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To Dana’s elation, Nicole’s attack succeeded in freeing Astrelle from the Void’s clutches, but her celebration was short lived. The Void, having been deprived of its prey, now lashed out at Nicole, sending the crimson-haired Ars Magi hurtling back towards the ground at a frightening speed. Astrelle wasn’t out of the proverbial woods yet either, as she, too, was now plummeting like a rock, on her way to what promised to be a very unpleasant meeting with the pavement below.

“Dana! Get Astrelle!” Penny instructed. “I’ll get Nicole. Once I give the signal, give that thing everything you got! Ready?!”

“Ready!” Dana called back.

Springing into motion, she raced towards where it looked like Astrelle would land. Dana knew that just being underneath her wouldn’t really work, and so, in order to gain some altitude, she mentally commanded her various glowing energy stars to form a series of steps for her. Hoping they would be able to solidify enough to bear her (admittedly light) weight, Dana began jumping from star to star, each leap taking her closer to her goal. When she felt she was close enough, Dana launched herself off the final star and wrapped her small body around Astrelle in a tight embrace.


That was just step one, of course, as the two Ars Magi were still falling. Dana had managed to change their trajectory, though, and had also instructed her stars to form a single sloping shaft of light, which she and Astrelle could now slide down. Once they had safely reached the ground, Dana gave her gloomy companion a big grin.

“That was kinda fun, huh?” she asked with a giggle as she helped Astrelle to her feet. “Just rest here for a bit,” she instructed as she began heading over to where Penny had just completed her own rescue of Nicole. “I gotta go help Penny finish off our ugly friend!”

She had just about gotten into position, when Penny yelled, “DANA!! FIRE! DONNERSCHLAG!

Simultaneously, the bespectacled Ars Magi blasted herself up, before brutally slamming her Gladius into the Void’s face, the charged up rocket hammer striking with such force as to cause a shockwave.

“Whoa!” Dana yelped as she was sent sprawling onto her back. “That’s some power!”

Not wasting a moment, the energetic Ars Magi drew her own Galdius and raised the gleaming weapon above her prone body, until it was pointing directly at the Void. It was a clear shot, and Dana knew she had to make it count. Summoning every last ounce of her magic, she channeled it all into her pistol, causing it to glow with barely contained power. This was it, this was her moment. With every fiber of her being, Dana Noel knew that this was when she would show everyone what she was truly capable of. The moment when she would pierce the darkness of this shattered world with her radiant light.

All at once, a shaft of blinding brilliance shot into the heavens, utterly consuming the Void and piercing the brooding clouds beyond, so that the vibrant blue sky was once again visible. As the beam finally began to dissipate, rays of soft sunlight fell upon Dana’s smiling face. She felt completely exhausted, but she had never been happier.

“Nice work, buddy,” she whispered to her Gladius. “And guess what? I think I finally figured out what to call you. From now on, your name is Shining Zenith!”

Hugging the pistol close to her chest, Dana closed her eyes and drifted off into blissful unconsciousness.

MDP was really enjoying herself. Eating yummy ice cream was always so much fun, and it was even better when shared with friends! At first, it was just her and Amanda, but they were soon joined by a tall girl in armor, who seemed to like ice cream a very great deal. She introduced herself as Hilaria, which caused MDP to giggle. It was a silly name, and one MDP really liked the sound of. MDP also liked how friendly and helpful the girl was. She would clearly make a very good friend.

“Like, thankie wankies for the helpy welpy~! (giggle!)” the whimsical magical girl told the new arrival with a happy smile. “Magical Dream Princess is, like, sooo super duper happy wappy that you like the yummy wummy ice cream she made~! (giggle!) And, like, wowie zowie~! Hilaria Waria even brought her own spoony woony, too~! (giggle!)”

Although she had lots of questions she wanted to ask her new friend, MDP could see how intensely the girl was focused on consuming the ice cream as quickly as possible, and so she decided to hold off for now. This decision was made easier by the fact that there was still a lot more ice cream to eat, and she didn’t want the armored girl to finish it all by herself. Digging back in, the childish magical girl was surprised a moment later, when she caught sight of a small figure tentatively tasting the ice cream with a tiny finger.

“Like, wowie zowies~!” MDP squealed with delight. “You’re, like, a super duper adorable worable dolly wolly person werson~! (giggle!) Magical Dream Princess thinks you’re, like, soooo totally wotally super duper CUTE~! (giggle!)” she added as she knelt down and treated the tiny girl to her biggest smile. “Like, Magical Dream Princess would just wuv to pick you up and give you the biggest wiggest huggy wuggy ever wever~! Like, can she~?! Can she~?! Can she~?! Can she~?! (giggle!)”

Dana’s smile widened when she saw that her Gladius’s beam had blown a hole clean through the Void’s chest. As she suspected, it wasn’t enough to slay the creature outright but it had certainly wounded it, and that was as good a starting point as any. Indeed, no sooner had Dana snapped off her shot, then Nicole darted past, instructing her to keep the monster pinned down, while she and Penny engaged it in melee.

“You got it, Nicole!” Dana acknowledged, while giving the redhead a cheerful grin and a thumbs up.

Reaching her hand out, she once again conjured five small stars from each of her splayed fingers.

“Okay little guys!” she instructed as the stars zipped off to surround the nearby combat. “Do your stuff!”

After taking up position, the five glowing luminaries unleashed a torrent of incandescent star bolts. The attacks were fairly low-powered, but they served to restrict the Void’s movement, preventing the creature from escaping, or dodging the attacks of the other Ars Magi. At least, that was what Dana had intended…

As it transpired, the Void was far more durable, and far more maneuverable than Dana had expected. Contorting and warping its form with inhuman agility, the creature dodged the blows of Astrelle, Penny, and Nicole, before growing a pair of wings and taking to the sky.

It can fly?! Dana thought incredulously. A moment later, she gave a sharp gasp as an even more horrifying event took place. Oh, crap! It’s got Astrelle!

Unfortunately, even worse was to follow. As the creature ascended, viscus globs of Void-flesh rained down from its sinister form. By the time they reached the ground, the dark droplets had morphed into toothy serpents, and Dana couldn’t help but recoil at the sight of the disturbing creatures.

“Yikes… Those don’t look friendly…”

With a quick mental command, she instructed her floating stars to fire upon the dark serpents, blasting any that got close to her or her friends. Any that hadn’t already been smashed into paste by Penny’s rocket hammer, that is.

“Nice work, Penny!” Dana called to her roommate. “I gotta say, you’re really rockin’ that outfit! And that hammer of yours is AWESOME!” she added as tiny stars seemed to fill her eyes.

Dana’s admiration only grew a moment later, when Penny pointed the hammer in question at the flying Void and, doing her best Thor impression, fired a crackling arc of lightning at the creature. However, while the attack certainly packed a punch, it was a bit lacking where accuracy was concerned. Missing its target by a country mile, the chain lightning struck a nearby lamp post and promptly blasted it to sparking bits.

“Oh, uh… T-That was still pretty cool, Penny!” Dana told the bespectacled Ars Magi, in what she hoped was an encouraging tone. “I’m sure you’ll get better with a little practice!”

Despite her upbeat demeanor, the energetic Ars Magi was still acutely aware of the seriousness of the situation. Astrelle was very much in danger, and Dana knew that rescuing her needed to be their top priority. Penny had apparently reached the same conclusion, and she inquired if either Dana or Nicole had the ability to fly up and engage the monstrosity on its own level. Before Dana could say anything, the red-haired Ars Magi sprung into action. In an impressive display of graceful acrobatics, she propelled herself into the sky and slashed at the Void with her blade, clearly aiming to slice off the talons restraining Astrelle.

“All right! Go for it Nicole!” Dana cheered.

The energetic Ars Magi was so captivated by the display that she almost didn’t notice the Void-serpent as it darted out of a nearby shadow with frightening swiftness and aimed for her throat.


Whirling to face it, she drew her Gladius in one quick motion and fired a blinding lance of luminous energy through the length of the vile creature’s body. Immediately, it dissolved into dark smoke, before even that, too, dispersed into nothingness.

“Penny’s hammer might be a bit more badass, but you’re pretty cool yourself, little guy!” Dana told her Gladius, while twirling the weapon around her finger and giving it a bright smile. “I gotta think up a really sweet soundin’ name for ya…” she added thoughtfully. “I just gotta find the right inspiration…”

Despite her current lack of ideas on that front, Dana was certain that the still-raging battle would provide precisely the insight she was looking for.

“Ta daaa~!” MDP cheered as she and Amanda arrived at the Sanctuary. “Pastel-chan and Magical Dream Princess are here to, like, totally wotally save the day~! (giggle!)”

Taking a moment to get her bearings, the hyperactive magical girl noticed that there didn’t seem to be much happening at the moment. There were a lot of friends here, but, as far as she could tell, no enemies had presented themselves. So much for her flashy entrance and cute pose…

“Sooo, like, what exactly wactly is going on heresie~?” she asked no one in particular. “Magical Dream Princess doesn’t see any meanie weanies to fight… And, like, yucky wucky!” MDP pouted, scowling as she caught sight of the slime Oros had brought back from the Overcity. “There’s, like, this icky wicky slimy wimy stuffy wuffy all over! Oh~! Like, Magical Dream Princess knows~! (giggle!)” she added, brightening up to her usual cheerful demeanor once more. “She can helpy welpy by cleaning this nasty wasty stuffy wuffy aaaaall up~! (giggle!)”

With that, she raised her glittering wand and conjured her Dream Barrier. In a flash, the area surrounding the whimsical magical girl was transformed into an equally whimsical dreamscape, filled with fluffy clouds, rainbows, shooting stars, floating hearts… and ice cream. LOTS of ice cream…

“Like, come on, Pastel-chan~! (giggle!)” MDP called to her friend as she conjured a large silver spoon and began shoveling the ice cream into her mouth. “Magical Dream Princess can’t finish this super duper yummy wummy ice cream all by herselfy welfy~! (giggle!)”

Dana watched with gleeful excitement as each of her friends faced the Voids in turn. She thought it was awesome how their unique personalities influenced their fighting styles, and she couldn’t help but imagine how cool it would be if they could all team up to face an opponent together. Their hypothetical foe wouldn’t stand a chance, and she giggled at the mental image of the five of them standing triumphant atop the corpse of an enormous Void. But wait… Voids didn’t leave corpses, did they? Well, that was slightly disappointing… Even now, Penny was proving that fact as she finished pounding her opponents into paste.

“Woo hoo! Go Penny!” Dana cheered. She was a little disappointed the tests were finished, but she also couldn’t wait to see what was next.

As it turned out, the next item on the agenda would have to be postponed as, without warning, a spindly limb whipped out of an alley and smashed Penny through a building.

“Penny!” Dana cried in alarm, her eyes going wide at the sight.

Thankfully, her bespectacled friend quickly managed to fend off the surprise attack, which revealed itself to have originated from a Void that was significantly more menacing looking than anything they had faced before.

“Guys, some backup would be really nice right now,” Penny called over the comm.

The officer in charge proceeded to order them to provide just that, but Dana was already in motion before they had even started speaking. Her friend was in danger, and she didn’t need an order to rush to Penny’s aid.

“Hang in there, Penny!” Dana told the bespectacled Are Magi. “We’re on our way!”

Transforming in a flash, Dana sprinted onto the battlefield. “Hey, ugly!” she called out. “Eat this!” Drawing her gladius, the energetic Ars Magi took careful aim and fired a beam at the Void’s torso. She didn’t expect the attack to have anywhere near the kind of effect it had on the monster’s lesser brethren, but hopefully it would at least serve to soften the creature up enough for the rest of her friends to finish it off.

Connie, Gaia, Mayra, Amanda, and MDP were just heading out to build sandcastles, when they were presented with invitations to a Christmas party, handed out by none other than Mariette.

“G-Gosh!” Connie exclaimed, surprised by the portal girl’s sudden appearance. “A-A Christmas p-party? T-That s-sounds l-like it c-could be r-really f-fun!”

“Wowie zowie~! You’re, like, totally wotally right, Connie Wonnie~! (giggle!)” MDP agreed. “It’ll be, like, super duper funsie wunsie~! (giggle!) And, like, Magical Dream Princess can invite her other wother friends too~! Karen Waren and Katie Watie don’t live in Penrose Wenrose, but, like, maybe waybe that cutie wutie with the metal wetal armsie warmsies will wanna come~!”

“I… Do not think inviting her would be wise,” Gaia cautioned hesitantly. “I know that fighting is prohibited here, but we still do not want to create any undo tension.”

“Awww… But, like, Magical Dream Princess thought she seemed really friendly wendly…” the childish magical girl pouted. Then her face brightened as an idea occurred to her. “Like, what if Magical Dream Princess promised womised to make her behavey wavey~?” she asked hopefully. “Would Gaia Waia be okie dokie with her coming thensie~?”

Gaia was honestly caught off guard by how plaintive and innocent MDP sounded. She still had trouble believing that this girl was actually Violet Covington, the refined heiress. Forced to smile at the strangeness of it all, the verdant magical girl slowly shook her head. “I suppose if you promise to keep her from causing any trouble…” she reluctantly conceded. “Who knows, perhaps your… unique way of doing things will allow you to succeed in creating an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence where others have failed.”

“Like, Magical Dream Princess will do her bestie westiest~! (giggle!)” the cheerful magical girl said, while giving Gaia a playful salute.

“A-And, like, m-maybe we c-can invite E-Emily, and Faith, a-and Hildebell! Oh! A-And Ronin and M-Miss Sakura, too!” Connie added excitedly, overjoyed at the thought of having so many of her friends gathered together. It would be just like the movie night, only better! At least, she hoped it would…

Those happy thoughts were swiftly dissolved a moment later, when Dan announced that someplace called the Penrose Sanctuary was under attack, and needed immediate help. The Dolphin proceeded to create a portal, and several of the gathered magical girls wasted no time in running through it. Connie herself was very conflicted about what to do. On the one hand, she had just escaped from a rather harrowing situation and had little desire to head into another battle. On the other hand, and despite her fearfulness, she didn’t want to simply stand by while people were in danger, not if she could potentially do something about it. Looking at their own little group, Mayra seemed content to remain at the beach and let Mariette handle things by herself, but Amanda told them that she’d be heading to the Sanctuary, along with the rest of her allies.

“Golly wolly~!” MDP exclaimed. “Like, Magical Dream Princess is, like, totally wotally gonna taggy waggy along with you, Pastel-chan~! We can stop those meanie weanies together wether~! (giggle!)”

“W-We’ll g-go t-too!” Connie found herself saying, although her body was shaking like a leaf.

“Connie…” Gaia sighed, while casting a worried look at her friend.

“Like, it makes Magical Dream Princess sooo super duper happy wappy that Connie Wonnie wants to helpy welpy,” MDP said as she placed her hands on the timid girl’s shoulders and gave her a really big smile. “But, like, she thinks you should stay heresie and have funsie wunsie with Gaia Waia and Mayra Wayra~! You’ve been through sooo much awful wawful stuffy wuffy already, Connie Wonnie, so, like, pretty please let Pastel-chan, Magical Dream Princess, and everybodywody elsey welsey handle wandle this thingie wingie, okie dokie~?”

“B-But…” Connie started to protest, before Gaia calmly began stroking her hair.

“It’s okay, little sister,” the verdant magical girl said softly. “I know your heart longs to help others, and that is one of the things I love most about you, but you have done more than enough. There is no need to fight every battle. Let us trust in our friends to deal with this problem, and use this time of refreshment they have so generously given us to strengthen ourselves for whatever challenges the future may hold.”

“O-Okay…” Connie conceded after a moment. “J-Just… B-Be s-safe, a-all right?” she added, looking at MDP and Amanda, her eyes filled with concern.

“Like, don’t worry about us, Connie Wonnie~!” MDP told her with a wink. “No meanie weanies in the universe could ever wever stop two super duper dreamy weamy BFFs fighting together for wuv and justice~! (giggle!)”

After striking a cute pose, the whimsical magical girl twirled around and skipped through the portal with Amanda, completely unconcerned by any of the dangers that awaited beyond.
@Majoras End An Amanda and MDP team up sounds like fun.
@Majoras End

That's kinda why I was curious about what Amanda was doing, lol.

MDP would definitely go if Amanda went, but if she stayed at the beach, MDP would probably stay too.

Connie would be afraid, but would still want to help (especially if Amanda and MDP were going), although both Gaia and MDP would probably be able to talk her into staying at the beach.

Plat's already told me that Mayra is staying at the beach as well, if that makes any difference.
@Majoras End Am I correct in assuming that Amanda is going through the portal with the rest of Maura's girls?
Another Nightmare Spec girl, huh?

And they're enemies of Maura's group?

This should be interesting...
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