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They had a contest for the scariest mask / and I was the wild an daring one / who won the contest for the scariest mask / and I'm not even wearing one!


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So this was the Warren, was it? Spooky. Not exactly the most welcoming place, with its gouged stonework and its ragged entrance, but then again, it wasn't like it was supposed to be welcoming, not to civilised people, anyway. Still, it wouldn't kill them to put up a totem or a banner or something just to add a little bit of colour. But it was the Warren nonetheless! After all this time, all this exploring, she was starting to lose faith that the darn thing even existed in the first place! There are only so many false leads and wrong turns a goblin can follow before she starts questioning her own sanity.

The stories told her that dungeons like these were perfect places for creatures like goblins and kobolds and the like to gather. They were the cities for the uncivilised. Elves and dwarves and humans got to spend time in their fancy castles and palaces and towers, but monsters like her were forced to dwell in these nasty, damp, dirty caves. Of course, Eyes-Like-Gold knew nothing about all that. She grew up in a little tent village, the way a goblin ought to be raised. And besides, these dungeons couldn't be that bad, right? If they were, then why were the civvies constantly trying to break into them and raid them?

Well, whatever the case, it wasn't like she planned to live here forever. The dungeon was just a stepping stone towards her real goal: the orcs. Someone in here had to know about the orc warbands and where to find them; maybe if she was lucky, she might actually meet an orc inside the dungeon. That would be a turn up for the books, eh?

Well, there was no point just standing out here and hoping for it to happen. It was time to enter the dungeon! With a skip in her step and a whistle on her lips, Eyes-Like-Gold took her first step into the Warren, eager to face the challenges that awaited her inside.
@Noblebandit Want me to introduce your character?

Oh, yes please
I'm not sure how to start.
Hi! Is this character okay?

A good fantasy adventure sounds like fun! I'm interested!
This looks like it could be very interesting. I'd like to hear more details, but I'm definitely interested!
Definitely interested. Will put something together after I sleep
I'm definitly interested, but I'm looking at such an open map! I could honestly play as any of the major Westerners, or as Japan.
So is this kinda like a board game?
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