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Current Hey guys, don't catch the flu. It sucks! - PSA from your friendly neighborhood Targaryen
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Our father's were evil men, all of us. They left the world worse than they found it. We're not going to do that, we're going to leave the world better than we found it - Daenerys Targaryen
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Time and space - time to be alone, space to move about - these may well become the great scarcities of tomorrow. - Edwin Way Teale
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Ever make a mistake so bad, that it hurts every time you just think of it? Ever wish you could go back in time and fix everything so you didn't hurt the one who matters most? Yeah, me too.
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Hail Hydra!


Do not go gentle into that good night
By: Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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SOMETIMES always I’m a little dumb

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Don't sass me Inky, or I'll play a goddamn bird, just watch me

I’ll play a fuckin’ Gecko and sell you insurance. Just to one-up the bird~
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Generally I look less to a post's length and more to strength of characterization, high school-ish grammar expectations, rapport with other characters- that sorta deal. A well-crafted post with two paragraphs can provide more for myself and other players to work with than a novella that spends all its time chewing the scenery. Provided you're putting effort into it, you're unlikely to hear any complaints from me.

As for non-humans, there are a number of mythical and folklore creatures in and around the valley- most prominent are the Yokai, an umbrella term for a number of spirits and supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore. They'll feature in the game often enough, but I'd like for all the player characters to be human. Their journey starts with them as ordinary individuals entering into a strange, utterly alien world.

Sure thing! I think I might want to apply in for certain! I’m thinking either a Hunter, somebody related to the mechanic guy, or maybe even a Granddaughter of the Master of the Village (If you’ll allow a character like that!). Probably a bit naïve and pure, even among those in the village, due to a more sheltered upbringing/being a bit spoiled!

Either way the setting seems awesome and I’d love to join~
Hey! I really like the concept of your RP so far, and I’d love to voice my interest!

I do have a couple of questions though!

First off, is that I’ve never been in an Advanced Section RP before, I usually write like high-level casual, so I just wanted to know if you had length requirements as well or not? (I average 3+ paragraph posts and I’m usually pretty good about spelling and grammar. Sometimes it slips, but I’m only human).

Second question, are there any sentient non-humans in the world/village? Such as elves, orcs, or the likes? If I’m going to be honest it’s because my knee jerk reaction is that I’d like to play a Catgirl/Neko or something like Au Ra from Final Fantasy, but I totally get it if that’s not an option.

Apologies for questions if they seem dumb at all!
Hi am interest but you knew this
Keystone City, United States, Earth
Jan 1st, 2020 - United States of America

"Bit fancy for a meetin' to make friends ain't it?" The man spoke, looking around the rather stark office he found himself standing within. Of course, none of this was particularly bad. After all, powerful friends like these were how you moved up in the world. With that, he found himself rather surprised when he looked across the table and could only see... a figure. The man who had scheduled this meeting with him sat there, dressed in a suit much like any of those billionaires one might see on tv, yet it was impossible to discern his features. Still, in the world they lived in after that damned explosion, he couldn't really find himself being surprised by such oddities. "Some might say that, Mr. Cutlip. Though those same people would also find their friendships lacking. After all, giving people like you a glimpse of what we can achieve together, that's how you make friends, wouldn't you agree?" He asked, with a tone that one could practically hear the predatory smile upon his features, even if you couldn't make it out. Reaching out, the man picked up a glass with a very familiar brown liquid inside and swirled the liquid once before bringing it to his obscured features and taking a long drink. "Take a seat, Mr. Cutlip. You strike me as somebody would like to do business rather than sit here and exchange pleasantries all day." The man said, his tone suddenly slipping into a more professional and emotionless tone. Without waiting for the gangster he had invited into his office to respond, the man once more began to speak.

"I'm sure you've noticed, times are changing out there. With the explosion creating metahumans, those metahumans then causing such... disruption in society, then to flying women foiling bank robberies." He began, chuckling a little at the visible recoil from the gangster across the desk from him at that last comment. "When times change, the strong adapt to this new world and thrive, while the weak die. You, my friend, strike me as somebody who stands among the strong." He said with that predatory tone once more making its way forward. "Despite all the fear your... kind have been feeling. The pressure from those sudden deaths in your... frankly criminal endeavors. Despite all of those in your circle being killed of by some strange force, you still had the strength to strikeout. I can respect that. The man said, pausing to admire the way his praise washed over the other man like a wave, and visibly made him more receptive. Excellent. He thought to himself as he reached up and pressed a button on his desk. Behind them, a panel in office walls started to pull away, revealing a screen behind it that lay dormant for the moment. Though before attention could be drawn to the screen, the obscured man once more began to speak. "However, I think you won't survive this transition. Your gang is small, and while skilled, you lack the manpower or the hardware to hold on in these changing times. Certainly with self-righteous metals like Sol flying around so suddenly. Quite frankly, I think you and yours will be smashed like a bug under her boot." He said firmly, moving then to hold up a finger and silence the comments coming from the enraged gangster's mouth. His mere presence in the office enough to silence the man, despite Cutlip's tendency to back down to no others.

"That's why I am here, Mr. Cutlip. I can offer you a way through this storm, a way that will see you and yours coming out on top of whatever state this transition leaves us in. I want to help you, Mr. Cutlip, because I believe you are among the strong and have what it takes to survive in this new climate." The man said, finally pausing to let the gangster respond, though he already knew what the response was very likely going to be. People such as Cutlip had a hungering thirst for power, and even hinting that you could give them that very power was enough to leave them foaming at the mouth. To bring them closer to eating out of your hand. As he finished these thoughts, the gangster's reply came rather quickly. "An' how do I know you can even give me this power of yours, or that I need it?" Came the gruff reply, despite the fact that the body language very clearly betrayed that he was interested in the offer. "Good question. How about I show you what I can offer?" The mysterious man replied, gesturing towards the screen behind them as it flickered suddenly to life. Displaying a scene inside of what appeared to be a garage where one of the local triads was having some sort of meeting.

”Breakfast sounds great, Mal. What are we going to ha-" The girl said, trying to wear as much of a smile on her features as she could, for her newly alive-again friend. Though she was cut off mid-sentence by an eruption of sound to her rather sensitive ears. Sounds which likely weren't picked up by her present company, as they weren't yet able to hear as much as she. Sounds which Kara knew well enough at this point, and knew what they entailed. Her eyes shot wide as she gestured a small wave towards the two. ”I'll need a raincheck. Something's happening." She said by way of poorly worded explanation. Then in a sudden blur and blast of air, the girl rocketed out of the house (though she was careful to not destroy things). Moments later, she had already changed outfits into something those who had seen the news might recognize easily and was soaring high above the city streets. Scanning the area, she identified the source of the sounds as being on the other side of the city. Gunshots, screaming. Sounds that betrayed a rather large fight going on in her city. Immediately, the girl was blasting through the sky and shortly after slamming to the ground in front of what seemed to be a rather unremarkable garage from the outside. Curiously, there didn't seem to be damage to the exterior of the building despite the violence that had very clearly been happening mere seconds before she had arrived.

Undeterred, the young heroine wasted no time in making her way to the large garage door and forcing it open with minimal effort. Making her way inside, the girl stopped as something seemed... off. Looking about the room, she noticed it after a few moments. The reason for the lack of signs of damage. Hanging in the air all about her, bullets that had already been fired from their weapons hovered as if they were on pause in some sort of film. As her gaze drifted further about, she noticed shards of glass floating in the air and debris from the shootout that had clearly been happening moments ago. Yet none of it was moving, just... hanging there. ”What the hell..." She muttered softly, making her way further into the building as she listened for any sign of somebody being present. Still, nothing. Each room she entered was just more of the same, signs of the violence from before, and debris from said violence hanging in the air. All about, she also noticed oddly shaped scorch marks on the walls, as if there had been a fire or explosion. Still, not even the hint that there had been a single living soul in the building could be found. Following the trail of debris, which at this point was starting to increase as it seemed she grew closer to where the fighting was happening before everything stopped, she was eventually led to the yard behind the garage. As she opened the door that led out into the fenced-in yard, Kara stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes shot wide at the absolute carnage in the yard. Unlike the rest of the building, the yard was anything but barren. All about there were broken forms, and stains on the ground she was certain had once been bodies.

Moments later, after Kara had finished losing the contents of her stomach all over the ground, she looked about in absolute horror as it was immediately clear that the bodies all belonged to one side of the fight. The bodies were torn apart and very clearly not taken down by the massive amounts of gunfire that she had heard. That something had taken them out, and they had been fighting against it. The girl turned to leave, now knowing that there was nothing here for her to do when she noticed a particular detail. Just to her right, the remains of a body sat in front of a scorch mark on the building's wall. The mark matching those she had seen earlier, as it became abruptly clear that all those scorch marks inside had once been bodies. Again, the girl felt tempted to lose the contents of her stomach, even as she made her way back through the building. With a simple mission, she pushed the bullets out of the air, and to the ground. Where if everything suddenly resumed, they would not go flying and hurt somebody. Then placing a call to the police, she took off and went about as high into the sky as she could. Searching for the silence and peace that would allow her to think to herself for a long few moments. To sort her thoughts on what she had just witnessed.

Watching as the screen flicked off after that suited broad had flown offscreen, Cutlip turned back towards the man across from him with eyes wide. "You're the bastard controlling those freaks killin' us all?" He demanded, seeming incredulous as the man behind the desk chuckled. "Correct. And I want to help you fill the void that will be left behind. Having a friend who controls the scene will help my... ah, business ventures. We're going to make a lot of money together, my friend, and we're going to kill that caped "hero". Do we have a deal?" He said, standing and offering his hand to the gangster sitting opposite him, who stood and shook his hand with a devilish grind. "What do ya want me to call you?" He asked the strange man, who responded with a simple reply. "Benefactor. Now let's discuss how we're gonna get eyes off your people after that robbery, and how we're gonna clear out the competition.

Kansas City, United States, Earth
Jan 1st, 2020 - United States of America

"Understood. Executing." Came the clinical reply, as the figure wearing an entirely jet black armored bodysuit. Nothing, not even the face could be seen as every ounce of skin was covered by the bodysuit. Looking down on the massive protests filling the public park, the figure quietly observed as they waited for the tensions to rise to a suitable moment for their objectives. As they waited, the figure crushed the device they had been using to communicate mere seconds before. Watching as the police pressed towards the protestors, seemingly trying to force the group to go home and disperse, they noticed that the crowd seemed to pull back for but a moment before charging back towards the line with a deafening roar. Stopping before they met and seeming to decide that they were going to hold the line until their point was heard. The shouting and chanting from the crowd far drowned out the shouts and bullhorn-enhanced calls of the police forces to head home. The energy and tension seemed to be ebbing and flowing with each pseudo-clash between the two mighty forces, now seemed to be just about the time for the plan to be set into place.

The figure that had been on the rooftop just a moment before, was gone in the blink of an eye. Where they had been standing, debris was kicked off from the sudden launch. Were somebody looking at the path the figure took, they would see a blur of movement charging across the distance between the building they were on and the two goliaths that were the opposing crowds in the park. The blur, of course, moving significantly faster than anything should be capable of doing. Before one could really even register that there might be something more than a trick on the eyes, the figure had broken in past the lines of protestors and police forces. Stopping for half a second behind one of the riot shields that made the line of the police forces, the figure raised a simple black pistol, then was gone from sight once more as they sped away. Meanwhile, the plan had been set into motion. The loud report of a shot being fired ripped through the air and stilled the whole confrontation for a few moments. As both sides stopped in shock at what had just happened in those few moments, silence began to settle, though it was quickly disrupted by a distressed scream as one of the protestors fell to the floor, dead from the fired shot. With a mighty roar, the protesting crowd surged onto the officers opposite them, who themselves were caught with confusion over the fired shot. Though this soon turned to panic and fear of the oncoming crowd, as they retaliated in kind. The plan had been set in motion quite firmly, as the formerly peaceful protests escalated into violence.

Meanwhile, the figure, the catalyst that had started all the violence stood in a nearby alley, ensuring that the situation played out as they had intended. Very quickly, as both sides descended onto each other in a fury, the figure nodded as if satisfied with how it all played out. Moments later, they were a blur once more, tearing away from the scene of the crime. As the figure fled, they stuck closer to the sides of the road and alleyways, thundering past with little care for who or what might be nearby. Tossing aside the weapon they had fired into an alley, the figure continued their retreat. Not paying attention to the fact that the two sitting on the nearby bench, a man comforting a small, blind, girl might've noticed the blur that disturbed the debris in the street or the sudden emergence of an object from the blur. Which in kind, slammed into the building near their bench and crumpled into an unrecognizable shape from the force of the impact. The mission was fulfilled, and if the sounds of chaos or slowly rising smoke was anything to go off of, the plan was going perfectly.

Kansas City, United States, Earth
Jan 1st, 2020 - United States of America

"That is definitely smoke rising! What happened with the protests!?!" A feminine voice shouted at the three men walking around her as they tried to escort her back to her home in Kansas City. Looking about as confused by the situation as she could be, the young head of Nakamura Industries that was Fumiko Nakamura practically pleaded with her three guards to give her some sort of explanation. Yet she received no answer, which struck her as a bit odd given that her guards were usually a bit chatty with her whenever she was around them and hadn't attempted to ditch their protection. Though they did not go very long without an answer, as soon after that one of the men stopped walking and produced a firearm, shooting the other two in the back with efficient shots to the back of the head. Letting out a small squeak of surprise, the young girl turned quickly and stomped on the attackers' foot, taking off in a dead sprint down a nearby alleyway to try to get away as the whole world suddenly seemed to have caught on fire.

Then abruptly, she was slammed into the wall of the alleyway by a wall of pure force and heat. Crying out in pain, as her entire chest seemed to combust, she collapsed to the floor and found herself staring at a small sphere across from her. It lay open on one side where the blast had clearly originated and had a familiar Kanji symbol on the side. The symbol of her company. As the world around her faded, the young woman had enough of a moment to realize that she had been assaulted by her own technology, and likely was going to die to her own product. What a waste.

She wasn't sure how long it was, but eventually, she found herself swimming to the surface of consciousness. She was in a large room, with tables laying mostly barren and the room barely lit. To her side, she heard an electrical humming and looked over to see a car battery in operation. Its cables? Well, they were hooked directly to... herself? Letting out a panicked cry she went to sit up but found a firm hand on her shoulder, keeping her there. "You're only alive because of that, I wouldn't young lady." The voice said, firm yet gentle. "You've got shrapnel in you, I couldn't get it out of you. Doing that would kill you, as it's too close to your heart. Try to rest, you'll need your strength. Our captors aren't the nicest of folks." The man said, even as the girl weakly looked at him, and asked him a simple question. "W-who?" To which the man looked up across from them suddenly as the door to their room opened, and a harsh light doused the entrance. "I fear you're about to find out." Came his reply, a look of genuine pity on his face as the girl weakly turned her attention towards the silhouette entering the room...
Sophia Andersen ("Titan")


Thea Queen "Arsenal"


The door of the lab seemed to swing open as she walked in, before she let it swing back and click shut behind her with a familiar tone. Looking down the white walled hall, however, Sophia blinked for a moment as she noted the presence of a security guard sitting about halfway down the hall. He seemed to be reading a book of some sort, but as he glanced over at her in turn the cyborg felt a ping of the familiar in her mind. She only had a moment to process things, however, as the man quickly dropped his book, jumped up from his seat, and jogged over the short distance to get to her.

“Miss Sophia, you’re alive?!”


Mark had been a member of the security staff, albeit had usually stayed for just the long night shifts back before the incident. This meant they had run into each other a lot at times, though in the end he’d become kind of a fatherly figure in her life. Usually they’d before just gab about everyday life somewhat, common and basic things, though at times she’d talk about her work and he’d talk about his many years once spent in the military. Nothing complex, thank goodness, but the older man had ultimately become a work friend of sorts.

Or however one could describe it. Frankly speaking, she didn’t feel the best for words at the moment. Though her body did go tense as Mark grabbed her shoulders and looked her over, a look of concern on his face before he stepped back. Mark’s face seemed to wash over with some sense of relief, however, as a long sigh came out from between his lips.

“I’ve seen good people go down to less than we saw ya’ like that night, Miss Sophia, but hell...didn’t think they’d put ya back together this well. Feels like some top-grade prosthetics in ya’ arms there.

But last ah’ heard was your family callin’ to say that your father had taken over ya’ care, and you’d check in whenever you were in the right shape.”

”I...after that night...yes, my father did step in to help. It’s all...complicated to say the least. I’ve been a long time wanting to get back here though,” the younger woman admitted, struggling to regain composure before she finally managed to push out a smile and a finally coherent string of words, ”Wondered if my desk had been cleaned out already to boot.”

Mark lightly shook his head back and forth.

“Well, you’ll wanna’ go see things yourself, ah’ believe. Don’t wanna hold ya’ up in the meantime...but feel free ta’ stop by for a chat if ya’ need, ok?”

Sophia felt her smile drop at the mention of ‘seeing things for herself’, though her smile would somewhat return at the offer to talk. Not like she could say everything that was on her mind, though she didn’t have the same binding legal issues as her family members in such a case, but it was comforting to know she had some kind of ally here still. At least so far.

With that, the younger woman gave a hasty nod before quickly taking off deeper into the facility.

By the time the young woman was passing the Cortex, STAR’s central hub, she would be greeted by the the harsh sound of a not-so-patient man’s voice turned in her direction. ”You’re late.” Came the words spoken by the owner of that voice baring not an ounce of sympathy or other emotions towards the girl. The man who spoke, a rather attractive man wearing a business causal getup with a suit jacket over it, and an unmistakable scowl on his features could only be one man, Harrison Wells. Sophia’s boss did not seem particularly relieved to see the girl, though most would chalk that up to his… poor bedside manner. For every bit of breathtakingly genius that was Harrison Wells, there was an equal amount of ego and grating personality.

Next to Harrison, another stood. A girl a bit shorter than he, with green eyes and platinum blonde hair kept at around shoulder length. She wore a full business suit, and made the look work rather well. Despite being so young, she looked every part the multi-billion dollar business woman she portrayed. Her gaze shifted to Sophia, then back towards Harrison. ”And who is this, Dr. Wells?” The young woman spoke as she looked over Sophia once more, her gaze a bit critical as something seemed… different about her. The girl seemed about her age, yet the woman just knew there was something off about her. Though she was taken from her thoughts as Dr. Wells spoke up, in his typical tone. ”Somebody who is six months late for work.” He said, as the woman looked at him wide-eyed for a few moments before turning and approaching Sophia with an outstretched arm to shake her hand. ”So she’s been missing since the explosion, hardly can blame her. She might’ve been injured.” She said as she stopped in front of Sophia, and suddenly lines of text appeared across her vision. ”Dr. Wells aside,” The woman said as a small grin grew on her features and she figured out what had been bothering her. ”Allow me to introduce myself. Thea Queen, I just recently purchased STAR Labs, I’m afraid I didn’t catch your name?” She said in a friendly tone, trying to feel out how Sophia might react to her presence.

Sophia, on the other hand, immediately flinched at the sound of Dr. Wells’ voice. It was not the first time being berated for something she had no control over, but at the same time at least the man hadn’t burnt her at the stake. Whew. Though at the same time, she felt somewhat curious about the well-dressed woman before her. Thea Queen, she had said? The multi-million dollar businesswoman?!

”It is my pleasure to meet you, Miss Queen! I am Sophia Andersen, a...member of the Engineering department,” Sophia said, taking Thea’s extended hand and shaking it as she hastily moved to get her composure back once more in the face of her...well, both her old boss and frankly her new one.

Yet as she shook the other woman’s hand...

’Alert: New External Integrated System Detected. Initializing cursory data scan.’

...Wait, what?!

An internal alert from her systems rang out in her head, a type of notification that she’d at least become familiar with when becoming adjusted to her ‘new body’ over the last months. However, this was much more than a basic notification. Data then ran by her vision as she looked back at Thea, a slight surprise momentarily watching over her face as what her systems were saying was more surprising than just getting a message.

Though even as their hands came apart once more, the engineer did her best to straighten her jacket and keep up some air of formality.

’Cursory data scan completed.

Analysis and Comparison of result data initialized.

Shifting to background processes.’

”And yes mam, I have been in intensive recovery for the last several months. Was working next to the accelerator when...ahem.

A-Anywho! Apologies for my severe lateness!”

Before Harrison even had a chance to comment on her being late, Thea held up a finger in his direction. Causing the man to fall silent, more out of surprise that somebody would be so bold. Immediately after, the young Queen turned her attention back towards Sophia. ”Don’t apologize, we understand. Though, if you wouldn’t mind Sophia, I think I might ask Dr. Wells here to run some tests on employees returning who were exposed to the blast. To test your health, and of course what it might’ve changed in your DNA.” She said politely, offering a friendly smile towards the other girl. After all, she already knew Sophia’s secret. But she wanted to hear the good doctor’s take upon Sophia’s current state of being. ”After that, I think we shall bring you back to your former position. If you are interested in keeping said position, Sophia?” She asked, keeping a careful eye on the other girl.

In a heartbeat, Sophia’s face turned pale upon hearing Thea’s request. Wells was enough of an asshole, but how much of an ass would he be when she was...revealed? Albeit his new boss was ultimately seemingly ‘like’ her in some sense of the word. Had mechanical bits in her at the very least, that much the metahuman could tell, and not wanting to take chances she would assume the woman might have figured out from their handshake as well. Maybe. That or she was overthinking it all.

But all that work to appear normal, just to get back here, and then this?

The younger woman let out a small sigh. Life was going to keep pitching her those curveballs, so now she had to learn how to come to bat again.

”I am indeed interested in keeping my position, so I will submit to the tests of course.

This being noted, however, if I may speak somewhat more boldly...I would like to request to speak with you later, mam, about a matter or two.”

Rubbing the back of her head, the engineer conjured what strength she had to make her own request. It was hard enough in front of Wells, due to old habits, and frankly her new boss seemed keen to get information on her current state. Not exactly calming overall, but if she had to do this to keep her job she wanted to ‘talk’ to her new boss. Really ’talk’ about things, as it were, as both seemed to have a similar nature that piqued her own curiosity...and concern.

Thea looked over the woman for a long moment before a small smile grew on her features. Sophia had somehow managed to find out that she also had tech inside of her, Thea concluded. That seemed the most likely reason an engineer would be interested in talking with just the businesswoman owner, certainly when Thea factored in the knowledge she had of Sophia. ”Generally, the engineers don’t tend to want to speak with one in my position. But I respect it, Miss Sophia. I’ll meet you back here once Dr. Wells finishes his tests. I suggest you get started on them, however, we’ve got much to achieve here at STAR and I would love to have you back in your position.” She said, her tone betraying that while the words made it a suggestion, Thea was more telling Sophia to let the tests be run at that very moment. Then turning and walking away, Thea quickly made her way to a viewing room that had one sided glass. With the intention of watching the tests go about and figuring out of what this girl was capable. Particularly, if this girl might either be a threat or an ally in the coming crusade she had planned.

The engineer seemed to think for just a second, before giving a nod back towards her new boss. Wasn’t any use in complaining, and she’d already accepted having to deal with Wells for the tests for the sake of a job and talking to this other woman. What was she? Someone augmented due to that night’s incident like herself, an alien from outer space, something else? Perhaps the next to last thing was more ‘out there’ by a longshot, but the human imagination never ceased to leap out there. Based on the data from her readings from not long ago, though, it wasn’t like they both didn’t know what was up. Probably.

Sitting behind the desk in the executive office within STAR Labs, Thea patiently waited for the engineer she had met earlier to arrive. Normally, this would be Harrison’s office for typing reports and the likes, but he’d agreed to let her borrow it for her chat with the engineer. Especially when she offered him an early day as a thank you for the favor, as the man had been eager to get home to his daughter. Hopefully, the young business woman would not be kept waiting very long. She was itching to get out of here, not for business purposes, as the young entrepreneur had been planning on stopping by where her Brother was staying in Central for a surprise visit.

Eventually a knock would come at the door, however, as the now lab-coat-wearing Sophia’s knuckles rapped on it. There was a certain added gravity to it, however, something more than just bone and flesh. Usually she’d knock more lightly to sound ‘normal’, but in the case of her boss’ new boss...well there was little need perhaps to hide that bit right now.

Looking up from her phone, where she had admittedly been idly playing some stupid tetris knockoff, the Queen looked towards her office’s door. ”Come in Sophia, its unlocked.” She said, loud enough for the woman to hear as she readjusted her posture to look more the multi-billion dollar business woman she was. ”We have a bit to talk about, I think. We found some stuff in your tests.” Thea said firmly, as Sophia would enter the office.

Sophia knew something was coming when she stepped into the office, politely closing the door behind her and facing her boss as she was addressed. More so than any reactions Harrison might have had during her ‘inspection’, as it were, this was the big matter. The elephant in the room. The fact she was basically a walking talking cyborg girl with built in weapons...and that her boss seemed to be something like that too. That she was confident in for sure by this point, after further analysis of the data she’d gathered.

“I would think so, to tell the truth. Though did the test confirm what cursory data you might have gathered back there yourself?” she responded, running on her assumption and praying silently that it was correct as she fell back into a ‘polite yet inquisitive scientist’ sort of demeanor. She didn’t want to be a total fool, nor did she want to seem too...ah...passive? Yes, that was it, ‘passive’. Either way she was nervous though.

Thea raised an eyebrow at Sophia’s own responses to her. ”Bold. Considering I’m your boss.” Thea said with a light hearted smile. Then gesturing towards the seat opposite her desk, Thea spoke again. ”Come on, sit. Don’t make me feel all awkward with you standing there.” She said as she waited for Sophia to comply before continuing. ”Answering your question, yeah. It did. You and I aren’t so different, though I have a suspicion that more of you is machine than I. Though what it did confirm only gave me a few questions that I want answered.” She said as she came around the desk to sit on the edge facing Sophia. ”So I’m not gonna waste time. How were you made, and how long ago?” She asked, digging to see if a certain similarity in origin might exist between the two of them.

The woman sat there in the offered chair, though it didn’t make it any less nerve-wracking in some part as her boss grilled her a bit. Even if the initial tone was lighthearted, the matter of fact was that her new boss was understandably curious. At least it seemed like that. It almost felt like there was something more in that question of her origin, though, but even the scientist was curious about Thea’s own origins in turn. get info she had to give it, to be fair in this instance.

“How i was ‘made’?” Sophia said, a light shiver running visibly up her ‘spine’ as the memories of that night bubbled back up into her mind, though even so the woman generally did her best to hold a proper composure in the face of it all, “Well, the memories aren’t pleasant...but I have a perfect recollection of them due to my current state. Can’t say if that is a blessing or not.

I was following one of Harrison’s engineers around the inner ring of the particle accelerator, being told what to look out for and help tweak things and perform repairs as needed. A general tutorial on booting up and keeping the accelerator running, that was all it was supposed to be.

Then a warning alarm went off, and we ran over to a location on the accelerator to try to figure out what was going wrong. But when we got there...boom.”

She made a gesture with her hands, mimicking an explosion as a grimace wrote itself into her face. It was unpleasant to remember, unpleasant to talk about. Bah. It had happened a time ago, and yet she could project it from her first-hand perspective with crystal clear imagery if she’d wanted to.

“The engineer with me got turned into a pulp right in front of me, and what intact mass remained of my body got shattered on the inner wall. Point-blank. Ground Zero of the explosion. Whatever energy release occurred, though, it mutated my body at a rapid pace, more rapid than those who were farther out than myself from what information I know.

I thought I was dead, and I felt so cold I couldn’t tell how much of me was ‘left’. But that was when whatever I mutated kicked in, absorbing the debris, the remaining ‘pulp’ that resulted from the unlucky parts of me, and remnants of the particle accelerator and facility around me.

By the time they dug me up from the debris left outside, I thought it was a hallucination. They were as shocked that I was any bit alive still, and just ‘clean’ the space around me was of debris and such things.

From there my mother begged my father to help, since the doctors at the hospital couldn’t do anything and had no idea how to care for me, and my father had me taken off and pulled his company’s resources to care for me. Ever since I’ve been learning how to use my new body to somewhat of an extent at least. Could only leave once I was able to go about in public ‘looking normal’ again though.”

With that, Sophia gave a sigh, letting her appearance shift back to its true form for a few moments before shifting back to her ‘human’ look. However, after all of that recollection she definitely didn’t feel the best. She could handle talking about it, and in this case somewhat had to just take the leap, but even so something had always felt terrible about that night. Like a monster under the bed.

As Thea listened patiently to her story, she nodded along to show that she was, in fact, still listening to the girl. ”So you were created by the particle accelerator exploding. Interesting.” She said softly, mulling a thought over in her head before focusing on Sophia. ”We were created under different circumstances, but I think we can help each other.” She then said, having reached her conclusion.

”I’m going on a bit of a crusade, so to speak. The circumstances of how I came to be… what I am now, are different than yours. All that concerns you about it is that I have a friend still stuck in that mess, and I’m going to get them out.” Thea explained, pushing off the desk and walking to the door, gesturing for Sophia to follow her through the labs until they were once more at the cortex. Striding in, she gently tapped a button on the main console, and the room transformed. Monitors that were showing scientific data from various experiments now switched to be monitoring the city. The back wall slid away to reveal a secret compartment with three mannequins set up, one bearing a hooded red costume and bow. Clearing meant for storage of said costumes. Another lab to the right opened up to show an armory of sorts, empty at the moment, but clearly set up for later.

”This, is Project Haven. From here I intend to run operations for my crusade, and a few others in this city as a base of operations. To that end, we will need to support to keep our gear running, mission support, the likes. I invite you, Sophia, to take part in this project of mine. As both an engineer to work with Dr. Wells and his Protégés, and to eventually use your abilities to do good for this city.” She said with a confident smile, certain that she already knew the engineer’s answer. ”Should you accept the offer, first day is tomorrow. I’ll introduce you to your coworkers then.” She added, crossing her arms and waiting for an answer.

“I...wait...what...I...but how…,”

Sophia stumbled over her words to some extent as she looked around, babbling for a moment before giving herself a light slap to her face to ‘snape her out of it’. The light clang reverberated about herself and Thea, but after a moment the scientist managed to catch her breath after some processing. Literally. Even her systems had come to the same conclusion, and to be frank she hadn’t expected this much of a surprise that to her made the looming dread of her reveal back in the office a cakewalk in comparison. Hell even Wells had some sensibility about him, at least she assumed so, and his examination was strenuous enough. But no, the biggest shocker of the day, for some reason, was this.

“You are forming a team of superheroes? As in, a wealthy businesswoman funds a superhero team and fights superpowered or other forms of crime? With gadgets and costumes and all the team dynamics and everything? Like...right out of a comic book or some manga series? And you are inviting ME to join?!”

Her more sober-minded self was trying to process it all, but her inner geek was squirming like a gleeful child on Christmas morning. Talk about a hell of a mental trip, but this had all the warning signs of danger as well. Her father and such were studying her, hell even the military in some covert manner was aware of her existence, and it wasn’t like the government was going to allow a bunch of powered people to just jot about blasting crime in the face like a bunch of well-meaning ill-guided vigilantes with an agenda! There were so many warning bells ringing in her head...and yet only one possible response she could give after all possible considerations-

“...Where do I sign up?”

She was a walking miracle, this woman was also in some part a robot as well, and if her former calculations whilst in quarantine were correct there were a lot of things that could, were, or would be happening after all of this. Hell, there could be a villain with powers like hers for pity’s sake! It was goofy, cartoonish, maybe immature, but all the same she wasn’t going to let this chance pass her by!

A smile appeared on the woman’s features as she nodded then moved towards the door of the office. ”Good. Then we’ll be seeing you tomorrow morning. Get home, get rest. I don’t intend to ease you into things.” She said rather firmly, letting the woman out of her office before allowing herself another small smile. Things were good, coming together. ”Hold on a little longer, Alex, we’re coming.” The Queen muttered as she made her way out of the labs after her new employee had already left. Next stop? Home, she wanted to get some rest for the busy day tomorrow.
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The settlement was surprisingly friendly, given the temperament of the few wastelanders Typhon had encountered beforehand. The one that had problems with his skin, in particular, seemed rather nice, as he had taken her in. Well, he seemed like he would have, but then he had to run off to deal with some kind of incursion. The man's skin was something the computer in her head, and the brain working together could not process. The man's skin seemed to literally be rotting off his body, yet somehow he seemed to be functioning fine without any sort of intense pain. It was truly an odd conundrum that made her desire to offer him some sort of skin lotion. If she had any. He certainly looked like he needed it, and he seemed polite enough that some return kindness was appropriate. Yet, as she could hear the gunshots in the distance that had been going on for literal days at this point, she wondered if the kind man was actually going to be coming back or if he had perished in the town. That would be inconvenient. Others seemed to expire so quickly and easily.

Lost in her thoughts as she leaned against the car in the garage, the girl was suddenly roused by the sound of a door opening nearby, and several footsteps entering. Looking up from her position on the floor next to the car, she spotted a group of six approaching her. Two females and four males, wearing various states of leather clothing with scrap metal for armor. Their features and piercings varied from person to person as the first woman pointed her out with a jeer, and pointed her gun at the young girl. "Oi, boys. Check out the fun-size over here. Boss could have some real fun with her. Jay! Hit 'er." The woman declared, as a rather burly dark-skinned man came forwards towards the young girl sitting there. "Unidentified Contacts." The girl muttered, earning a jeer about being broken already from the raider. Immediately, he swung his bat towards the girl's head, aiming to knock her out with a single hit. However, the man yelped out as the bat hit something solid and all momentum stopped. "Updated. Hostile contacts. Initiating defense." She said firmly, as the man's eyes went wide at the girl's metal hand. Then seconds later was slamming into the wall nearest them, with a loud crunch of bone. Moments after, the group in the building staggered back as another limb raised up behind the young girl, three mandibles spreading apart on the thing over her shoulder, and flames licking at the center of that hungry maw.

The door to the garage exploded open as bodies clambered over each other to escape the building. The majority of the group seemed to make it out, as they turned and had their weapons already up and firing a cacophony of bullets towards the open door. Yet this hail of bullets was soon interrupted as the raiders scattered. With a terrifying roar, a sound that was made of a mixture of pained screech and the roar of flames as a burning raider slammed down among where they were formerly gathered. From the open doorway, emerged the very figure they had been planning to kidnap moments before. "Five. She muttered with an emotionless tone. One of the surviving raiders took a quick shot at the girl, attempting to stop her where she stood. The shot impacted with a sick thwack, instantly followed by a loud metallic pang as if he had shot metal, the force of the impact caused the girls head to turn away, though she somehow seemed to catch herself as she slowly turned back towards the group, beneath the bloodied, ruptured skin around her temple and near her left eye, light reflected off a shiny metal. Just the corner of a glowing orange light, likely what was beneath her eye giving it that odd orange glow, could be seen as she faced the group of raiders. The group collectively took a step back and nearly stumbled over each other in fear of that thing which could so easily shrug off bullet impacts to her head. Any hint of the bloodlust and the eagerness to fight of those raiders was broken under that cold gaze. The group stood frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. The fear ripping through their veins from the inhuman beast before them seeming to hold of their usually warped minds. This standoff could’ve gone on eternally, if the girl hadn’t suddenly raised her right arm, and the glint of the barrel in the forearm betrayed its purpose mere moments before firing. The raiders were ripped violently from their stupor as the one who had shot the girl shook violently from side to side from the rapid impacts of the ten millimeter bullets that spat from the girl’s arm. "Four.”

"R-Run!” The female from before shouted, turning and leading her gang on a path away from the monster they had unknowingly unleashed upon themselves. Not a soul dared to attempt to grab their former comrade, now bleeding on pavement, as their primal need to survive drove them tearing through the settlement like radstags fleeing an incoming deathclaw. Even as the distance between them increased, the raiders could still hear the cold, emotionless voice of the girl they attacked. "Do not flee, this will only draw out your expiration.” She said, before taking off at a dead sprint after the group of four. As the group split off their own ways through the settlement, it became clear to Typhon that she would not catch all four if she ran through the streets. Instead aiming herself directly at one of the metal buildings that she suspected passed for housing in this town. Just as she was slamming into the wall, the girl’s vision became overlayed with a projected path to allow her easy traversal of the environment to cut her prey off. With a small hop beforehand, Typhon slammed her metallic feet into the ground and pushed off once more into a powerful leap. Propelling herself high enough that her hands were easily able to grab the edge of the building and catapult herself onto the roof in one fluid motion. Then tearing off in the direction where she could hear the nearest of her prey’s panicked cry, Typhon sprinted along the rooftops at speeds a human could not, easily able to leap the gaps between buildings with a minimal effort. As she surged closer, the girl was able to pick up the man’s panicked breathing easier and easier. As well as his muttered words that he had surely lost her, one which he was quickly reminded was not the case.

Launching herself off a rooftop, the man saw her shadow overtake him on the ground, turning to see her descending on him with just enough time to let out a panicked scream. The scream was quickly cut off as the sounds of a sickening crunch floated on the air, followed by a single gunshot. "Three.” A mere moment later, one would see the girl take off down an alley between rows of buildings, as she spotted one of the two woman go ripping by the end of the alleyway. As she neared the end, Typhon did not slow a single bit, instead she leaped at the wall to her right and immediately jumped back off the metal to change her direction around the corner. Landing in a roll, the girl came to her feet with a terrifying grace as she started closing the distance between herself and the raider ahead. As the raider turned to try to fire at the girl, she instead was met with a piercing pain through her back as her legs suddenly seemed to just… stop. Toppling head over heels into the pavement, it only then occurred to the raider that she had been shot. Before she could even shout something in defiance, the monster was upon her, and another gunshot echoed through the air as the raider was silenced. "Two.” She said, wheeling around to find her next target. Just behind her, she saw the woman who had seemed in charged earlier staring at the scene with a look of abject horror. Flanked by the remaining man as they seemed to notice they were now the center of her attention. The two immediately tore off in a dead sprint, making their way towards the spot where the defenders of this town seemed to be coordinating from, in a last ditch gambit to survive.

The two would draw closer to their target, with their pursuer hot on their tracks. Cutting around a few extra corners, and even staggering her back with a rouge shot from their guns, the two raiders hoped they created enough distance to survive. The two arrived where the Marshalls were coordinating their attacks, the woman immediately throwing down her gun as her compatriot held his but made no threatening gesture. "Tell that thing to stand down! We surrender!” The woman shouted out, tears in her eyes as she was practically begging for mercy. Yet the gaze of those who had noticed her was not on her, but of the mechanical beast that was leaping between the walls of the alleyway to accelerate faster than she could run, bearing down on the two raiders. Too late, did the woman realize why they weren’t responding, as she felt something grab her arm while she tried to turn to run from the thing coming after her. There was no time wasted as the mandibles of the tail grabbing her arm closed tighter, then the limb whipped her violently to the side. Slamming into the metal of the building she was thrown at, another crunch could be heard as she crumpled to the ground and the metal was indented from the impact. The monster then closed on her target, laying there and whimpering on the ground, and raised her arm to finish the job. "On-“ She said, being cut off by a warcry from behind as the remaining raider, having produced a sledgehammer from his back sheath, came in to protect the woman with a large overhead strike.

The warcry then turned high-pitched and pained as the tail turned suddenly to face him, and began belching flames directly at the attacker. Even as the gun in her arm fired, killing the one on the ground. Turning away from the two freshly made corpses, the tail’s flames fell away into nothingness as her arms lowered and the girl became more relaxed in stance. Looking at the marshals, she then turned her attention towards the man with odd skin at the gate, talking to another. The one she recognized who had told her to stay in the garage. Approaching him, she spoke in that same emotionless and nearly mechanical tone. "Hostile infiltrators eliminated. Awaiting next order.” She said, looking up towards Sam and ignoring anything other might’ve said in those moments.

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