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Current Sometimes I understand SaDiablo’s frustration with people around him a little too well, too bad I can’t hide in a luxurious office to avoid them too
3 days ago
So everyone’s just watching family guy rn?
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3 days ago
I’m so painfully bored
5 days ago
Usually a month, that’s more than enough time if they’re seen to be quite active elsewhere
7 days ago
I have a bad book hangover and have so many questions especially some in regards to a certain character vs another


Hello! I’m Rose, I love to cosplay, make short videos in cosplay, write, read anything you put in my hands to read, RP. I am just your average 22 year old who is attending school to eventually, in about 6 or 7 years become either a internal medicine Osteopathic Doctor, a DO, or Pediatrician, I decided I wasn’t too old to try pre-med. I am always looking for new rp partners so don’t be afraid to send her me a message if you have an idea for an rp

Some of my favorites:

- Korpiklaani
- Bear McCreary
- Dropkick Murphy’s
- Flogging Molly
- Seo Linn
- In-Grid
- AronChupa
- Caro Emerald
- Fever Ray
- Sabaton
- Parov Stelar
- Scythian
- The High Kings
- Wardruna
- Emilie Autumn
- Fleetwood Mac
- Stevie Nicks
- and many many others

- Repo! The Genetic Opera
- Tulip Fever
- Lady J
- Coco
- The Duchess
- Pride and Prejudice
- Emma
- Lord of the Rings
- And Many Others

Tv Shows (streaming included):
- Black Sails
- Alias Grace
- Eugenie Nights
- Versailles
- Outlander (except season 4)
- Turn
- Supernatural
- Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
- Santa Clarira Diet
- Atypical
- Agent Carter
- and many others

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Any chance to show off my personal gremlin aka my chaotic fur child...I’m in
<Snipped quote by LittleMouse>
Too bad. I've been looking for someone who could get as much into worldbuilding as I can for ages. Like just being able to craft a universe together with someone and spend endless hours analyzing it and finding new details to fit into the greater story would be amazing.

Still, if you ever feel like chatting send me a message and we'll see if we can find some common thing we both like to talk about.

<Snipped quote by LittleMouse>
I meant more along the lines of if you like doing it your self. In particular if you can get as excited about creating worlds and talking about them as I can. Because if yes... well that would be something indeed.

I more or less analyze other worlds and canon characters as I said, my rp’s are influenced by books or are full fledge fandom
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