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Megan Pendragon

Location: Camelot - Forest

Overall, it hadn't gone as horribly as she might have imagined. She had been the first one to bolt, as she knew that she didn't have time to sit around and wait for the guards to clear her (and she doubted they would, with the weapon she carried). She had been able to flee the city before the guards pursued, realizing only a bit later that others had dashed with her. A few guards had followed them, but one of the blonde girls had used some throwing knives to handle that situation, and it wasn't long until they were in the woods. Megan felt calmer in the woods. It was at least partially due to the smells - Camelot hadn't smelled fantastic.

Most everyone seemed to be accounted for - Megan honestly didn't remember the names and descriptions of everyone in the group, it was rather large. And right now, her memory was entirely focused on what had happened to Jack, trying to preserve every detail in a desperate gamble to increase the odds that her brother would be returned to them alive. "We can't afford to slow down. We need to find Jack before he's dismembered," she urged Merlin.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-blood: Dining Pavilion
Skills: Superspeed

Leda perked up, seeing her girlfriend. Kiera's vibrant red hair always made such a shocking contrast in winter - like fire and ice. She was extra pleased that Kiera was joining her at the Iris Table. They could have gone and sat at the Poseidon Table, but it was terribly lonely, and not nearly as vibrant. If people thought that Leda was a bit extra with her make up, she was relatively tame compared to some of her siblings. As a group, they always looked ready for a Pride parade. Leda's own plate was piled high with just about everything - eggs, bacon, toast, muffins, sausage, etc etc. "Yeah, I slept like a babe, what about you, luv?" Leda asked.

She then moved, a rainbow blur as Leda devoured the food on her plate. There had been enough food for seemingly a small army and a second later, the plate was practically spotless, aside from some crumbs and ketchup smears. Leda licked her fingers clean, somehow having not ruined her makeup with the feast. "Do you think it's too early to go grab seconds?" she then asked Kiera, entirely serious and not joking at all. As a speedster, she tended to burn a lot of calories, and thus ended up eating a lot. It was one of her least favorite things about quests - restaurants didn't have good prices for the appetite of a speedster, meaning that she only really was well fed when at Camp.

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Camp Half-blood: Praetor Tent -> Cohort Tent
Skills: N/A

"Aww, she's not too big at all - at least not yet. Can't help but wonder if she's a baby or if she'll just always be this size," Nancy wondered. She had a secret preference that Joanie wouldn't get too much bigger, it was a bit selfish as she was easier to care for like this, and she felt that Joanie would fit in with the Hunt and essentially be able to be a hunting dragon if she wasn't too large. If she got huge, she'd have to find somewhere to set Joanie free, let her spread her wings and whatnot and do whatever dragons do. Nancy sighed ever so slightly just thinking about it - and how she herself wanted to be free. She followed Mads out of the tiny tent and into the large one, where every cohort slept.

Nancy felt conflicted about that set up. It wasn't fair that the cohorts all had to be squeezed into one tent, while the praetors had their own. But at the same time, she couldn't help but wonder if having all of the cohorts together allowed them to bond and take down some of the bits that divided them. And without having the praetors around all the time, the Legion could relax and have fun - no one could have a rad sleepover with their parents around after all. Nancy raised an eyebrow, knowing that Niah had dodged the answer to the question. "Maybe it's time we revisit the options for sleeping arrangements," she suggested softly, so only Mads and Niah could hear. She didn't want to get people's hopes up.

Runa Johansson

Location: Helheim
Skills: Wicca

Runa bit her lip hard, as their situation went from bad to worse. Klara hadn't managed to make it to them without being noticed. And now, apparently, the gatekeeper was able to smell Runa. She hated the way that he called her the daughter of Balder - she had a name, after all - but what could she do about it? She didn't have any special powers. She didn't have a cat who could magically grow to the size of a tiger. She was just Runa. Runa gave Nadia a nod that she was okay, but her mind was scrambling, trying to figure out what to do. Maybe she had some sort of power from Balder, she could use it to help? But she couldn't even remember what Balder was the god of.

"What should we do?" she whispered to Nadia, hoping that Nadia had some sort of a plan. There had to be a way for them to get through this, right? Nadia and Klara had spent years training for situations like this, and that gave Runa hope that there was some foolproof plan they could enact. She just needed to let the experts take charge of the situation and it would all resolve itself. Everything would be fine.

February 17th, 2021 - 11:50 PM

It was a surprisingly tedious job to disarm terrigen bombs. The Mutant Underground worked together as a unit, disabling the many bombs hidden on the subway system. There had been a few close calls, but miraculously, everyone had survived. The most troubling part was just the sheer amount of time each bomb diffusion took - and once the bomb was disarmed, they had to figure out what to do with the thing, with their best idea being having Max open a portal for them to throw the bomb through and cross their fingers that tossing them into the sun wasn't problematic.

But finally, the end was in sight - they had ten minutes to go and just one bomb remaining - the one at the Lincoln Memorial. They hadn't encountered any resistance yet, and while no one had said it, pretty much everyone was expecting that the X-Cutioner would be at this final bomb. Everything would have to go perfectly. They'd need to defeat the X-Cutioner and disarm the bomb in ten minutes - or every mutant in the D.C. area would die an excruciating death.

The Mutant Underground stepped through one of Max's portals, arriving on the steps outside of the Lincoln Memorial. It was nearly midnight, and given that it was the middle of February, there weren't very many civilians around - just a few crazy college kids hanging around and chatting it up. In front of the gigantic statue of Lincoln, there was a single figure with their backs turned to them. Those who had gone to the Glitter Bomb would recognize the X-Cutioner.

Ben reappeared at Casper's side, having scouted up ahead quickly. "He's the bomb, Cassie."

"Wait, what?" Casper blurted out, ignoring his phone vibrating in his pocket - the caller ID said Maman. "How can he be the bomb? Is he made of terrigen or whatever? That's impossible, right?" he asked quickly, hoping that his ghost pal was somehow mistaken. Disarming a bomb while fighting a crazy guy with a fun(?) X-Men themed serial killer name was one thing, it was an entirely different thing if said serial killer was the bomb. But what choice did they have, really? Casper didn't need the power to see the future to know that they were on their own - his precious father wouldn't send his golden X-Men team here to deal with this, it was too risky, better to send the expendable mutants.

"You know those suicide bombers who wear the bomb? It's like that," Ben said. He then sighed. "I don't know how we're going to be able to handle this. It's too risky. He probably has a button or something that he just needs to push to activate the bomb early."

"Hey, Buzzfeed Unsolved, mind sharing with the class what your ghost pal had to say?" Havok asked, clearly irritated with Casper.

"X-Cutioner is wearing the bomb - like John Watson in the pool scene in Sherlock, except I don't think he'll be threatening to burn the heart out of us. Also, Moriarty is definitely in my fictional character fuck list. Like I'd let him put it in hard," Casper rambled. "Of course, I'd want it to be during a threesome with my babe," he then added, smiling innocently and goofily at James. Maybe the stress of the situation was getting to him - but also, this was Casper. He was always a bit of a mess.

"Shit," Veil cursed. She had them all cloaked at the moment, using the cover of invisibility to keep the X-Cutioner from seeing them. They only had one chance to get this right. She took a deep breath, trying to think through their options. Would Sapphire be able to freeze the X-Cutioner solid quickly enough? Could Max open a portal under the X-Cutioner's feet that would drop him onto the surface of Mars? Could Sunshine somehow grow stronger so rapidly that she could stop it all? Maybe Casper could channel Ben and the tentacles could take the X-Cutioner by surprise? Could Zarina take control of the bomb before the X-Cutioner could activate it?

Every plan required extreme speed and perfect efficiency - something they had never managed to pull off before. If only they had Glimpse - her speed and telepathy would have been incredibly handy here at the moment. The only advantage they had was that the X-Cutioner didn't know they were there yet. "We only have one chance to do this right. If he realizes we're trying to disarm the bomb, he'll pull the trigger. I think our best chance is having Zarina try to take control of the bomb away from him, but I'm open to suggestions."

Sunshine's anger was threatening to consume her, now that she was face to face (well face to back) with the X-Cutioner. She found it so easy to hate humans. They had never done anything good to her, everything humans had done just created more pain and suffering. And here, here was an evil human trying to kill innocent mutants just to attract the attention of the X-Men. She hated the X-Men too now, since they were willing to sit back and let mutants die. They were traitors, not even real mutants anymore in her mind.

"Maybe I make him so sick his fingers fall off," Sunshine muttered. She really wished that she knew more diseases, other than the basic ones. She was fairly certain there had to be some sort of illness that caused people to lose fingers, but her powers always worked better if she had a clear idea of what she was going for. The common cold? Easy. Some weird type of flu she'd never really heard of before? More complicated. "I say we just kill him. He can't see us. So, like, it'll be easy."

Guin Stark

Location: The Kyln
Skills: Telepathy, Electronics and Computers

Guin nodded slightly at Mary, taking a few quick and somewhat loud breaths as she tried to steady her nerves some more. She was feeling a little bit better and less hopeless, mostly since nothing terrible had happened to her so far. And if she didn't think about how Pietro had been shot and could instead focus on feeling denial, then the edge from that was off too. Everything was going to be fine - just fine. "I'm one with the Force and the Force is with me," Guin whispered, trying to pep herself up a bit as she followed after Mary - not that she had much of a choice, as Mary was dragging her by the arm. "I'm one with the Force and the Force is with me."

They then ran into a pair straight out of Narnia - a walking tree who kept on insisting its name was Groot, and a talking raccoon. Guin tilted her head slightly, studying what the raccoon was up to, probing the raccoon's thoughts telepathically to assist. She didn't usually invade other people's thoughts, but with her nerves and anxiety, she didn't care much about personal space at the moment. "Fucking A, an actual security panel," Guin said with a sigh of relief. She wasn't even shocked to find out that Mary could speak tree apparently. She was about to shove the raccoon aside to tackle the panel herself, when she got an idea. She looked into the raccoon's mind and saw that it was an expert at Nova Corps tech.

It was probably wrong on some level, it felt a little bit like cheating, but desperate times called for desperate measures. It wasn't really cheating, right? She could have taken the time to figure this stuff out, but she had a special gift, and it was wasteful if she didn't use it - and it wasn't like taking a copy of the raccoon's alien tech knowledge would hurt the raccoon or anything... She concentrated and started copying the information over into her own head, like transferring over a file, and she managed to get about half.

"Well, tell the raccoon that we're breaking out with him, and if he doesn't like it, my husband will rip his heart out," Guin told Mary. Her heart was still pounding furiously, and as she turned and saw Ed and Lance approach them, she couldn't help but feel happy but annoyed. She would have rather seen Pietro coming towards them.

Runa Baldurdattir

Location: The Kyln
Skills: N/A

Runa was not unaccustomed to being glared at by relative strangers - it was a common experience for her on Asgard, especially if she left her father's hall. Even in her grandfather's palace, the servants would look at her with distrust and disdain, certain that she was simply another Loki waiting to happen. No one could have such dark and evil domains without being similarly corrupt at heart, after all. The large central area was both underwhelming and overwhelming - her brother's prisons were much more aesthetically appealing, this place was cold and messy and unforgiving. She didn't care for it in the slightest.

"Do you have any inclination as to where Lance may be?" Runa asked. She was glad to know that Annie was nearby, but she wasn't terribly close to her. Runa didn't mean to seem heartless, but she had her priorities. She had one of her closest friends, Bethany, accounted for - and now she needed to have Lance similarly sorted. "I imagine they simply do not realize they need to restrain us to account for our powers - for which we should be fortunate."

Megan Pendragon

Location: Camelot - Streets
Skills: Self Defense

They were almost out of Camelot and Megan was eager to press on. She didn't want anything to slow them down, so as luck would have it, she was signaled out for questioning by the guards. When they asked her for her name, all she could think of was the Tiffany problem in literature - that the name Tiffany was really common during the medieval era, but it seemed out of place and thus couldn't be used in stories set in that time period written by modern authors. "My name is Tiffany. I was here to watch the execution, but as it appears to be canceled, I'm returning home to my farm."

Perhaps it was her unsettling nature, but the guard didn't appear to buy it. In fact, he grabbed her by the arm and started trying to drag her away. Megan was forced to make a choice - go peacefully or make a mad dash for the exit of the city. But with her brother missing and Camelot's worst detectives on the case, Megan decided that drastic times required drastic measures. She used her self defense skills to break free of the guard's grip and she ran, not stopping until she was beyond the city walls.

Skrull Prison Ship

"Yes, the Empress wouldn't be here - this is a ship for prisoners as far as I can tell," Anelle confirmed. She didn't protest though at the idea of Maria impersonating a skrull - something that Wasp picked up on instantly. Wasp furrowed her eyebrows. "Princess, can skrulls identify other skrulls on sight if you're transformed?"

Anelle shook her head. "No, we cannot. And the creation of a device that would do so is forbidden by law, as it would allow the Kree to expose us."

"So there's no way for someone to tell if you're the one giving the command - or if the Empress is?" Wasp asked.

"Only the universal weapon of the Kree accusers could," Anelle said. "Although it would be too dangerous to attempt to steal it from Ronan the Accuser. He's one of the most fearsome men in the galaxy and has killed more of my countrymen than you have tonight," she finished quietly.

The Wasp was formulating a plan. If they could get their hands on this universal weapon, it'd make their lives a lot easier back on Earth. The Kree couldn't be that bad, right? Besides, they'd have the element of surprise. The Kree wouldn't be expecting a bunch of Earth heroes to come and steal from them. "Do you know who the leader of this ship is?" Wasp then followed up.

"No, I do not... If I were to guess, I would say perhaps Criti Noll. She's a devout follower of the Empress and a religious zealot."

May 18th, 2021

Clint Barton's Homestead - Missouri: 9:00 A.M.

"Yeah, because a black guy in a van outside of the White House won't set off any alarms," Fury couldn't help but quip. He didn't like that it was true, but it was true. If anyone got a glance of him inside of the van, they'd instantly assume the worst and call the police. They'd either need tinted windows on the van or Fury'd make more sense to pose as a bystander, maybe at a coffee shop or something - or even just coordinating the mission from here on the farm. "I'm going to stay here with the others. I trust you on this op. And if my trust in you all has been misplaced, you motherfuckers will live to regret it."

"Not an EMP, man," Spider-Man commented, shaking his head at Oliver. "We, like, just had an entire moment about why EMPs are a bad idea - like an idea on the same level as not loving pizza rat."

"I don't like waiting until after the fact for a plan," Agent 13 grimaced. "It seems risky to put him back in the White House without having our plan for the convention ready."

"I get that, Sharon, but I don't think we have another choice," Falcon argued. "We can set up secure communication lines, and use these magic cats to make sure the skrulls don't replace him again."

"Flerkens, not magic cats," T'Challa corrected. "Magic cats are more of a Wakandan specialty," he joked, trying to lighten the tension ever so slightly. Most people expected him to be deadly serious all the time, the leader of a supposedly impoverished third world country, or an active member of the Avengers, or even part of the Illuminati. He liked to just be T'Challa every now and then, rather than holding the weight of the world on his shoulders constantly.

"Sounds like we've got our missions," Captain America summarized. "I say we finish breakfast and then hit the nearest animal shelter. Agent Sparks, if there's anything you need for your work, don't hesitate to ask," he offered, before holding out his hand for her to shake.

Bonnie couldn't help but wonder, after Mar-Vell mentioned that the Kree liked to send flerkens to different worlds, how many other alien races were meddling with Earth. Thor and all of Asgard was heavily involved - case in point, Raynor was at their table. The inhumans on the moon had meddled with their world. Thanos and the Black Order had nearly razed the planet. The skrulls were trying to take over the Earth. Loki's Chitauri had made a mess of things in New York City. And then, there was whatever was happening with her - something Bonnie still couldn't explain, something that terrified her.

Was Flynn even still alive? Was he out there in space, adrift, hopeless, and afraid? She couldn't imagine him afraid. But she hadn't been able to imagine James dying and he had been killed all the same. The universe was rarely kind to her when it came to matters of the heart. They hadn't even really discussed everything Flynn was keeping from her, with regards to what had happened with Wanda Maximoff's reality warping. And she doubted they ever would.

"I'm going to stay behind with Sparky, I think I'm entitled to that after all my time in a coma," Raynor bargained. He didn't feel like going to a bunch of animal shelters anyways. He doubted they'd be able to find a lot of flerkens, Goose seemed to be more or less unique, so even if they did, would they really be able to train them in time? He doubted it. But he wasn't going to mention these doubts, as he selfishly wanted to spend time alone with Sparky and not with anyone else.

"Well I am definitely going to the shelter!" Amelia chimed in. Hawkeye looked particularly tired, just sort of staring down at his food before rubbing his eyes slightly. Everyone was exhausted and starving, so most people went back to more or less just eating as they considered the finer details of what exactly they were going to get up to.

That was, of course, until there was the sound of a stampede coming from the stairs and three high pitched squeals of "DAAAAAAADDY!"

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-blood: Iris Cabin
Skills: N/A

Leda only spent about half of her time actually sleeping in the Iris Cabin - the rest of the time, she was in the Poseidon Cabin with her girlfriend, although she could've sworn everything in there smelled subtly like seafood. It was a very different experience. Waking up in the Poseidon Cabin felt like waking up in a sea bunker, whereas in the Iris Cabin, it was an explosion of rainbows and colors. Artwork adorned practically every surface, some of them breathtaking and others were the scrawls of little kids, but Leda loved them all - especially the glittery 'TASTE THE RAINBOW' someone had written on the main door.

She changed out of her unicorn onesie and got into a pair of jeans, tie-dyed Camp Half-blood t-shirt, and then put on a denim jacket lined with wool on top to keep her from freezing. She didn't always do her makeup, but today she took the extra time to do it, making a rainbow effect on her eye and then something similar for her lips. A lot of people would have called it 'extra' or 'over the top' but Leda didn't care. She gave a friendly wave to some of her siblings as she went out the door and started heading to the dining pavilion. Her stomach was growling and she was ready to speed eat at least 20 of whatever they were serving today.

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Camp Half-blood: Praetor Tent
Skills: N/A

Nancy had been getting up at the crack of dawn almost every day that they had been at Camp Half-blood. It was easiest for her to keep busy, fulfilling her duties as a leader of the Legion and working out the kinks alongside with Madalyne when it came to Roman-Greek relations. When she wasn't busy with Praetor business, she'd be practicing at the archery range, having accidentally become close to her Greek half-brother Zeke. She hadn't wanted to become close with anyone else from a practical standpoint, as it'd only become that much harder to say goodbye when she would leave to join the Hunt - assuming she survived long enough to do so. She couldn't in good conscience step down as Praetor and leave to follow Diana until the Legion was restored to New Rome. She had to leave them better than they were when she first took office.

This morning, she had already gone to the archery range and done some shooting, coming back to the tent due to the wintery chill - and so that way she could go to breakfast with Mads. Joanie's warmth was an added plus. Nancy was a child of the sun - she loved heat. "Always," she answered Mads. Nancy was wearing a pair of overalls over a purple Camp Jupiter shirt. "Let me know when you're ready to motor," she said, sitting up on her bed. Nancy put her boots back on and then scratched Joanie slightly behind the ears. She then pulled on a sweater, not wanting to be freezing once they left the tent.

Runa Johansson

Location: Helheim
Skills: N/A

Runa nodded, watching as Nadia scaled the ladder. She was right behind her so she figured that she would go on up next, since it wouldn't make sense to step out of the way for Klara to go around her to use the ladder. Runa moved a little faster than what would have been recommended, and as a result, she lost her grip on the ladder and fell. Her eyes widened and she screamed, reaching out and trying to grab onto something, anything - by a stroke of luck, she managed to grab onto a rope dangling from the bridge, the rope being the only thing keeping her from falling into the depths below.

Runa closed her eyes tightly, trying not to think about what would happen if she were to just let go - although, a nonzero part of her was tempted to just let herself fall, to let the void below consume her and kill her or whatever it would do. It'd be so much easier to give up. No one could ask her to save the universe if she didn't exist. She'd never have to worry about anything or feel sad - it was so tempting. But that part of her that wanted to give in was smaller than the rest of her, and Runa started trying to use the rope to get back up onto the bridge. It took her two tries before she was able to haul herself back up, and then use the ladder, moving all the way up to the top. She then sprinted as fast and quietly as she could, joining Nadia in the cover behind the boulder.
Ezekiel Kel & Nancy Parker

Location: Archery Range -- CHB

Ezekiel stood in the archery range, blessedly grateful that it was winter and he didn't have to deal with the noxious smell of strawberries. He wasn't sure what it was with strawberries but after moving into camp, he absolutely detested them. The smell, the colour, the taste. It was probably due to his work in the infirmary. The smell of strawberries mixed with the smell of blood daily and lives lost that he couldn't stand the smell.

As Ezekiel counted his blessings, he fired arrows into the targets, waiting for his half-sister from New Rome to show up for her archery lesson. He was still getting to know Nancy and what to make of her but so far she seemed kind enough. Ezekiel got along with most of his cabin mates it was just the other students, his cousins, that he had a hard time with. Ezekiel walked over to the targets and pulled arrows out, whistling a tune that had been stuck in his head.

Nancy walked into the entrance of the archery range, clad in denim overalls and a Rocky Horror t-shirt. Her hair was done into two braids as to keep it out of the way, and if it hadn't been for the expression on her face, she could have passed for a Greek demigod. She had a tendency to look a little bit angry at all times - she had a strong case of resting bitch face in other words. Slung over her shoulder was a magnificent glowing bow. Despite being half siblings, Nancy and Zeke didn't really look anything alike. "Earworm?" Nancy greeted.

Ezekiel glanced back when he heard a female voice but it didn't match the persons expression. Ezekiel always wondered if it was a Roman thing to be angry looking all the time or maybe it was just Nancy. He smirked at the comment and turned back to pull the last arrow out.
"Something like that. Whoa! Is that thing glowing?" Ezekiel dropped the arrows back at the line and went around to examine Nancy's bow with a child-like fascination. It was absolutely stunning and Ezekiel was completely jealous.

"Oh, yeah," Nancy smiled a little bit pridefully. She didn't know how to use it yet, but she was determined to become great at it - it was one of the reasons she had reached out to her half sibling for archery lessons. She wanted to prove herself worthy of the bow and Diana's interest. "It was a gift from Diana. It was Kallisto's bow."

"Wow, they must really like you. I meet Auntie Artemis on the last quest. She doesn't joke a lot," he noted and turned to face the targets. He led Nancy over to the line and had her line up sideways with it.
"Alright, do you know how to hold it?" He wasn't sure how basic the lessons needed to start but Ezekiel planned on go over everything with her. If this really was a gift from Artemis, then she needed to know how to wield it properly. Ezekiel knew all too well about that desire to prove ones ability.

Nancy shrugged her shoulders a bit awkwardly. She liked the idea that Diana really liked her - especially since Nancy wanted to join the Hunt once she had fulfilled her duties to the Legion. "I think so - which would be super very of her," Nancy admitted. "Although I think if I said that myself, it'd sound just a touch grody." She then walked with her half-brother over to the line and she lined up sideways, raising a bit of an eyebrow as he asked her if she knew how to hold a bow. She knew what he meant, but it still sounded a bit silly. "I've never shot a bow before, so no."

Nancy had an interesting way of talking. It amused Ezekiel and he smirked at her slang terms. He grinned at her when she said she didn't. Starting from scratch wasn't a terrible thing, just meant they would have to have more lessons. Then again, she was a child of Apollo and a demi-god. Her speed of learning and understanding was vastly different.
"Just wanted to check. All right so you will be shooting your arrow with your dominant hand so you need to hold the shaft of your bow with the other," Ezekiel said, pointing to the shaft of her bow as well as his before he demonstrated how to hold a bow.
"Oh, and here. This is a leather guard. It'll help protect your fingers and wrist from the arrows and give more support as well." Ezekiel handed her an old, worn leather glove to put on to her dominate hand. "Once you get comfortable with shooting, you can have one custom glove made for yourself. We also have braces for the bow hand if you want but the glove is usually the standard."

Nancy was used to seeing people make faces when they heard her talk. She narrowed her eyes slightly, debating whether or not to let out a little bit of her anger and rage, or let it go. She doubted that he knew what had happened to her, so she decided to let it go - this time. Besides, he was helping her to learn this skill and she didn't want to be taking archery classes for beginners with Chiron. That would have been embarrassing. "Right, got it," Nancy said, changing the hand she was using to hold the bow as she slid on the wrist guard. In the process, Zeke would be able to catch a glimpse at her tattoo - the words SPQR below the symbol of Apollo, with five thick black lines. "What next?" she then asked. An arrow had appeared already notched on the bow - another feature of the magic item.

Ezekiel notched an arrow onto his bow as he waited for Nancy to put on the glove. He caught a glimpse of the tattoo and eyed it curiously. He bore his own tattoos as well, Apollo's sun on his right upper arm and the moon on his left. The moon represented his mother.
"What does your tattoo mean," he asked curiously. "I have Apollo's sun on my right arm," he added and showed her. He grabbed an arrow for her but saw she didn't need it and grinned. That was a marvelous magical item
"Does it never run out or arrows?"

"Oh, this?" Nancy said, pulling up her sleeve more so Zeke could get a better look. She didn't mind showing it. "Everyone in the Legion has one. It's like our version of dog tags. It means I'm a member of the Twelfth Legion, a daughter of Apollo, and that I've served for five years," she explained. She then rolled her sleeve back down and turned her attention back to the target. "I don't know. I haven't used it yet. It felt wrong to just... play with it. Like I'd rather gag myself with a spoon than disrespect this bow."

Ezekiel examined the tattoo closer when she showed it to him and smiled. It was a neat tattoo with a story, Ezekiel liked that but it found it interesting that New Rome required them to be marked. New Rome was a lot more disciplined than Camp Half-Blood was. He leaned away from her when she rolled her sleeve back down and Ezekiel had her raise her bow with the notched arrow.
"I know what you mean," he said when Nancy spoke of disrespecting the bow by using it before she knew how. Ezekiel examined his own bow. It was wooden and older, well worn but well loved. Next to Ezekiel's guitar, this bow was his best friend and always reliable. "Alright so keep the bow up eye level, elbow straight and pull the string and arrow back with your pointer and middle finger. The arrow should be close to the side of your eye. Think of the arrow as an extension of your line of sight." As Ezekiel spoke, he did all the moves so Nancy could hear as well as see what he was speaking of. "You want to line up with the red as straight as possible before you tilt the bow up a bit. I find with my bow if I have it straight, the arrows will angle down. You also have to account for wind but there isn't much today, so we won't worry about that right now. When you feel comfortable, release your fingers and the arrow will fly. Let's get you used to simply firing the bow and see how many arrows that thing has." Ezekiel was also curious to see what happened to the arrows once they were fired.

"Got it. Elbow straight, arrow by the eye, tilt up slightly once aligned," Nancy summarized. She extended her left arm, keeping the bow steady as she pulled back on the string with her index and middle fingers. She kept her elbow straight as Zeke had instructed, the arrow near the side of her eye as she aimed at the target. She instinctively closed her left eye, and then aimed up ever so slightly, before releasing. The glowing arrow flew from the bow, embedding itself into the yellow ring of the target - a near perfect shot.

"Ah! Perfect Nancy. Auntie A would be proud," he encouraged her. "Load another and get comfortable with the idea of shooting. Watch the arrow as it leaves the bow and see how it shifts, then account for the movement so you can hit the center of the target. In a combat situation that likely would have been a kill shot still. In the red it would have been a serious wound but beyond that, just minor," he explained to Nancy.

"When you're using a bow in combat, what distance to you usually have?" Nancy asked, a rather practical question. Romans didn't usually use bows and arrows when it came to combat - only the children of Apollo at Camp Jupiter had been allowed to train with them and Nancy hadn't pursued that option when the opportunity had been available to her. Another arrow had magically appeared, already attached to her bow. She drew back, aimed, and fired - this time, the arrow ended up in the blue area and her left eye twitched ever so slightly in disappointment.

"On average about 150 yards. You could go up to 180 but 150 is a guarantee you'll hit the target," he explained to her. "Right now I'd prefer you just get comfortable to shooting but we can try from 150 if you'd like." Ezekiel knew better than to hold a woman back and if she wanted to try from further, he would let her try. Her arrow landed in the blue this time but Ezekiel didn't look at it as a bad thing.

She nodded, letting another arrow fly - they kept on magically appearing, seemingly not needing Nancy to do anything but want to shoot in order for one to appear. This arrow missed the target completely, instead hitting the tarp that served as a backdrop. Nancy narrowed her eyes and shot again, another miss. Her temper was starting to flare up slightly as she let another arrow go, this time hitting in the outer blue. "Goddamnit. What am I doing wrong?" she asked Zeke, her nostrils flaring slightly.

Ezekiel started watching Nancy miss and could see her temper flaring. He found her temper amusing which probably wasn't the best thing to say but he did have to tell her that the temper was getting in the way.
"Thinking too much, getting frustrated. As your temper flares, the bow will waver and therefore the arrow will miss fire. Try taking a deep breath, center yourself and your intention. You don't want to force the arrow to the target, you simply want to guide it. The bow is magical, I'm sure it wants to hit the target but your frustration is fighting it. Either that, or we can take a bit of a break."

Nancy's anger had always fueled her powers - the more the rage bubbled up inside of her, the more energy she could release in a scream. Being told to calm down and push away those feelings wasn't exactly something she had a lot of experience with - but she was willing to try. She took a breath, breathing in through her nose, as she let another arrow go. This one landed in the back. Her left eye twitched again, as Nancy then let two more fly, both of them missing. She could only deny her nature for so long. "Fututus et mori in igni!!" Nancy shouted at the target, cursing in Latin.

Ezekiel flinched when Nancy yelled out in a language he didn't know. He blinked a couple of times before he walked to the targets and pulled arrows out. He decided giving her a bit of space may be the best thing for a moment. He walked back over to her, examining the arrows for another moment.
"Let's take a break," he decided and set the arrows aside. Ezekiel didn't mind anger; it had served him well when he was younger and there were times at camp that it came out but overall, he had settled.
"Anger works for a lot of things but not for archery. At least not in my experience. Maybe try praying to dad about it. He might be more helpful to you."

Nancy snorted. "You really think he'd answer my prayers?" she scoffed, rolling her eyes. "He didn't even notice when I was trapped in a grody ass hellhole for over forty years. He cursed me. And his way of making up for it? Writing me a letter for the Legion, as if that changes anything. The only prayers he cares about are the ones stroking his ego. I guess it's different for you. Seems like he hasn't abandoned you yet."

"Ah, on the contrary. I am younger than you so it may seem like he hasn't but he has. The only thing Apollo has ever done for me was send me on two missions to fulfill his glory. Trust me, I have no love for him." Sure, he wished he was good enough to be loved by his father but all the gods were the same as far as Ezekiel was concerned. "What hell hole were you trapped in?" He asked curiously. And for forty years? Nancy looked to be about his age. Just how old was she?

She couldn't help but be surprised, hearing Zeke explain that he didn't love their father. She had assumed that he did with the tattoo he had. From what she knew, Greeks didn't have to have the symbol of their godly parent burned into their skin. It was comforting to know that he had an experience similar to hers - it was validating, especially after Leandra's campaign to point out Nancy's 'privilege' from being a child of Apollo. "...It's called the Lotus Hotel and Casino," she said, opening up to him. "Bad things happened to me there. Things that I'm not ready to talk to you about. And if you mention the existence of these things to other people, I'll scream your brains out."

Ezekiel smirked at the threat but it didn't mean he didn't believe Nancy wouldn't hold back. She had fire in her that was rather obvious and hard to ignore.
"I've heard of that place. It's in Vegas I think and like a day out here is a week in there. Forty years? Wow. Dad really is an ass." Ezekiel shook his head and looked over the archery range. "The only thing I'll ever thank him for is this. I was a scrawny ass kid who was beat up daily before getting my powers. Being here and having my mom safe, is all that really matters to me." It wasn't hard for Ezekiel when he made the decision to become a full-time camper. There was nothing out there for him and at least here he was something.

Nancy was a little bit surprised to hear Zeke talk about his mother. She hadn't thought about her own mother in a while. She imagined her mother was dead by now - Nancy herself was supposed to be in her fifties at this point, her mother would have been well into grandmother territory. Yet at the same time, she also couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of him. He sounded content, happy with his lot in life. Nancy was still searching for something to make her feel whole. She intentionally didn't continue the part of the conversation about Vegas. That was a place she never wanted to return to. "That's a healthy way to look at it," she said honestly. "But whatever strength you have, that's your own. It isn't our father's."

Ezekiel looked over at Nancy and smiled. He was starting to feel a kinship form between the two of them and he hoped that lasted. Ezekiel didn't exactly have any friends here, his own doing but it was nice to have someone who could relate a bit better.
"Thanks Nancy. Same to you. It sounds like you got a lot done without him. I know you want help with archery but I play guitar and write poetry sometimes if you do any of that," Ezekiel added. He didn't talk about his poetry much outside the Apollo cabin.

"That'd be rad, actually - I'm a singer," she added. She usually only sang to destroy monsters, finding that she could manipulate the sound waves to cause horrific explosions. She had blown up more than a few werewolves' brains that way. "If you know any songs from the 80's, that could be fun - I know some modern stuff, but those songs aren't as much my jam."

"I know a few Billy Idol and Cory Heart. My mother is obsessed but if you have the chords to any songs you like, I could learn them," Ezekiel offered. "I tend to gravitate to more of the Indy sound of today's music but I'm all for any excuse to have a jam session."

"Nah, that's alright. You don't need to learn the stuff from the 80's, although the fact that you didn't list Joan Jett there is actually a crime against humanity that must be answered in blood," she joked. She put her bow back over her shoulder, figuring they were more or less done with archery for the day. "How about you show me your favorite song and then I can ask you why it isn't Bad Reputation?"
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