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Pizza is a main course, but is also a pie. Therefore, I can eat pizza as my meal and have another pizza as my dessert.
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When I need a left sock, there is none. When I don't need one, there is a surplus. I think the world is toying with me.
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Sunny days are meant to be spent in a dark room surfing the net and watching series in netflix.
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Eating a stick of butter is not as fun as it sounds to be.


I am Searat
Half sea, Half rat, All Aqueous Rodent.

My role playing career is something i consider as a hobby of some sort but as to how long i have been role playing, I would say that i have three to four years under my belt. (Though most of the times I was role playing, they were nothing as serious as this and were more of a means to relieve stress with my friends or test out ideas that came to mind with them.)

As for my preferences to genres of role play, I would have no biases nor specific preferences to any genre and would be able to adapt to the genre as best I can when placed into it.

Some of my hobbies consist of: playing games, surfing the web, walking, bowling, darts, and cooking. I sometimes write and draw things but not as much to consider it to be a serious hobby.

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HP: 33/416 | MP: 332/432 | SP: 280/806

Death waited for the slightest lapse in concentration. In one singular move, the scout’s mortality was made clear. Even before he could react, the monster had slammed his body down into the phantasmal bull’s remains, skewering him.

Raime wanted to scream.

But the rib that completely obliterated his right lung refused him the action. All he could muster from all his effort was a pathetic gurgle as he choked on the blood filling his other lung that quickly interfered with his breathing. Mouth frozen in a soundless scream; tears ran down his face from the sheer amount of pain he was constantly in. He wasn’t even allowed to scream at the pain he was in. That was rather unfair.

He really wished that he could pass out but, alas, the game’s system refused him the pleasure of being unconscious.

Raime’s left hand darted to the massive rib. His hand groping the blood-stained bone, as if he would have found some hidden critical weakness he could exploit to help his escape. It didn’t take him long to realize something. He couldn’t move his right arm. A quick glance over revealed that a few of the fingers on his right hand simply twitched in response to the neurons firing. He should have known, the log-sized rib that proudly jutted out of his chest had already destroyed the bone joints and severed the major muscle groups that dictated its movement.

The shadow above him moved and his eyes shifted away from his now useless arm. If the situation wasn’t already looking grim for him, he saw the zomboni looming over his broken body; fists raised savagely above its head. No doubt, intending to pulverize the incapacitated scout into a chunky red paste among the stinking remains of the phantasmal bull corpse. Perched upon the very precipice of death, he was given the true test of his will. Would he hold fast or would this be his second death to mar his CaCo record?

No fuckin’ way he was dying like a bitch a second time.

Biting on his sleeve to prevent accidentally breaking his teeth or biting his tongue off, Raime drew his warg tooth blade and cut through the remaining strings of tendon, sinew, and muscle as he jerked his body away from the rib in one swift motion. Amputating his right arm and worsening the already immeasurable pain he was in...but also letting himself escape from the jaws of certain death. Mere men couldn’t stomach the thought, let alone act upon it. But Morenos were not mere men.

Upon shaking and unsteady feet, he stood as tall as his body allowed him to; his blood slowly pooling beneath his feet from the gaping wound on his chest. The sleeve he had bitten into lolled out of his mouth, coated with saliva and blood. With a dagger in hand and eyes filled with unyielding resolve to live, Raime smiled defiantly at death.

But it soon dawned upon him that the undead creature would still try to kill the pinned caster now that he was no longer available for execution. He didn’t expect the vials to backfire so badly, then again he did think that Amulak had passed out and warranted immediate action. Regardless, he felt responsible for the predicament Amulak was in. Leveling his blade once more, he prepared to fight against insurmountable odds.

He was exhilarated from the immersion. Not once in real life had he reached the limit of his will. But not only has CaCo allowed him to see how far his determination sent him, it even allowed him to break past his limit. Truly CaCo was a once-in-a-lifetime game.

And as he stood, knees buckling under the weight of his body, dagger grasped with a hand that became paler and paler by the moment, Raime’s blood began to glow. A dim light to begin with, but brighter and brighter with ever-increasing intensity. Becoming motes of light, the blood and flesh that he had cast aside turned to light and rose to the sky, piercing through the clouds to reveal the azure that the ever-present fog sought so desperately to hide.

A spotlight, just for him. A recognition of what he truly was, what he had been. A supporter? Nay. A healer? Nay! The blood that his heart pumped through his body could never be satisfied by protecting others. The blood that he shed without regret or remorse could never be satisfied by healing others! Seeking the world beyond the boundary of his own perceptions and limitations, beyond the town that he was destined to live out his days, he would surpass everything, no matter what he had to endure.

And with a gush of flame, a hiss of steam, black plates interlocked over his left arm, the hardened magma of his blazing heart!

Fate had given him a miracle. No point in wasting it.

Dropping his dagger, Raime aimed his nuclei at his undead foe as it began to glow and radiate a brilliant white light. "God-Searing Light!" The scout roared out in defiance. Pushing through the stabbing pain his partially filled lung experienced as he sacrificed 100 HP 100 MP and 100 SP in equal amounts to activate his nuclei's skill. Allowing the gravely injured man to fire a beam of pure light five kilometers long at point-blank range.

For a moment. Only a moment.

The radiant pillar of hope parted the thick gloomy clouds above. Burning away all the despair and darkness of the grove had...and for once the sun's rays and azure, cloudless, skies graced this accursed land.

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 380/682

The attacks were effective? The attacks were effective!

Despite the majority of the flaming arrows only hitting the zomboni's arm, one struck true and the black ooze that the worms produced and animated the corpse came streaming out like a faucet had turned on inside of it. Raime was about to let out a hurrah out of the sense of achievement, but then the bull finally hit the ground. He would never admit it, but he felt more awe struck than fear as he witnessed the sheer destruction wrought on the battlefield in slow motion. The feeling was akin to the one he felt watching the remastered Gundam Origin's Operation British for the first time in FullDive Gear in his teenage years. Still sends tingles down his spine just by remembering it.

In the aftermath of it, majority of his teammates were at death's door. Klein was practically wedged half-way in if he were to judge. Plans changed in a split second. Instead of preparing more of his makeshift fire arrows, his highest priority was keeping his party mates alive...but he really couldn't leave Ames high and dry. Nocking four more arrows, the scout took parting shots against the zomboni that stuck its stump at him. The attack more to give a distraction for Ames to use than an actual attempt to kill the severely wounded undead monster.

Once he finished providing a distraction, he shoulders his short bow and reaches deep into his pouch to retrieve 12 vials of the burst healing vials. Four in each finger gap in his hands and four more held in his mouth. With his superior speed, drastically slowed perception of time, and active/passive skills to help avoid dangers paired with his dexterity buffed by his bow? Getting to his wounded party mates and administering the goods to Klein, Mags, and Amulak in that order would be a breeze...wouldn't it?

No concerns from my end.
Just waiting for the story to progress.

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 390/682

The frustration he felt was immense. Not only was his tactic proven to be ineffective another time, but all four of his charged shots also didn't even hit their intended target. The one-armed oni intercepted the shots and allowed the glowing oni to finish its charging, causing it to leap dozens of meters into the air and drop the phantasmal bull corpse in a way that reminded him of a vampire from a show about a bizarre adventure. Doubt surfaced in his mind. Causing him to question his decision to balance out his stats instead of min-maxing like the others.

Well, no point crying over missed opportunities.

The best thing to do now is to mitigate the negatives of the situation and make the best of what they have. Ames had called his attention and noted their aversion to fire and proposing that if she helps him overcome his disadvantages, he'd cover her. As if he wouldn't provide covering fire without the buff. With inhuman speed, Raime ripped the fabric of a sleeve of his jinbei. Tearing it into strips and tying them to the base of the arrowhead of four arrows. He was unsure how magic fire worked as it ignited Ames' sword without it having anything to catch fire but just in case that was exclusively for her, the fabric tied would burn rather nicely.

As soon as his arrows caught fire, he would follow through with his part of the bargain with Ames. Shooting the flaming arrows against the oni she was facing to contribute to the damage.

He could only hope that this method of attack would turn the tide in their favor.

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 672/682

Still not enough.

Raime grit his teeth hard as he rationalized that these undead onis were more of the necromorph variety than the classic reanimated corpse. Made more apparent now that there was a severed arm trying to crush their caster's skull. Their tanks and front line combatants were taking an ass-whopping, with Klein taking the hardest one judging from how far he went. To make matters even worse, the one hefting the bull began to glow ominously. With everybody else dealing with their own respective problems, it seemed that Raime was the only one free enough to deal with the glowing one. In the brief moment he had to move to a better shooting position, he already formulated a new tactic.

He first primed [Dive N Strike] and dodge rolled sidelong before taking a shot at the glowing one's head. Hoping that the skill activated and the Dewsilk Bow Dex buff stacked, he repeated the process as many times as the game allowed him to do so. In a desperate attempt to disturb whatever channeling the undead oni was trying to do with the Phantasmal Bull corpse.

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 672/682

<Shit.> Raime muttered to himself as his regular arrows didn't perform as effectively as he expected them to. The scout took a mental note regarding procuring or producing special arrows in the near future whilst backpedaling away from the incoming pale oni. For the lack of energy behind his arrows, he had to compensate by targetting softer and more vulnerable areas of the monsters. But judging by their appearance and smell? They were likely undead. Shooting vital organs like the heart, lungs, or liver wouldn't do anything significant. But if he learned something from playing zombie games, headshots were a staple in keeping the undead...well...dead.

Nocking four arrows, Raime took aim at the charging oni's head just as their red-haired defender intercepted its charge. "Eat this!"

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 682/682

Raime was a little disheartened by how few supplies he was able to purchase. At least the apothecary was kind enough to explain that the herbs he had harvested were pretty common and didn't fetch a high price. Regardless, his pocket was considerably lighter now and he had fourteen vials of instant-healing juice. Now he can finally actually play the role of support aside from being the ranged physical DPS. Good thing too, as the rest didn't need to shop for supplies as he did and were ready to go back to the grove.

Admittedly, navigating the area the second time was less difficult than that of yesterday's journey. They even managed to spot five pale heavily damaged onis distracted by their gorging on the animal carcass. Mags whispered orders and bolted off without a second notice. "...just call me out if you need quick healing." The scout said to the rest of the party before following their foolhardy leader headlong into the fight.

Engaging the oni and activating [Zoned In], the scout turned human rocket took advantage of the surprise attack and slowed perception of time by taking potshots at the unsuspecting five's knee joints with his newly acquired bow, aiming to harm and disable their movements to further give the melee-oriented characters advantage.

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 682/682

The scout goodnaturedly rolled his eyes at Mags' comment while listening in on the suggestions regarding their plan of action before the war between the two clans began. "True. We ought to reach our respective class' level cap before we do anything else. Farm or buy better equipment in the process. As far as I know, we still haven't finished the Thunderstruck Grove quests. So I suggest we do so by day's end. I suggest we all go for a quick supply run and then get going." If there were no questions or objections on the matter, Raime would go exchange his 14 silver into Rishi. Before finding an apothecary and sell all his collected herbs save for the Pearl Clovers. Then finally buying the following items:
  • a quiver of standard arrows
  • 5 common offensive consumables
  • 5 common defensive consumables and
  • 10 common support consumables.

While doing this, the talk of Ryoku-Jo's steampunk samurais lingered in the scout's head. He was hoping to hold off making ties and bonds to groups before he reached Alderamin for the purpose of his mech piloting dreams...but the mental image of himself in a badass exo-suit kept worming into his thoughts. Tempting him immensely. As if that was not enough temptation, he also overheard that those steampunk samurais wielded chainswords. Access to genuine honest to God semi-modern technology.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Raime decided this was a crucial part of his dream. Joining Ryoku-Jo will be an integral part of his path to mech-piloting.

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 682/682

Regardless of what information he had gathered from his passive eavesdropping, Raime couldn't ignore the red-headed warrior that wore a set of bangles that produced colorful flames continuously. It was undoubtedly cool looking but it didn't fit that well with her 'hooded knight' aesthetic, but that was just his personal opinion on the matter. It was around this time that he noticed that Lugh spawn in the plaza but kept his distance from them. He only kept within earshot and said his piece. Whatever happened to him yesterday with Ari must have been pretty bad if he was going full edgelord on them.

Raymond winced slightly at the dark-haired man's words but didn't make an attempt to stop him from leaving. "Be seeing you then and stay safe, yeah?" Only opting to wave him off as he disappeared in the sea of Immortals and Rien. He couldn't offer much help anyway to the younger man's venting other than letting him do so and wishing him the best. Unintentionally breaking the dour mood of the situation with a display of generosity and compassion, Ames fished something out of her pouch and offered it to the sitting scout. It was a rather nice looking weapon. A short bow to be specific. "Thank you, Ames. You are very kind. I'll be sure to buy a quiver of arrows to make use of it." Raime said as he put away his light crossbow and took the bow from Ames. Upon holding the bow, he felt an uncanny familiarity with it despite his inexperience with it in real life. His passive skill was likely taking effect as the bow felt like an extension of himself right off the bat without any prior use or practice.

His admiration of the bow was interrupted by the warrior asking for today's itinerary. "Preferably? We do some quests to get money and gain levels. This shouldn't be a problem considering the quest board has been overflowing with jobs as of late due to the threat of war coming to Horogi. People say that the Tato-le Clan will invade in a week's time and we'll be smackdab in the middle of the battlefield. So other than doing quests and leveling up, I suggest we all prepare for that war. Cause I can't be the only one who doesn't like the idea of being caught in that shitstorm with our pants down."

HP: 320/320 | MP: 336/336 | SP: 352/352

The scout simply sat on one of the available while waiting for the rest of his companions to group up and fiddling with the character menu. But judging from the group chat? He won't be seeing Lugh or Ari anytime soon. It wasn't rare that they would get under each other's skin once in a while, but it has been quite a while since they had people actively avoiding one another. But at least this as bad as the group's noodle incident with Mags a few years back. God that was a nightmare and a half to deal with. Raime frowned at the memory while allocating his 3 passive levels to his two skills; opting to allocate two levels to [Ranged Proficiency] and one level for [First In, First Out]. Scouts couldn't hit as hard or take hard hits as well as other classes, but he could at least mitigate that difference by increasing his familiarity and accuracy with any ranged weapon as well as being faster than his foes to avoid damage.

Afterward, Raime opted to observe the goings of the plaza while waiting. Who knows? Maybe he'll pick up some interesting information with his casual evesdropping.

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