each of the four riders on Stravi's expedition - the cream of the crop where possible - and also picked the stablehand's brains for any news or gossip they have heard about the current situation around the mines. When her bearded friend found her, she would ideally have the horses saddled and ready, with five days' supplies in their saddle bags.
@BlackSam3091 Vel is going to play least-in-sight around town for a bit, unless asked to come. The three of you should have it covered, though I'll follow your adventures with interest! :3
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