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Welcome to my Bio, random person. Yeah, my name is pretty redundant (Polaris - North Star, North... well north.)

Things you need to know about me?

I live in the Philippines. I'm a student and life gets a bit hectic so please understand if I suddenly become more sporadic when it comes to replies.

I'm involved in a lot of fandoms (mostly anime) and as long as it gets my interest, I'll join. My range is from free to casual [or well, as long as I can get it from the post I'm replying to]. I'm more of a fantasy kid than a slice of life but I think I can join something like that. I'm not much of a romance writer so I keep myself to PG-13 and not exceed anything else.

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The Diner was getting fuller and fuller by the minute - with multiple additions coming into it. He took the last sip of his coffee as he observed what was happening. The person Sid was with earlier was concocting some sort of place with her, though it wasn't so silent that Garfield was sure everyone had heard a piece of the plan anyway. So this was someone they knew already? Garfield tried to comb through his memories in search of someone who had left long ago, but not too long that Price family wasn't present yet. Maybe it was around the same situation as Nathaniel here - the main difference being the one who came back was the kid and not the grandfather.

His attention was pulled away from the scene when Sid sauntered over to the adventurer by the counter who was seemed to be looking for the same things Garfield was trying to keep under wraps. Garfield didn't find them an annoyance to his job, just another person to look out after. As if the kids weren't enough with their frequent adventures out into the wilderness - they were fine, they likely were prepared anyway - but that's just what the job is. If an adventure gets a turn for the worse... well, it's all the better that Garfield is the one combing the woods instead of others.

It would seem that whatever Sid had told the adventurer was something they had found intriguing as they had quickly left. Garfield had half a mind to interfere but when he had turned to his companions, Nathaniel was growing more and more anxious by the second. Poor kid must not be used to big crowds. Garfield nodded. "Yeah, I'll just pay real quick and we can head over to the Mystery Shack yeah?"

With that, Garfield stood up and headed over to the counter and waved over the waitress to pay for their meals. As he took out his wallet, he gave Sid a nod. "Be careful out there you hear? Don't get into too much trouble." He reminded, as he always did. Better to be able to say that he had given his piece of warning than not. "And try not to scare them too much. No tourists is bad for business." He continued as jest as he paid the appropriate amount to the cashier and headed out. Before that, however, he whistled to grab the attention of those at the table. "If you kids need me, I'll be at the Shack. Amelia, we're prepping so whenever you're ready." He reminded before walking out of the diner. It'll be a hectic day but hey, whatever keeps the days interesting right?

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Unnamed Forest - ???
Hiroko nodded at Kaito, pleased with his introduction and a name to add to the face. She rolled her shoulders in a shrug. "Don't know. Can't remember anything." She admitted. From the confused reaction from Kaito, it would seem that he didn't know anything either. What a strange coincidence. Her hand reached up to the back of her neck, turning to the torii. "Can't think of anyone who can-"

Cut off by the final man in their group, eyes wide with surprise and horror as a gun was trained right at the man who held the light. Could it be that he was part of the group that decided to teach them a lesson? Though, from his reaction, some part of Hiroko's brain argued that he was probably just as lost as they were. But he was armed. And they weren't. He was up in arms and ready to pull the trigger at them. Hiroko had never been in a situation like this before. She's faced customers who would scream at her face for doing things according to policy or because of a misunderstanding. Those, she can handle with no problems.

But this? This was beyond her paygrade.

Most of her instincts were telling her to duck, take cover somewhere. But all around her were just grass and she doubted that the torii could cover herself fully. Besides, what's stopping the man from unloading an entire clip on them while they were scrambling for cover. Hiroko was itching to have something on hand to at least fight back with but she doubted a lighter would make a difference. The other man began speaking to try and defuse the situation. A brave choice considering the gun was pointing at him.

"We're just trying to figure out where we are so we can get back." Hiroko added, her tone a lot softer and more genuine than the flashlight holder. "We're not going to hurt you." Or well, she was speaking for herself for the most part. It wasn't like she knew any moves besides the basics to fight someone off with anyway.

Howard listened intently. Sounded like some good places to find some inspiration from. It made him internally regret that he didn't think of bringing some paints and would have to settle with his tablet. As much as he enjoyed using it, it provided the extra problem of battery life and he doubted the cave would have outlets for them. He'd have to settle with taking pictures and just drawing them at the hotel. It didn't provide the same experience but he didn't want this whole trip to be a waste.

Another man had approached, cigarette between his fingers. He moved away a bit, not preferring the smoke to stick to his clothing. A little ways away was another woman approaching, music bleeding through her headphones, and quite clearly listening in. Howard looked back to the island. Interesting group of people on the boat that was for sure.

"Looks like there's at least something to keep everyone occupied." He mused. Plenty of places to go around, plenty of things to do. Maybe the vacation wouldn't be too bad. He mentally began to check out what he could do. He wasn't all that tired so maybe he could walk around town for a few hours before retiring at the hotel. If he was lucky, maybe he could find something interesting along the way.

Jokingly, Howard added. "Hey, I hope the people in your town take kindly to strangers like us. Wouldn't want to offend someone and all." He doesn't travel much so he wasn't sure what the etiquette is when it comes to visiting small towns like this one. The old man seemed friendly enough but that didn't mean everyone else was.

Unnamed Forest - ???
Hiroko leaned over the balcony of her small apartment. The convenience store dinner disposed into the nearly full garbage bag to the side of her door. She took a drag of her cigarette as she turned her eyes to the sky - wondering idly to herself if there was anything else to do. Probably needed to get rid of that garbage bag sooner than later. Was there anything she needed to buy? Her refrigerator was practically empty but it wasn't like she cooked a lot and it'll just rot anyway.

Was it just her or were the stars glowing brighter?

Hiroko didn't get to think about it as the world tilted and she landed onto the ground with a loud thud, sprawling her lit cigarette to the side. "Fuck.." Hiroko muttered in pain as she rose to her fours. Grass and dirt? Wasn't she just at her apartment a second before? Hiroko sat up and looked around just in time for a flash of bright light to pass over her. She winced and just as quickly, the light pointed in another direction. Seeing black, she rubbed her eyes with the heel of her palm. Where exactly was she? Who were these people with her? What kind of situation did she find herself in now? Did some loan sharks mistake her for someone else and threw her and these people to their deaths in the middle of a- she looked around to confirm it - forest?

The owner of the light from earlier had spoken up about signal. Dazed but nonetheless knowing that cooperating with these equally confused people might be her best bet, she took hers out. Her face pulled back to a momentary sneer as the bright light of her own phone threatened to temporarily blind her. She quickly lowered the brightness before staring at the bars at the corner of her phone. It remained at a frustrating zero bars complete with the cross mark over the signal symbol. "None on mine." She responded as she stood up, dusting herself off before stomping on the lit cigarette that had escaped her mouth earlier. She didn't want to cause a forest fire with them in it.

A torii stood before them if a little worse for wear. She found comfort in the knowledge that they might not be far away from civilization if there was a shrine nearby. They just needed to find where said civilization was.

She turned back to the others, jutting her thumb towards the torii. "Looks like we might not be too far from a town at least... whoever threw us out here might have just aimed to give a message." Hiroko raised a hand to scratch the back of her neck. It wasn't like she had made any enemies. She paid back her debts if she had any and didn't cross any unruly territory that might land her in the wrong place at the wrong time. "I'm Ikazuchi Hiroko. Might as well get to know who I'm trekking with." She attempted at a light jab to hopefully alleviate some tension.
Mate I didn't even notice I'm playing the only female this time huh?
That five foot flat Hero of Might really went baseball star on that poor goblin, it was quite a fun sight. Not to mention, she also kind of crushed another's skull by just throwing a rock. That was amusing.
If anything, the main issue is me being on the other side of the world for consistent collabs. My apologies lmao
It'll take a while though because of timezone differences but we'll have it up as soon as we can.
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Roger, roger. We've already started the collab but the group could meet each other halfway maybe?
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