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No wonder I'm hangry it's nearly lunch time
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Shit, I been online that long. Did
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Does it matter where we MAIL you to deadwolves? Cause my vote is Siberia 😎
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Goblin: Your mother is a fraggin' aardvark!


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An abandoned mining town high in the Appalachian mountains has been home for a race of Vampires for nearly thirty twenty years. They live peacefully , living off the wild game, and perhaps a wayward lost hiker.
But lately, they have been invaded by a pack of werewolves, and not wanting to start a feud, a treaty was made between the two and the mountain was split in half.
This served well for many years, until the wolf pack hunted down and killed every animal in their territory.
Now their land is becoming barren and waste, no food to eat.
So a lone werewolf pup decides to hunt and kill on Vampire land, throwing everything peaceful into a chaotic nightmare of death and destruction.
For act of betraying the treaty, the werewolf pup was sentenced to death, but his father reacted violently and killed the vampire elder, thus begins the Night Wars.

@Kenshi No your not bad, you'd have an easier time if you had a laptop.

@Letmehaveone2 I was actually just going to have Umbril move into another room.

Yeah I know, but I wast3d all my stimulus money on crap lol
Maybe somebody will make someone who does, I have no idea though.

Only if Rainyhigh was that would be scary too tho
I know, but some of you could've gone for a room where there's a person that shares your fears. Look at Julius, he can interact with my Price if he wants.

Actually, it's not. However, it's been forever since I GMed.

I might be a little rusty.

But no one shares my fears cause I'm baaaaaad
Like our characters can't even interact. As a GM you job is to set up a base premise, and the players can morph the the story beyond that.

Bro , lighten up could be they're first time.

2 miss, or in this case, there are 2 zombies in Billies apartment room.
Z1 is in kitchen and Z2 is in doorway, stuck on door jam.


Reno sees Billie below him, peering in her window.

"Pst....Hey. what are you doin?"
Reno heard noise below him, someone screaming, then sounded like they fell.
"Zs must be on the fire escape, shit."
He ran over and looked down from the roof top, scanning the area below him.
Is that all there is? Just rooms? I'd like to be able to explore a world.

Gee I hope not, Ruzkra doesn't wanna be trapped in the room he's in, he'll commit death by paper cut lol
<Snipped quote by Overlord24>

If I can't use Zeus, what would be an acceptable alternative for a lightning based myth/legend?

What about Oya (Yoruban God)?

Try this out…
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