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Keeping It Real 2
~@13org (ADA), @Restalaan (DIT), @AzureKnight (NAG)~

"Knighty! Think I can win against large green girl?"
Ditzy Bethlehem

"Ditzy, I think she can beat you even if there were ten of you." Reed was all too happy to shoot down the Hobgoblin's hopes. "And it's Reed, Ditz. I'm not a knight, so calling me that will give people the wrong impression. But I might become one, though, if I get back to Ortus."


"To tell the truth, we were wondering if you were accepting new members into your band. As you can see, I'm a dragon, so I'd think I'd be a great addition! And my friend her may be small, but rest assured she can more than make up for it! So, what say you? Are they any empty slots you're looking to fill?"

"Hmm, and what about those two over there?" The Ogre pointed with her head at Ditzy and Sir Reed, the latter giving an awkward wave. "Are they shy or something? Although, I don't mind having a shy knight with us." She chuckled lightly at the last line.

"Regardless, we don't just let anyone join our crew. You gotta know how to throw down. I mean, really throw down." It appeared that fighting well was the requirement for joining. "Hell, we got this poet guy who wanted to tag along with us for the giggles. We bagged him up instead and hopefully, he'll fetch us a good price to a Leanan Sidhe or someone."

"So I'll ask ice dragon, can you and your buddies throw down?" The Ogre cracked her fists. "And how will you go proving that?"

The Great Horizons 3
~@13org (FYR)~

"We could maybe try to set an ambush? At least to take that dangerous thing away from him and take him to the authorities... Drag him if necessary... We will have to be careful with him as long as he is still armed though."

"You're right. We should stop that guy before anyone else gets hurt." Haley declared.

You and Haley followed Samuel into Tulisan Forest. It wasn't difficult tracking him down, his loud babbling giving his position away, nor was it difficult trailing him, his madness preventing him from noticing the couple. "Make it to Boreal Port... yeah, yeah. Don't care whatever that... monkey says..." Samuel took a brief moment to stuff some mud onto his mouth as he trudged forward.

Haley winced at the sight. Not wanting to continue this any further, she became impatient. "Freyr, got any idea on how to jump him? I mean, I can just tackle him from the air while you move to get the gun away. How about that?"

Samuel soon reached a river, and seemed ready to take a dip.

Help, Wanted 2
~@AzureKnight (VRA)~

"Or, I suppose you could look for anything in the room while I ask around. Stumbling about in some musty old room isn't my scene."
Vară Riemsianne

"Alright, I'll go take a look around and see if I can find anything." Neil agreed to the plan.

You went outside of the building and found three people lined on a bench by the side surrounded by guards. The first one was a fair-skinned middle-aged man, well-built and showing off his biceps with his sleeveless top. He had a stoic, serious face with a manly beard although he had no hair upon his cranium.

The second one was a beautiful woman whose fair skin seemed to shine under the sunlight. But her clothes were dark, and quite skimpy with her short shorts, a top that revealed her midriff and a feathered musketeer hat. You could sense demonic energy from her so she was probably a Dhampir.

The last witness was an aging man with receding gray hair that also formed into a small beard on his face. He wore simple farmer clothes and other than that, he had no more discernible features.

Which one will you talk first, or will you talk to all of them at once.

Uninvited Guests
~@Stern Algorithm~

"HEY! What's this? A couple of mischievous vermin?"
Vivian Altissima

The monster intruders were surprised and the Altissima sisters saw that there might be a dozen of these Devil Bugs and Giant Mice. After a brief moment of shock, they all began to flee in panic. "Eeeeek!" They toppled kitchenware and food containers. It'll be a while to clean up the mess they made, but the Liliraune had to get rid of the pests first.

Fortunately for the sisters, their vine managed to snatch the leg of one of the Large Mice. "Ahhh! Let me go!" She begged pathetically as she flailed around in a futile attempt to break free. "Help me out here, guys!" Alas, her pleas fell on deaf ears as the rest of her group have already fled into the hidden corners of the Guild headquarters.

"Ah! I know, I've got sharp teeth!" The Large Mouse pulled herself up in order to begin chewing on the vine holding her up.
The Journey Begins

~ Kyrnith's Grove ~

Nick dutifully followed the directions, taking him up a sloping trail until he reached a hill. The undergrowth of the forest soon turned into snow as he ascended and Nick soon arrived at his destination: A small grove with some sort of shrine sitting near a cluster of trees. The shrine seemed nothing special, just two slabs of rock with one standing straight atop the other. A clay bowl was there too with something burning in it. So that was where that faint smell of smoke came from.

There, he did indeed find the two girls that he saw earlier. There was another figure with them, an epically large deer with antlers so tall it reached the tree branches. That was probably Kyrnith. Nick wasn't gonna lie, the deity looked pretty damn awesome despite the simplicity of its appearance. There were also a lot of deer around them. Nothing really surprising about that.

The three seem to be talking and Nick got a rundown of what was happening to the Dawn village. It filled in the holes Nick still had about the story. Quite the trouble Dawn found itself in.

“ seems we have another visitor. Speak the reason you have come here, or leave.”

Nick gulped. Well, here goes nothing. "H-Hey there, Lord Kyrnith. Umm, my name's Nick and I'm a friend of Donovan's." He first introduced himself. "You know, the tall guy with the accent who agreed to help you? I, uhh, tagged along with his quest so I could have a chance to see you, but I guess that was sooner rather than later."

"A-Anyway, I was actually here looking for these two." Nick pointed to Nobunaga and Misaki. "We heard that they were going to help Dawn too so I came wondering if they're interested in a little team-up. The more the merrier, right? Four heads better than one, right?" He then turned to the aforementioned girls. "Hehe, right?"

"But now that we're here though, might as well ask this." Nick continued before anyone could speak. "I'll bet my sister that you already know that we're not from this world. We're brought here by someone named 'The Goddess' and I was wondering if you, like, know a way back?" He asked his most important question. He doubted that it was going to be easy. "I'll settle for clues or hints, by the way."

"Oh, uhh, since you're a deity and all..." Nick fished the strange, black diamond thing he found back in the courtyard where they first arrived. "Got any idea what this is?"

Blizzard listened closely to Radiant's and Medivac's reports. She let out a long sigh at the end, the team leader knew she had a lot of stuff to resolve. Although, she was glad she had a working team at hand and not everybody was lost to the storm that greeted them when they first arrived. "You all have done well under these circumstances. I'm glad your training in the Institute is paying off. Even if... none of what's happening is covered in the courses."

"There were two more of us but we lost them to the forest..."

"I heard the Soothsayer talking about how the forest was dangerous." Blizzard replied. "How is it exactly dangerous?"

"According to a contact we have in Riventor, there's a force in the forest that can induce vivid hallucinations to make people go mad and also make them disappear." Wu explained. "Well actually, he said that the forest itself is the one doing it. Either way, the strange happenings around here seem linked to Originium, called 'Cursed Rock' around these parts. Like Radiant said, we've lost Operators to it."

"We've lost Rex and we thought we lost you to it too since he was the one carrying you while you were unconscious. It was miraculous that we found you in this radio bunker. We have no idea how you got here." Ibon said. "We've also lost an Operator named Will-O-Wisp. They simply walked into the forest and were never seen again. Zasada, meanwhile, is still back in Riventor. Hopefully, the Archosaur's taking care of her."

Another long sigh came from Blizzard. "...This forest is something else, isn't it? And no, I don't know how I got here either. Hopefully, the 'how' doesn't become important later." She pinched her temples. "Anyway, you all did good going here before attempting any other action. Let's make this our base of operations and get the radio tower working. We'll try to contact any Haynek Operators still out there but most importantly, re-establish communications with Haynek Institute. Maybe request evac too since the situation is beyond FUBAR where I'm standing."

"We should split up: One group taking a look at the radioes themselves and the other looking for supplies or anything we can use in this facility. Any volunteers?"


The world of Lamalla is in peril! ...Or rather, was in peril.

Years ago, a Light Elf King named Feazon earned recognition in the world with his outstanding talents and tremendous skills in practically all walks of life. His prowess in combat was allowed to slay the great beasts in the wild, his proficiency in magic allowed him to master many arts in spellcraft and his charisma made him a peerless leader. All across Lamalla, he was respected and praised.

However, his fiery personality came with an arrogant pride and great vanity. It reached its peak when he demanded the power to create life from his patron goddess Amalya after years upon years of tribute and worship. The Goddess Of Light refused, saying that his deeds, though awesome, did not make him worthy of that power and that he already could create life same as everyone did. Angered by the deity's insolence, Feazon forsook Amalya and insulted Aylama before attempting to take his people from the lands of the Elves to a remote part of the world and away from the godesses.

However, most of his people were still Light Elves and refused to go with him. In an act that shocked Lamalla, an angered Feazon started killing those who would not follow him resulting in a bloody battle between Light Elves. This act was so grievous and unprecedented that Amalya was said to have wept for a year. Feazon emerged victorious and he sailed to an unclaimed land to build a Rogue Elf kingdom called Feazar, named after himself.

In his newly-built kingdom, Feazon attempted to wield the power to create life by himself. He found that he could not, but he did discover that he could twist healing magic in order to restore flesh and life to corpses. However, the revived dead were soulless husks and had no drive to do anything. The Elf king then experimented with illusion magic to make the resurrected think they were alive and were sworn to him. To this end, Feazon discreetly convinced some mighty but unscrupulous Dark Elves to help refine this twisting of the undead mind through magic. And it worked! The undead believed whatever their masters wanted them to believe.

Seeing how far he and his people have fallen, Amalya and Aylama sent prophets to Feazon to tell him to stop this corruption of magic and that should he apologize, he would be welcomed back. Still resentful of the goddesses, Feazon captured the prophets and held them hostage with the demand that the goddesses apologize to him. A stealthy squad of Wood Elves took the initiative to rescue the prophets but Feazon took this as an act of war.

Feazon and his fellow necromancers sent forth their undead legions against Elvenkind. Aylama called upon her children, the Beastkin, to aid the Elves while Amalya requested help from humanity whom several kingdoms answered the call. This gigantic conflict would soon be known as the War Of Feazon or War Of The Undead.

The war against the undead went well for a while until Feazon took the field. The Rogue Elf King was still a mighty warrior with a plethora of spells and a thousand strategies inside his mind. He won battle after battle, scattering the alliance of Elves, Beastkin and Humans. A stalemate then occurred, one that favored Feazon since every enemy he has slain was another recruit for his armies.

Desperate, Amalya and Aylama summoned a hero from another world, named Rex. Though this hero started out unremarkable, he quickly grew into a mighty individual with talents and skills to rival the Rogue Elf King. When he took the field, he turned the tide of the war.

Hmm, I'll fix the link soon but just know that the Ogre just looks like a normal MGE Ogre.
For The Cause
~@Rezod92, @Restalaan (YNG)~

"Kira Gigas. I'm a new member. Pleased to meet you. Judging by the weapons and armor you rebels are wearing, this caravan raid won't be a cake walk, huh?"
Kira Gigas

"Pleased ta meet yo' too, Miss Kira. Dat s*** be always nice ta have mighty monsters aid us in our struggle against our Varjan oppressors." Maria replied. "And ya be right, dis will not be easy. Especially dat our enemies will not be Varjans today."

"If it may not be too much to ask... May I be equipped similarly in those...Varjan armors? I'll need a disguise and there's no better than the enemy own."
Yang Bethlehem

"Of course! A strange request ta be shizzle, N' therez ain't nuthin' but feel free ta rap ta our quartermasta n' peep if we have armor dat can fit yo' damn body." Maria said. "Although, considerin' yo' damn fightin' style... Wouldn't armor hampa yo' damn movements?"

Once Yang found armor ta disguise her dirty ass wit', Maria showed tha two guild members tha battle plans. An intricate drawin' on da sand n' some rocks placed here n' there signified da terrain n' positions. "You peep, Varjo has contacted their muthaf**in' Orda allies fo' supplies n' weapons. Their muthaf***in' convoy gotta be goin' through da road ova here." Maria pointed at da road surrounded by rocky cliffs. Perfect place fo' a surprise attack. "We gotta ambush tha caravan n' take tha supplies fo' tha cause. Dat s***z a very simple plan, N' therez Ain't nuthin' but no doubt dat tha convoy gotta be heavily protected by armored knights n' maybe powerful mages."

"At da very least, us nibbas cannot let these supplies reach Varjo." maria declared. "A small detachment will be holdin' da road ta act as uh distraction n lowa da Orda forces' guard, da main force will descend from da cliffs n hit da convoy's sides." Da rebel leada finished. "You two can be part o da distractin' force o' da main group. All dat shiz be your choice. Us nibbas be also welcome ta suggestions."

The Great Horizons 3
~@13org (FYR)~

"Umm... Mister... Cubbage? We can take you to Boreal Port if you accept our help. They will be able to... take care of you there... I hope..."

Samuel waved his hands side-to-side n shook his head as da foo stumbled in his steps. "No, naw, naw. See, dis niba here wuz careless, suh. I-I understand dat nows. B-but I-I-I will! Dis nibbaa here will find paradise, dis nibba here will make all dat shiz ta boreal port! Dis nibbaa here will!"

"Listen, Mista Muthaf***in' Cubbage. Why the f*** don't we escort you--" Haley approached da delirious Samuel when da latta pulled out a small tool dat made da Siren recoil in fea n' put her dirty ass back ta yo' damn side. "Whoa! Whoa, easy wit' dat!"

Da s*** was a wood n' steel tool, easily gripped wit' one hand like what Samuel was doin'. Da s*** was L-shaped n' appeared ta have a trigga mechanism o' sorts. "Y-you stay away from me! Yo' two stay away!" Dude yelled at tha couple while carelessly wavin' his muthaf***in' weapon at 'em. "I gotta find me my f***in' Boreal port! I gotta."

"Thatz a glock, Freyr. I don't know if yo' know dat." Haley said. "Itz a very gangbangin' weapon. Dat s***z like a bow n' arrow except dat s***z small, loud, very fast n' tha arrowz as small as a pebble. Might not do enough damage ta us monsters, N' therez Ain't nuthin' but dat s***'ll still probably really hurt."

Samuel kept his glock trained on tha couple as dude began ta head back into tha forest, still believin' dude was goin' ta Boreal port. Dude cackled in madness, havin' trouble keepin' his walkin' straight n' soon lowered his muthaf***in' glock once da dude was fa enough. "Should we still help his ass? I mean, dudez gangbangin' n' all. What the f*** do yo' think we should do?" Haley asked her a******* lova.

@Dark Cloud

Not that hard a life, really. Everybody he would meet in the monster side would just be surprised that he's an actual monsterboy but will more or less treat him normally.

The standard way for coming to the Guild is Bart inviting the character some time ago. You can come up with anything as to why Vex was so late to come to the Guild. Or not and leave that all a secret.
@Dark Cloud

It's no problem! Liking your character so far, what help do you need for the background?
The Journey Begins

~ Dawn ~

"They went where?"

Nick just saw them a while ago! How could they have already gone? They sure were fast. Nick was told they went into the forest and towards 'Kyrnith's Grove'. He could hazard a guess as to what they would be doing there. Nick wondered if he should go get Donovan for this, but decided to head off on his own. He just needed to find those two girls, right? Surely he would not encounter anything untoward in the forest so long as he didn't go looking for it, right?

He thanked Haruno, especially for telling him the easiest path there, before quickly making his way to the forest. Hold on, if those two were meeting with Kyrnith, then this could be his chance to meet the deer god himself. The thought made him hesitate. Oh man, what was he gonna say? Does he ask the deity his questions first? Will it even entertain him? Or flat-out just smite him on the spot? Oof, that one sent shivers down the spine.

No, no, Nick told himself to stop worrying about it. He should meet with this Kyrnith before deciding what to do next. Nick approached the forest line and took a gulp of air. He was no trekker of woods, but he did escape from that prison-ruins place and had some success against those evil gooey creatures. He also had directions, so what was he really worried about? A lot, in fact, but Nick put those thoughts down and entered the domain of Kyrnith to search for the grove as well as those two 'Chagawan' girls.
~ Fort Daelantine ~

Interacted with: @VitaVitaAR, @FlappyTheSpybot

It had been a week since the incident with the princess, the Nem sisters, the necromancers and the Damon Cal. Little was gleamed from the prisoner about the conspiracy and the trail ended there.

But the Iron Roses would not have a chance to rest, many of their number were deployed as extra security to the castle and the royal family. The rest, meanwhile, would be called to action not long after. A messenger from Fort Daelantine arrived, dying as soon as he came, clutching in his hand a hastily-scrawled note calling for the Iron Rose Knights to come to the fort's aid. Fanilly selected a group of the remaining knights and quickly ventured out to Fort Daelantine.

Jarde was among them. In all honesty, he felt this was some sort of trap for the Iron Roses. One fell swoop to wipe out a number of their order in order to weaken them enough for a more decisive strike. As to who or why? Well, Jarde had not thought it that far. There was too few information to go on, after all. The only way to resolve that was to investigate Fort Daelantine itself, and maybe spring the trap should there be one.

"As we have little other information, we must proceed with caution."
Fanilly Danbalion

"We're not close enough to tell what happened. If there has been a hostile takeover, storming the gates is going to be pain, even with the help of Lady Radistirin or a mage... Captain, permission to scout ahead? If I take to the tall grass, I ought to be able to slip close undetected."
Maritza Verenna

"Allow me to accompany Lady Verenna, Captain." Jarde trotted his horse over. "As you know, scouting is my thing and dare I say, I have a much more... conspicuous form than Madam Maritza here. Err, no offense."
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