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Wolfwalkers is the best movies of 2020! Don't @ me!
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Hunter x hunter is the best anime ever! fight me!
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Hello my dearest sweet hearts~ I see that you walk in to my lair. my name is sassy the one and only, come come make yourself right at home and read or play one of RPs that I am in if you~
Role plays that I'm in
убийца академияAcademy for assassins DEAD
Soul Eater DEAD
The Killing Club DEAD
Mirai Nikki+ DEAD
[… Arts School[\url] DEAD
Frolam Capital and School of Mana DEAD
Kid's Next Door: R.O.L.E.P.L.A.Y DEAD
Fight or Flight
Magical Girl War

Role plays that I made
Claymore Academy REBOOT dead
Middle life DEAD TOO SOON

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I finish my character and I send it to your PM
Ok, what if I know the DC universe but I haven't watch young justice, I can still join?

"I guess the forests in general, my father always say that they are dangerous..." Rosanna's father is a very quiet and stern man but still a lovely man, he always tell young Rosie his days of his youth but he always warn about forests cause one time, one of his brother, uncle Bo, went to deep in the forest for unknown reasons and never been seen or hear from again. Some people say that the Japanese took him, some say animals, spirits or nature but all that her father knows, that the forest is a deadly place, who knows what lurks in the night.

As Alvin talks about folklore about forests, Rosanna spots something in the distance, she roll down her window and pop her head and then she gasp, there it is! The manor! In all it glory! Her heart start beating excitedly as the carriage move closer and closer! All of their secrets will be revealed in front of Rosanna Liang! Rosie smile ear to ear as she move her head back inside the carriage and look at the group with excited in her eyes under her mask "This is it, boys! We are almost at great house!" Rosanna says excitedly "I bet that we'll drink alot of giggle water, wingding all night long while band plays until sunrise!" Rosie kinda hopes she won't late for class after the party, she doesn't want to hear a another hard learned lecture from Mrs Brown while suffering a hangover.

Before I made my character, are we allow to make more then one character
"Grimoiric Heart? Hmmm? I wonder that about?" Check

A Magical Girl Adventure

@Lady Seraphina
Yeah, same here 😢 but at least I join some new roleplay
@Lady Seraphina
Maybe? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️
@Lady Seraphina
They are probably still doing classes

Rosanna may thinks this sounds childish on her part but she feels like a princess while riding on this carriage, like Cinderella riding to the ball after her fairy godmother made her a dress, everyone is at a awe when they see her, including the prince charming. Then the two finally dance, then kiss and live happily ever after, Rosanna sigh, she hopes that she meet her prince charming at Wilde Hall, she finds him or her throughout her life but she haven't them! Even though she going out of pure curiosity, it wouldn't trying to find them, right?

While waiting to arrived to Wilde Hall, Rosie lookout through the window, seeing the dark trees moving past her, she hear rumors about the dark forest around Wilde Hall, some say there is a beast in these forest, not like a bear but a actual demon, he would offer anyone to make a deal with him, do his deeds or it curtains for you, although the first rumor is just ridiculous.....Same can't be say about the second one. Rosanna heard that anyone who ever step into the forest or even into Wilde Hall, they would never step out...Never be seen or hear from again...That second rumor brings chills down to Rosie spine, if her curiosity wasn't that stupid, she enter the woods without anything to bring like flashlight or a bean shooter, why, she be good as dead! Rosie sighs, she hopes that the party have any booze to calm her nerves, she feels that those trees are watching her.

Rosanna then look at Alvin, apologizing to the group for being in his own mind "Oh, you are quite all right, Mister Cobalt. I getting a little tad nervous myself, I never been in the forest before." Rosanna respond

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