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Hello there! I am just a literate 15-year-old kid! Sure I am an accepting guy and I roleplay with anybody, no matter what age group you are in. I am from Sweden and my city is called: Norrkoping! Well, I love the town I am in currently.

Contact information?

Discord: nesymerp1#7100

I have, quite many ideas to show and mashup so how about we can create a story together! You may PM me or do a thread! I love roleplaying with new people! Nevertheless, my favourite subject is basically science and would like to become an astronout! Very tough job but I'm willing to work towards it!

Interested in some plots? Sure! It's in my interest thread. Also, we can remove elements and merge things as I'm very openminded. Though we'll have to talk and communication is important!

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Searching for partners...

Open to ideas: Fantasy? Politics? Science fiction? Hey! Don't leave me hangin'! I'm always lookin.

Searching for partners: Bumping this up again!
-- Bump -- I've done some plot polishing on the first page! ^^
I could probably! If you'd like, and you're still looking. Are you still into the things you want to RP or something different?


Bump! Searching for people to brainstorm the ideas.
Chapter 2: Something completely unexpected.

Nesy strolled around the streets and saw a bunch of fruit stands, even where you could buy clothes and what looked like souvenirs caught his eyes. "Come and buy!" They yelled. "Fresh apples!" One shouted; people gathered around and bought things from the people. The market reminisced him of the time where he bought things from retail stores, but this time it was by stands with people in front of them. The cobble buildings aligned with each other and they slithered through the crowded people in the cobblestone path like a corridor. "Hey kid! You look like you need armour!" One bearded man shouted over to Nesy. The salesman wore leather armour and certainly is specialised with sewing together leather armour for people to wear on the way out of the city.

"Sorry, dude! I am currently just looking around!" Nesy said. The salesman frowned but replied with a polite nod. The townsfolk were loud but enjoyed their daily lives around here and bought things they had to offer. At least people were kind and not chaotic like the world that differed from his. Nesy continued onwards as he went on to discover completely new things up close. Nesy thought that it was very cool to see new things because he could further learn about this wonderful world, or was he just being sarcastic? The grin on his face widened by the thought of such. Life went on despite Nesy's inexplicit existence in this world.

When he was done exploring this part of the city, he'd sat down on a wooden bench and pondered on. But then everything went into a huge turmoil as things began to turn to a completely different direction. "Die you, foolish little boy!" A familiar female voice was heard and launched a fireball towards Nesy. "HOLY SHIT!" Nesy jumped to the side as everything around him turned orange, accompanied by a scorching heat. The fireball missed, Nesy was quick enough to get away and the ball of flames incinerated the brick wall instead. Had he not dodged that blast, it could have turned out to be different.

Screams of people were heard into and everyone began to run around in desperate attempts to get away from the explosion site. Windows closed, and people jumped into barrels and hid from what was going to come. The atmosphere changed from a friendly environment to THE END OF THE FRIGGING WORLD! Nesy will never forget the fear and the fucking agony he had been put through that last second. It was the same damn female who he meet at the bar. "...OKAY!? ARE YOU..." Nesy yelled to the top of his lungs. Nesy was totally speechless over what she attempted to do, that was murder. "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?" His heart rate increased, sweat poured down his forehead and his body filled with fierce rage. A burst of maniacal laughter escaped out of psychopath who tried to burn him to a crisp.

"..." She stopped laughing when she saw Nesy was still alive. "...I certainly did not expect you to dodge that fast." The woman crossed her arms. "But I do give you the credit for trying to escape you, little runt!" When she attempted to conjure a ball of fire, she was interrupted by shouts of security that went over. Henrick was with them.

"WOMAN!" Henrick shouted to get her attention. "If you fireball this boy, I shall smite you down you absolute monstrosity!" He said while displaying a face of honour and gratitude to meet a worthy opponent. She burst into a round of laughter. "So you think you can defeat, a demon my boy?" She practically coed to him. "But I appreciate your bravery but I have unfinished business with the...Little kid here." She tried to not to be to formal of what she was going to do with him. "You're going to kill him aren't ya!" Henrick had to do something quick, he knew one possible option. "KID! RUN!" Nesy got the chance to run and the adrenaline just shoot to the top of the meter.

The woman fired a fireball but hit the corner of a building as Nesy made a sharp turn. "DAMN YOU MORTAL!" She tried to chase Nesy down but was hit with a bunch of bolts of electricity. She almost faltered to the ground but got up shortly. "AGGH!" She began to throw them against the mages that fired at her in the roofs. "YOU BASTARDS!" The woman dove down in front of Nesy's path. "...You shall die you pathetic mortal!" Nesy screamed as he narrowly dodged the fireball. "PISS OFF!" Nesy yelled at the woman.

Is this how his life is going to end? Never... He had to get to safety, and that had to be quick! The woman was catching up to Nesy and he could hear her coming closer. "...Stupid ABSOLUTE- NAAAZZZIIII!" Nesy got his eyes on a dropped sword on the ground and was quick to pick it up. His eyes locked to the woman who ran to him. "YOU DIE!" Before Nesy could charge, the woman was tackled into the ground by Henrick as he flanked her from the side. "Gotcha you little runt!" Henrick seemingly held the woman by the throat while she tried to claw him. "YOU HAVE NO HONOUR! NOT A SINGLE OUNCE OF JUSTICEEEEE!"

"GAH! LET ME GO YOU, STUPID KNIGHT! UEUAAAHAAAA!" A loud shriek escaped out of her and would be surely taken into custody. Henrick gripped Nesy's arm and pulled him out of the scene. "Nesy, you shouldn't be wandering along the streets by yourself. You are just a kid!" The man was very worried about Nesy, if he had been one second later then he could have seen Nesy dead on the ground. "...N-N..." Nesy's hands shook as he held the sword. Henrick saw this and looked quite impressed. "A man of honour should always hold a sword as a last resort." He roughed his hair and spoke. "You do not have to be afraid, but make sure to no get lost again." Henrick chuckled as the woman was taken into the dungeons. "AGH! LET ME GO!" The female's screams became distant.

The relief washed within Nesy as he could now be at peace for once after the woman was taken into custedy. Eyes occasionally pointed to him; What a strange boy. Strange indeed. Very strange for certain! Nesy became uncomfortable due to the large attention he got, so he tried to leave but of course, that didn't even help in the first place. They still stared directly at him. "...Holy shit... I could have almost died." Nesy repeated himself and wasn't so sure what was to come.

Henrick sighed, he moved his arm towards Nesy's shoulder and gently caressed it. "You'll be okay, Nes. I think you need somewhere to live and rest for a while." His eyes glanced to the sky as it was in the middle of the day. "However, I think you and I can do something fun. Let's go back to the Tavern ya? Maybe do something really fun." He offered Nesy the opportunity to have fun in once for a while. So, they went back to the Tavern.

They both went inside of the crowded establishment, finding themselves a seat around a rounded table for two people. Henrick and Nesy sat down in opposite sides of each other. "So Nesy! Want to play some cards?" He offered. Nesy thought for a moment while he pulled out a deck of cards from his satchel, they had cards in the medieval times?! Surely. "Sure!" Nesy couldn't say no to him, that would be pretty rude considering he saved him from that insane woman. Henrick nodded. "It sure takes your mind off things, ya." He began to place them on the table.

Nesy and Henrick played their rounds and the incident of the woman slipped off his mind after a couple of rounds of playing. "So Nesy. Where are ya from?" He asked Nesy. Nesy then scratched the back of his head, what if he didn't believe him? How was he supposed to know he was from Sweden? Nesy had to explain to him what happened. "....S-So. I am from Sweden." Stuttered Nesy, his eyes focused on the cards, placing one down on the table.

"What's Sweden? I have only heard of four kingdoms." Henrick didn't know anything about a country named Sweden. Only kingdoms there were are Saura, Ardogan, Lynexia, Xerota. Unless Nesy referred to a city named Sweden, which would be indeed an interesting name. Nesy then tried to clarify what he meant. "I'm from a highly technological dimension...Well, you could say I am from a different world. I was somehow sucked into this world--" Nesy continued to explain to the middle-aged man.

Henrick was impressed but had no idea about this stuff Nesy mentioned. So he let him continue. "It's a social democratic country, well I am a social democrat so. I live there pretty much, highly technological like any other country." Nesy mentioned Social Democracy and the man interrupted Nesy. "What's social democracy?" The man appeared confused around Nesy's political interests, of course, he was curious about others and what they believed in, it was to ensure he had righteous friends. The middle-aged man leaned back and placed the other card on the table. They continued to exchange cards and stuff like that, as the conversation went on.

Nesy explained, "Social Democracy is when the government provides with healthcare and free education. You have an expanded welfare state." Nesy continued. "When it comes to stuff like this. You regulate capitalism and that's by a free market economy with a government intervention with workers having a larger say in the economy and stuff like that. Social Equality with a higher degree with economic equality and ensuring that the government protects the rights of people. It is also when the people have a say in the government's actions as well! That's what a democracy is, representative or direct." Nesy explained to the man. Henrick nodded, very interested in his ideology and could agree on almost everything he said.

"...Equality? I love the idea when people respect each other and stop racially discriminating each other based out of their gender and all that." Henrick smiled at Nesy. "That's what I call a righteous man. One who doesn't care about gender, but cares about competence in society and everyone working together." Henrick could buy the idea into social democracy but he worried. What about the others? This was a very legitimate concern. Some people do not support democracy so Nesy had to play his cards carefully.

"...Kid, just be careful though. There are people who do not take a liking to you." The man gave him important advice on how to survive the idea of being a democrat. "I do love the idea of democracy, certainly solves a ton of issues." There were many things good with social democracy, he thought to himself. A smile on his face, he placed the card down on the table. "Well Nesy. Shall we continue playing?" Henrick offered. "Bring it on." Nesy said and his lips curved upwards, he was satisfied and continued to play cards with him.

Hey there!

I'm Nesy, at the age of 15 and I love creating and showing new ideas. I decided you were the best partner I could've found because why not?

I'm interested in politics as a roleplaying factor, isekai stuff too if you'd like, sci-fantasy, fantasy and medieval stuff like that. If you are interested, tell me! I'd love to talk more.
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