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The grimace on Aerynne's face said all that needed to be told about her interest in going down the way of the path filled with screaming slugs. In all of her years of exploration, she never got to terms with her dislike of the many creepy crawlies that filled many ruins. At most, she managed to reduce it from an instinctive phobia to a level where she could deal with them if she had to, but now wasn't the time for that.

As such, she followed the strange duo with the exhibitionist and the feline girl down the left-handed path.

Aerynne took notes of the many life forms in the ruins. Sometimes, the powers that emanated from certain relics influenced the kinds of beings that lived near them, causing them to evolve and change in the strangest of ways. Perhaps if they could cross-reference that with some other databases, there was a chance to have an idea of what might be waiting for them.

Anyway, the fresh corpse and the duo's conversation pulled her attention away from her notebook.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't not overhear your conversation from back there," Aerynne said as she approached them. "Whether or not this is the work of wolves or anything else, don't you think it's strange they came down here when there's supposed to have only one entrance?"

"By the way, I'm sorry for being rude," she said when she realized she began talking to them without so much as introducing herself. "My name's Aerynne, a scholar of ruins. I'm glad I could find someone else who went down this route."

Oops. I've been busy the last few days and let this slip off my mind.

Anyway, I'll get a post here this weekend.

Another late-autumn day was coming to an end, bathing the streets of Mizukino in rays of madder red sunlight filtered through the shadows cast by the nearby mountains. A cold wind blew by, embracing all it touched in its gentle caress, and the people slowly returned to their homes.

By all accounts, it should be the beginning of a night like any other. Nevertheless, some threatened the peace the Mizukino usually enjoyed...

"Quick, collect the energy you can while we have time!" A creature that looked like a living jack-in-the-box shouted to its minions, who looked like small puppets made entirely out of shadows, in a shrill voice as they run around a small office building. All of the workers still left inside were unconscious, perhaps because of the faint translucent aura that enveloped it, a barrier to cut it away from the outside world, visible only for those who had any measure of magical power.

As they were commanded, the shadows went around the building, looming over the collapsed workers, draining some kind of energy visible as strands of colored light from them. The process seemed to be going slowly, but who could tell what would happen if they were left to their own devices?

"I can, of course. That's precisely why the Pageless can't be allowed to do as they wish!" The Noble Scheherazade said as he observed from the other side of the road. He had already called the protectors of Mizukino City, the ones he entrusted with the Grimoires that he recovered so far.

"Please, come quickly everyone. I have a strange feeling this isn't like the other times..." Hopefully, they wouldn't take much longer to arrive, every second counted when it came to the Pageless.

Here's the link to a Discord as requested, everyone. Also, the IC is already up and running, everyone with approved characters can post as soon as they want to.
Everything should be up sometime this weekend, if nothing goes wrong.
Clair took a breath while the others, or rather Thomas, decided to follow the noises coming from up into the castle's ominous spire. Given that they couldn't find any proper goods to 'borrow' around, she had no objection to that move. "Well, I guess we should get going then," she said, agreeing to him before following through.

Nevertheless, by the time the others arrived at their destination, she would be nowhere to be seen. It was almost as if an unknown force whisked her out of reality. Or as if something in the castle rejected her presence. Eventually, the blonde thief would be back to the bar just like everyone else, but for the time being she had her own problems to deal with.

Meanwhile, in her Throne Room devoid of gravity, Victoire finally figured the reason for her migraine. It had to be the Snake. She was sure that she saw it before somewhere else, but her memories were being manipulated by some unknown force.

"A stolen card? I don't remember anything about a... Ugh!" Victoire clutched her head harder as another bout of pain assailed her. She knew she had lost something to a thief, however even trying to think about this Card stolen by Annabel was enough to make her heel in pain.

Not only that, now she was seeing something... flashes of memory about... a tower? Something golden? What in the world could that mean?

Your character is ok. You can move her to the the CS tab.

You're fine as well.

To answer your question, like I said before, the characters have a common place to go to. So, it's expected the they know one another already, unless anyone is particularly new to the job. Even so, they would get to know one another after the first mission.

The only exception to that might be Seyrun herself because I'm still thinking how I'll use her.

There was mention of a potential discord server in the int. check. I didn't comment on it at the time, but I'm in favor of making one. I find they're useful for socializing with fellow RPers. S'pose it would be more about what everyone else thinks, though.

Nice. I'll get one up by this weekend, which is also around the time the IC is expected to go online.
Before I made my character, are we allow to make more then one character

Not for the time being at least. It's better for everyone to keep the roster to a manageable size.
As a side note, just so that everyone knows. The characters don't need to go all to the same school or anything like this, if you don't want to.

When the time for action comes, you'll be called by Scheherazade to go where it matters. Also, their usual hangout spot, or at least Scheherazade's home is an old bookstore. They can meet over there when needed.
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