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Current No big deal. It's better to be a hour early than a minute late, I always say.
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But does time have you?
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Give it time.
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How is it to be writing a novel? I always wanted to but newer had the time or ability.


Long ago in the distant past there was only color. Color to be loved, to be hated, color to please thoughts and corrupt minds. Color to color but newer shape. And than one day everything changed. We do not speak of this event nor of the times thereafter. For they were dark times when color took shape and shape rejected color. To this day the two remain separate, ever touching but newer becoming one. With one exception.

What you see before you is the purple cube of the cosmos. The merger of shape and color and ultimate avatar of the color purple in its physical form. Its N-dimensional form exists beyond your comprehension leaving but a shadow in the form of a cube for you to perceive. A cube with right angles and yet no sharp edges.

It's guardian, a being of it and yet distinct from it and one with it all at the same time dwells within. Or perhaps they dwell together, or just dwell. The later is most certainly true these days a the cube orbits earth having after an eternity in space discovered the internet and its endless supply of cat videos. Now the two orbit hungrily in search of satellites to consume so as to feed its insatiable hunger for cute.

Special notice:
I will not be joining or starting any new games on this forum. I am only sticking around for the one I am already in.
If I have a moment of weakness and apply or show interest for a game please reject me and remind me of this pledge.

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<Snipped quote by Chev>

Damn. I'm sorry to see him go. I was looking forward to seeing Maize and Eve develop a master/student relationship.

Same here. I was really getting a little sister vibe from that girl. Like I was looking forward to some down time filler to get to teach her about makeup and dresses and manipulating boys.
I wonder what happened to NacNak...
Literally. Like, I hate. I even hate to hate when I hatefully hate the hate in a way most hatefully hated by those whom hate, referred to henceforth as haters.

So why, may you ask, do I post this? Why do I post this statement of hate? Well truth is I just felt inspired, thanks to a meeting at work that was late. So I decided to hate.

And now that hatred is posted, will hatred pass and peace be restored? Perhaps, or maybe it won't be. But what ever happens at least I ain't bored.
My girl will get better... eventually. But right now she is a mix of shell shocked, angry, confused and terrified and god knows what else. Like she seriously just needs to punch something to vent at this point.
Mia said nothing. Nor did she look any of them in the eye. She just melted away next to the others all hiding behind a putrid corpse pile. Her mind was meandering through thoughts. Something had to be done. They absolutely had to. This... this could not be allowed to exist. The mere thought of allowing it to, of doing nothing was worse even than seeing it be. If she could she'd just explode the whole planet just to be rid of it.

Her mind kept coming back to this and would do so for a while yet. Fortunately for everyone involved she was not strong enough to pull it off. For she likely would have taken the world to pieces right than and there and them all with it.

As thing stood, well sat, she had little choice or composure to contribute much beyond thinking, her mind locked in combat with it self like a running hamster struggling in vain to reach some outcome to its race. And until it did all she could do was follow the others and try not to get in their way.

Maybe one of them would come up with something. Or maybe they'd all just be discovered, killed and added to one of those piles. At this point she was in no state to care.
I'm going to throw up a post now and hopefully you guys like what you see.

I did. A combination of the bullies out in the status bar, a bad toothache and a week of constant work meetings drained my will to participate. It took me this long to force my self to read it. But it actually brought me back to life. Like this is a plot twist that I can genuinely say is one of the best ones I have ever seen in my games. And I've pulled some nasty twists my self so this is saying something.

Speaking of bringing people back my girl is going to need some help with that...
Like I think she is genuinely broken.

On the plus side I think she's past the point where she has qualms about killing.
Well that's dismaying...
She didn't really think those words in particular, but she might as well have. For that was the overall feeling she had toward the realization of just what they were getting into. Like... seriously. Forget it...

And forget she did, except she didn't. For even as the shimmering portal drew her attention to it like you would expect from a shiny doubt began creeping into the back of her head.

Just what would they find there?

Mia had newer been to a war zone. Indeed her species had all but abandoned war for a thousand years. And between that and their isolation her only reference for what she could expect to find there were, aside from yesterday of course, ancient paintings and dried up history books that she failed to pay attention to in class.

So right now the only thing she knew for sure was that these "Sayans" were more powerful than her and that there was something out there, just beyond that door that was more powerful than a whole galaxy spanning empire of them.

And she wouldn't even get to fight one of them. At least not if these spoilsports had anything to say about it. Well at least not if things went well. Which for all intents and purposes meant that even if she won she would loose. Not that she had too much confidence in the plan, mind you. Between her and the others here they weren't exactly a stealthy bunch. Not unless you count stealth as beating up everything that can possibly spot you.

And this was all assuming that the universe wasn't left not destroyed explicitly as a trap for them to walk into. A possibility that absolutely could not be discounted. In fact if she was a universe destroying badgirl that is exactly the kind of trap she would lay.

By the time all this went around her head and she completed making that mental note, just in case she ever chose to turn evil, most of the others had gone through. So she did what she had to, took a big breath and stepped through the portal. Not in the least ready for what ever she was about to find there.


Seconds later...

"Well fuck."
Those were her exact thoughts this time. And those were the only ones she thought as her will was entirely spent desperately trying to keep her brain from shutting down. This wasn't a trap. It wasn't the ruins of a dead universe. It wasn't even a war. It was a slaughterhouse.

All color drained from her face, the bravado she exhibited just a moment ago gone along with a non insignificant chunk of her sanity. And any thoughts of payback or fighting or even just anything vanished from her mind as she just stood there, silent and completely frozen in place.

And the narrator couldn't even come up with a witty remark for the end.
I wonder if the missing guys are american. To my understanding they are having some sort of winter apocalypse over there that's cutting power. Also, I will either post tonight or not at all. So if you don't see a post from me in the next 24h assume you can move on.
Yep. I still don't get any warning for posts in the IC part though. I get them for the OOC part which is stranger still. Shall look at your post as soon as I get off work.
And again no notification. I just saw now that you had posted.
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