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13 days ago
Current I enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but hold the peanut butter and jelly. Hate condiments on my sandwiches.
17 days ago
Mmmm pineapple pizza
17 days ago
Anyone who's interested in the proposed post-apocalyptic NRP, PM me with any questions you might have, I'll be glad to answer as I'm able :D Just basic things for now
17 days ago
Proto-Int Check via status here, any NRP'ers interested in doing a post-apocalyptic thing? Working on some initial worldbuilding and game mechanics things right now.
19 days ago
There is no universe in which what we do is cool. I consider it a guilty pleasure. Maybe "cooperative/interactive writing" is a bit better.


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@Dark CloudWelcome back friend
This sounds interesting, if you're still accepting.
@Dead Cruiser No worries, you do what you have to do. Real life and your health takes first priority of course.

That said, I feel like electing @rezay as Co-DM, if they are willing to rise to the occasion just because they are really good at keeping things updated and progressing forward, based upon what I've seen so far.

That's just my idea/suggestion.

I would, but I'm not familiar enough with K6BD. If people are fine with me taking it a bit away from that aesthetic/IP, then perhaps, but I get the feeling that's why many of us are here
Uhh a lot of you were probably anticipating/dreading this announcement but my work/life balance has kind of gone to hell over the last few weeks, and I've had some mental health stuff that needs dealing with, so I don't think I have the time or energy to run this.

Really sorry for dragging it out this long, I didn't want to disappoint you guys.

I am fully supportive if anyone wants to take up the reigns, I'll even promote a few people to Co-GM of this thread if there's a reasonable consensus.

Thanks for all you've done man, this RP is a great idea. I hope things get easier for you.
@Dark CloudThat's alright, hope it's nothing too serious.
Alright quick! Before I forget, here’s a pronunciation guide

Not that anyone asked :)
@6slyboy6I see— the adarnians will be the most likely to discover it at some point, then (speaking of those in close proximity to rivers, in my estimation). Maybe the takhal in the right place and time. More likely that will happen through trade

It fits the adamians to be the first to discover it, getting rich off of trade of newfound supermaterial would be in line with their decadent trait

Very cool
@6slyboy6Yes, my bets're on the skittermander and adarnians, followed by the gannor and takhal, followed by the sobek (acquiring agriculture). Unsure where mushrooms decide and if they won't be extinct long-term, hehe

Also unsure of where deposits of copper are located (obviously, takhal haven't discovered it, but I'm not sure where it would be on a meta level). I don't think that needs to be worked out super far, but for most metals maybe somewhere close to or in the mountains

Or, we will find out. Not to incite metagaming
@6slyboy6Handwaving is fine, especially for our purposes. 100 is about the size of a typical hunter-gatherer band, so that seems perfect. In more tropical places, sedentary civilization with low/no agriculture (hunter gatherer lifestyle) would be feasible because there are more food resources laying around. Also less incentive for large-scale agriculture. Somewhere like the grasslands or more temperate/colder forests not so much.

If there are any river basins with populations of animals that would be iseful to domesticate and warmer but not tropical climates, that's probably where agriculture happens first.

Not that that much consideration needs to be taken, working with non-humans can certainly be different.

That one to the southeast* of the mountain range comes to mind, and the adarnians.
Adapt, survive, overcome.

Goodnight :)
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