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Current Starting a Vampire the Masquerade campaign. Look for it in the TTRPG interest check section. I'm gonna be a story teller!
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I feel torn. On one hand, I'm bored, so I want to get into some more RPs. On the other, I know once the quarantine ends, I won't have the free time to keep up with all of them. Temptation is a B.
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I was a big darksouls fan. I've played all three of that line. Bloodborne seemed like the next step. Just didn't own a PS4... until now.
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Can't believe I bought a PS4 just so I could play Bloodborne.
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Go look at this thing I did:… Or don't. Largely neutral on the whole thing.


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Oh, and heads up;

Everyone is going to be needing a hunger check for the night. You won't have time to properly hunt before the meeting.

5 Uh oh! Jesse's feeling Hungry!
Alright, post up.

This latest one is a combination of Jesse's post and a DM post. While I don't intend to make it a habit of posting like this, things just turned out that this worked better.

Everyone, please state what time your character would arrive, and wait for everyone else to do so as well, before posting. I'll have everyone post in the order people arrive in, and we all will work together on a big collab-post of everyone having a conversation as the final post before my next DM post.
Jesse looked at the envelope, then cursed very loudly. He looked at it again, this time breaking the red seal. Once he read the letter, he cursed even louder. Getting on his bike, he would shove the paper into a side pouch, then bring the bike roaring to life with a swift kick. When the bike was nearing seventy down an old backroad, he would pull the paper out and feed it into the spokes of the front wheel, effectively shredding it and leaving it scattered across three miles of wet dirt and gravel.

While he wasn't one for politics, his sire was. They kept in regular contact, and while he never understood why, she had gone out of her way to teach him about something she called the 'Camarilla.' Most of the lessons he had completely ignored, more interested in what they had been doing while she had been talking. One thing he did remember, though, was that most other places in the world had a local group of kindred that controlled things, acting as a sort of government for vampires. Indiana was special, because it did not have one, and supposedly hadn't for quite some time. To his mind, a letter like the one he'd gotten could only mean that things had changed. A message on his answering machine, from his sire, only confirmed it.


The building was old, and calling it anything less than rundown would be an overstatement. Blacked out windows and the smell of vomit accented by stale piss all added to the notion that no a dollar to their name had been there in years. Out front, a very nice bike was taking up one of four parking spots. At least, it would have looked nice, if it had wheels and handlebars.

Jesse had been the first to arrive, having shown up nearly three hours ahead of schedule. He had spent his spare time waiting hiding in a nearby corner, taking the wheels and the handlebars off his bike. While there was a good chance it would end up defaced in this neighborhood, he intended to make sure anyone wanting to steal it would have to carry the damn thing. A nearby dumpster with a cockroach nest living inside made for a perfect hiding place for the spare parts.

Anyone showing up would see Jesse, wearing a black leather jacket and greasy blue jeans, leaning against the board that covered the doorway. In his hand would be a burning cigarette, though it wouldn't take much to notice that he never took a drag from it. Apart from the board, there was no obvious means of getting into the building. The board in the doorway was stuck there, quite securely. Jesse knew, because he had tried to open it. There was a rather large dent in the middle of the board, right at knee-level, to signify his attempt.
Ajax walked with the strangely colored elf girl, who never seemed to finish talking. At times, he had been forced to dart away from her, to scare off some potential predator with quick movements that signified he had seen them. He would then return, and she would go back to talking. While it made things more difficult than they needed to be, the little goblin was actually somewhat enjoying the conversation, as he had not had anyone else to talk to for quite a while.

After quite a while of walking, the trees would finally part and they would begin trudging over a discernable dirt path. Literal centuries of his master walking that trail to and from her camp had formed it into a decent enough walkway, if not a thin one. Once they had walked down the path for about ten minutes or so, though, the woods would all begin to turn to shoots of bamboo, thick and tall. Not long after, the tall, green stalks would part, and they would find themselves at his camp.

"We're here," is all he would say, speaking in elven, as he wandered towards a large fire pit. There was not much to the camp, at least in terms of comfort. A small shack off to one side had smoke coming from it, marking it as his place for curing meat. The fire pit he approached was easily big enough to cook a fully grown boar over, evidenced by the bones of one yet to be cleared from the roasting spit above.

Off to one side, there was a small lean-to, which seemed to house the goblin's bedding and most of his belongings. A brief glance inside would show he owned very little, all of which seemed like it could have been made by hand. The only exception was a wet stone, which appeared strangely thin. Held in a custom, wooden tool, the design was quite old but practical enough to still be in common use. Any the elven girl would have seen, though, would have held a stone at least ten times as thick. His seemed like it was one hard push away from snapping in half.

Apart from that, the camp held only one unique feature. Set off to one side was a clearing, that seemingly had no purpose. There were some small plants that looked to have once been cultivated surrounding it, though they had since overgrown. In the middle, though, was a single, very large, stone slab. Made entirely of marble, with black veins running through the pearly white stone, it was perfectly level with the ground around it. Spread across it, in an almost imperceptibly thin layer, was a trace of dust that formed the silhouette of a tall, elven woman. Nothing else marred the surface.
@rocketrobie2 Anything a vampire eats/drinks that isn't blood doesn't get processed. They throw it back up. If they haven't roused the blood to appear human with a blush of life, they do it immediately. That's why high enough humanity or various advantages letting a vampire just consume normal human food is such a big deal.
Good post; May want to give it a once-over on the grammar and spelling. I'll do my best to reply within the next couple of days.
@Limey It's a somewhat important rule in the system, at least in my experience. Fire is the usual go-to for destroying things, ranging from important notes to bodies. While you could always set the fire to burn, then leave before it got going, that runs the risk of the fire going out or not taking light at all. The general way around that is to watch it to make sure, but kindred can't do that. So, players are forced to find other ways to dispose of things, besides the easiest one.

It's an interesting mechanic, based in lore and general logic, that I think adds an important aspect to the game.

Anyway, good post!
@flopflop122 Please don't roll unless I ask for it, and I will tell you the outcome of any rolls you make.

She recognizes that the seal means this note is from a ventrue. Clearly, this is him declaring himself as the new prince. He's making a power play by showing he knows what she is and how to find her.
@flopflop122 Welcome to the game! Go ahead and mark that she has 1 hunger in her CS in the CS section.
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