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18 min ago
Current Week 7 of Friday Night Funkin' caused Newgrounds to go down, lmfao
9 hrs ago
Sleepy, but can't sleep. Then when I shouldn't be sleepy, I can doze off whenever. Fantastic!
2 days ago
Might be able to post today, might not. Really angry
5 days ago
Man, I love how comfy this place is sometimes. Shoutout to the badass GM's and players keeping my RP's enjoyable and chill
7 days ago


~ 27 Years Old.
~ Enjoys all sorts of settings, and genres. Fandom and Original. Loves writing combat, and sappy stuff.
~ Slow but steady posting schedule, and notifies you of complications!
~ Stupid funny meme guy that prefers friends rather than flame wars.

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Need Self-Control
Frog knows how they work, so I see maybe we could do a short interaction and teach ye boi how dem spooky ghosts work.

epic sword-wielding ye-olde battletoad teaches insecure middle aged man how to abuse the essence of the dead
@Dark Cloud

I mean, it's a fresh face among the group. (Though Mr. L is too, just arguing with Bowser)

Mirage just hauled back a big supply of bananas for the crew, so that's something Frog could react to if you want to take that route. I'm also looking for an opportunity for Mirage to actually learn about Spirits and how those work, so maybe we could make a situation for that in the near-ish future. That's just me assuming Frog knows how they work, though.
@Dark Cloud

Good to see you back around, buddy!

I'd try and help with Laharl but I don't have anyone on yellow team yet. >.<

This is pretty cool, I like the fact that there's every flavor of mountain from the games on this one island.

In Rangers 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Potemking I just snorted at "certified sassing machine." Yup, he has his paperwork and everything.

Oh, I'm sure. lmfao
In Rangers 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'll probably just wait lol

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