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2 hrs ago
Current That moment when your computer decides you've apparently had enough Internet for one day and just won't load webpages anymore. Good times, good times.
19 hrs ago
Freedom! My last shift is over and I do not have to return to work for a month.
1 day ago
Tonight is my last shift! Tomorrow starts my month long vacation and I am so excited to finally not have to worry about work for a little bit!
2 days ago
Lotsa April babies, geez. Why are there so many of us? My bf was born April 1 and I'm April 27 and there's like 10 other April babies just on this site alone. 👀
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3 days ago
Hnnnnng, I'm really worried about one of my crabs and I'm super stressing out over him. He's just not acting okay...


I've got lots of problemsWell, good thing nobody knows

currently a heavy work in progress!

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Heyo! I've already got someone that inquired, thanks for the thought though!
New plot has been added! Bumping this so it'll liiiiiive once more.
I'm reviving this shit. Looking for one or two more additional people.
This is probably gonna be a one-shot from my normal interest check, thus why I'm making a new thread. I'm looking for someone to do some rapid-fire roleplaying with me, someone who has a little too much time on their hands as of late. I'm itching to write and don't have a lot of options, so, yeet, I guess.

about me -
I'm 24
I'm also female, but I write prominently male characters who tend to be a little hot-headed and dominating, not saying I won't write as a girl, but you'd have to be pretty convincing. I like my boyos.
I'm an absolute sucker for romance and smut and this is what I am mostly looking for. Someone to write some fluffy cute bullshit with me but also some smut, because y'know, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what i'm looking for -
Someone with too much time who can reply at least once a day, though I would prefer at least twice, I'm just really bored, pls send help.
Must be +18, y'know, because obvious is obvious.
One to two paragraphs is more than enough, but I will never say no to more. I can easily write a 4+ paragraph reply in about 15 - 20 minutes so I mean, it's whatever. Hit me up, you dweebs.
I don't need in-depth character sheets. Name, Age, real-life face claim, that's it. Bing bang boom, ya got a character.

genres -
I'm mostly looking for Romance and smut, but the main genre can be Slice of Life, Modern, Fantasy, I don't even care. If I had to pick one, I'm kinda itching for more fantasy stuff. Do I have a plot? Not a single freaking one, this girl has fuck-all. I might edit this if I can come up with a plot.

If you happen to have a plot that you just haven't been able to find a partner for, feel free to drop it in my DMs, the worst that can happen is I'll say no.

Hit me up. I'm so desperately bored.
still looking for that one plot!
bippity boppity come rp with this chicken nugget
I'm actually somewhat curious about this. I just had one question before jumping in, did everyone start off in an apartment building? 🤔
bimp bump, still looking! ヾ(•ω•`)o
bumpity bump
bippity boppity boop
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