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Hello there, I decided to do something more open forum. I will post down a few of my characters only basic info and plot line for them. Choose the one you want and PM me with ideas for what you would like.


Would you be interested in a Sci-fi Historical Croisssover RP?

Name : Katsura Akinori

Race: half Human

Occupation: Samuria Travler

-Tough like a wall
-Tough to read

-can't cook
-Doesn't relate to others well
-Isn't a human
-Constat hiding of himself
-Disinterest in many things

Master Skills : knowledge, Stealth, Magic
Other skills: katana, Throwing knives, Singing

Name : Matsudaira Morikata

Race : Human

Occupation : Samurai of the Edo Village

-Hard shell
-Doesn't find many things humorous
-Can be good hearted
-Honor and promise bound

-A little blood thirsty in battle
-Hard time understanding people
-Doesn't respect teachings of his old master

Master Kills : Katana, Archery, and Music
Other skills : Cooking, Writing, Knowldage

Name : Saionji Yoshi

Race : Kitsune Princess


-Fun loving
-Kind hearted
-Loves candy or sweets
-Loves noodles and spicy dishes
-Make people laugh

-Disobeys her Kitsune family
-Dushonors her linage
-Hates fighting and wars
-Hates bloodshed and pain

Master Skills : Magic and Ancient knowldage
Other skills : Archery and Song
Name : Uesugi Shige

Race : Human

Occupation : Samurai


-Good heart

-Brash and Bold
-Reckless and Selfless
-Hero complex {Takes it too far}
-Doesn't believe you need the honor to be worth something

Master Skills - Katana and Staff
Other skills - Cooking and teaching

Hello, I am looking for anyone who would like to do a Samurai RP with me. I would ask that the person that like tp RP with me can follow these simple rules

- More than a paragraph of a post

- Has some knowledge of Samurai history or Japanese history

- I don't really want to add any supernatural themes to it but it can be possible but RARE

- Be able to post few times a week, but I understand life comes first but if your gonna be gone please tell me.

-No godmodding, do not make your character impossible to hurt or wound takes the fun out of the RP

-Commincation is key, talk to me and we will figure out what to do about any problems.


# 1 Honor Bound: Two Samurais lose their honor, from different villages and families. They have to find their honor and regain it. They see work to protecting a princess of a village. They attend to make their honor restored, but only one can be restored if successful. But maybe...just maybe there is more to the princess then meets the eye...she is rather strange as well {Small elements to the suprnatrual}

# 2 {Modern day twist} A samurai BodyGuard: A girl has been bullied and mocked all her life because she enjoyed the world of the Japanese culture. She finds an old shrine one day and wishes she could be in that time period again. Unknowing she wished on a goddess of dreams and time shrine, the goddess grants her wish and she wakes up in a land she never thought was possible. But can she ever get home? and who is the man that will keep her safe from all the dangers she never faced before?

# 3 {Dark theme} Seppuku Curse: The curse of the ritual to kill oneself before being taken by the enemies. This became a curse to a family, the curse passed down to the elder child of each generation. But this elder son now doesn't want to die and doesn't want to kill himself. Sent to regain and find his honor in the world he faces great dangers and foes before him. Will he be forced to carry out the curse and start the new cycle all over again or will a woman....find a way to end the curse?

#4 The Plagues of the Kitsune: The kitsune race ran across Japan for many generations, tricking and destroying cities and dynasties. The daughter of a Kitsune god is set out to create another plague after the next few thousand years. Except she doesn't want to carry out such an evil deed. She finds shelf caught with an honorless samurai and helps him find his honor, but can he be the key to stopping the plague? he was sent to kill her after all....will either sides carry out the plan? or change the course of history?

If you read all these, PM with a picture of anything you find funny or interesting.
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