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Current Just got a fez for my 22nd birthday today. Best day ever.
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Happy new year!
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Hey, witch doctor! Give us the magic words!
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I'm currently eating pizza in a nearly deserted Pizza Hut. It's amazing how quickly the threat of this virus that's been going around can empty a place that's normally very popular.
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I got a 9 on the initiative roll.
Why are you trying to pick a fight with My Half orc dude?

Isn't it obvious?
His point made, Talogan politely stepped to one side to facilitate the departure of the guardsmen. "Good day to you, sir." Talogan said to the lead guard as he led the retreat.

"Honestly.... They should stick to bothering tavern wrenches and shaking down merchants." Talogan heard Nyx opine.

"I cannot say I'm of the same mind." Talogan replied. "One should always keep ones skills sharp. And bothersome guards are always good practice for hard glares and legal knowledge."

"T-That's nice work ya did there, captain." A voice spoke up, causing Talogan to turn and face the speaker, an elderly shaved halfling. One of the four he saved from the orc ship. "Men like them... Seen their type before. Back when we were chattel. Wish I had that sort of courage me self." The halfling cleared his throat. "Spoke to your first mate. Me and the others want to join your crew, if you don't mind us asking a favor of you."

Talogan raised an eyebrow at this. He had delivered them from slavery and shielded them from the law, and yet the halflings presumed to ask for more. Talogan contemplated putting the halflings in their place, but the captain refrained. Although presumptuous, the old halfling seemed by no means ungrateful. And when he spoke, he spoke with respect and fear. He would hear the halfling out.

"Our friends were taken to be slaves by the orcs. Some young men... And women. We want to free them, if you're willing to do that. We know where the orcs got a base at where the other slaves are probably at." The old halfling continued as the other halflings joined him. "W-We're not much fighters, but we know we gotta work to earn our keep. We're a decent shot with bows and slings, light on our feet too. If you'll have us."

Talogan regarded the halflings with his usual look of cold stoicism. Despite their presumption, Talogan was considering the halflings' request. His abiding hatred for the orcish race meant he relished any chance to do battle with them. It would also further indebt the halflings to him, as well as any other slaves he freed. He still wasn't entirely sure about hiring the halflings on as permanent crewmen, but he could think of some good uses for temporary ranged combatants.

"We'd also like to join forces." One of the three dwarves spoke up as they also approached. "I've been speaking to the others and while their priorities aren't set yet, we want to give what-for to those orcs too. Give us some axes and hammers and we'll show you want we're made of."

Talogan regarded the dwarves with the same look he regarded the halflings. He had intended to see if he could could convince the dwarves to sign on with the Kraken, and it seemed that helping with the orcs would further ingratiate himself with the dwarves and help set their priorities in Talogan's favor. Another reason to assist.

Talogan then cast a glance towards the gnomes. The six of them seemed to be hanging back to watch how things played out, similar to how Talogan had decided to handle them. Tayang had mentioned that the gnomes were tinkerers, though they refrained from going into detail. Hopefully they be willing to share a little more with a little persuasion.

"Let us discuss matters over breakfast." Talogan said to the halflings and dwarves. "My helmsman is currently preparing fish soup on the Kraken. I give it a hearty recommendation. It should be ready soon, so make your way over and I will join you once I have concluded some other business I have on the docks." Talogan then turned toward the gnomes. "I also extend this invitation to you." Talogan added. "There are questions I have that I would like you to answer."

"Krusk, wait." Bartholomew said as he once more placed himself between the half-orc and the dwarf wizard. "I am aware that you don't make a habit of telling me how to do my job. But loathe as I am to not do the same, I can't just let you arrest this man simply because he seems a little shifty. As suspicious as he might appear, there is no actual proof that he's committed any crime against us. Please Krusk, calm yourself. Let's be reasonable about this."

I'm fairly certain he's referring to the wizard, not Einkil.
Bartholomew turned towards Krusk as the half-orc blacksmith made his entrance with spear in hand. Bartholomew could feel the tension in the crowd already present increase considerably, as it tends to do when an armed and aggressive half-orc begins causing a ruckus. Deciding that this situation needed to be defused, Bartholomew made his way through the crowd and interposed himself between the wizard and Krusk. "Easy now, Krusk. There's no need for violence." Bartholomew said calmly. "If there is a problem, let's see if we can solve it without spears, yes? I'm sure nobody wants any harm done over what could simply be a misunderstanding."
Bartholomew and Gabriel perked up as they came to the attention of the dwarf wizard. "I keep an eye on him from the sidelines for now." Gabriel said quietly to Bartholomew. "You go speak to him. Keep the attention off of me."

Bartholomew nodded before making his way through the crowd, closing to speaking distance with the wizard. "I do hope you can forgive a small amount of trepidation on my part." Bartholomew said in a friendly tone of voice. "However, I've heard enough stories from my more adventurous kin to be wary of magic. Especially the kind that requires a signature in blood or reverses the user's age." Though others would have spoken that in a more suspicious or accusatory tone, Bartholomew maintained his usual jolly manner of speaking the whole time. He bore no hostility towards the dwarf, though he was a little concerned by what he was seeing.
That didn't stop him spotting the two humans on the edge of the cemetery however. "Ayye! he called, "No need to be shy, it's unbecoming of a man of your size. My gosh, they do build them strong out here in the Swamp, ey? You're exactly the type of folk who I'm looking for! I'll get an earful if I don't at least try to convince you to take this work from the Mage's Guild. Come hither," he waved a hand to call them over, but the peasants were starting to whisper among themselves as his voice broke midway through the sentance.

Just so you know, Bartholomew and Gabriel weren't by the cemetery. They were already among the crowd by the time the dwarf cast his spell.

I'd certainly recommend it.
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

So it goes Volo, Mordenkainen and Tasha right?

Xanathar should be in there somewhere as well.
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