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24 days ago
Current The interest to RP wanes and grows like the phases of the moon... sometimes I have the energy to write while most days it's not there.
2 mos ago
Excited to be back in the RP realm and hopeful to start/join some good threads soon!


Hello and welcome to my profile!

I've been a Role player for 15+ years now and very much still enjoy getting lost in the stories we create.

I play both male and female roles and am fairly fine with most mature content but I'm here more for the plot than the nsfw smut.
On that note, I'm fine with sex scenes but I would rather the story not be only that. If the story comes to that point I'll let you know if I feel comfortable writing those scenes that day or if we need to fade to black.

I'm an adult female in my mid 20s.

I enjoy the supernatural and fantasy genera the most but also occasionally will do RPs based off of games/shows/movies.

I mostly work with OCs and am a big fan of character development and paragraph replies.

At the moment I don't really have any ideas on what to start rping with but I'm sure there are a lot of great threads to look through here!

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me!

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bump :)
Good evening everyone! Just going to drop this in here and see if I get any interested parties.

While looking through my multitude of characters I have created in the past I have come up with 3 to 4 plots that never got a chance to actually go anywhere besides character creation. So might as well toss them here see what people think. They are a mix of M/M and F/M as a forewarning.

None of these plots require NSFW.

I also do some fandom RP's mostly with OC's but will be willing to try my hand at cannon characters.

Series I have worked with recently:
Detroit become human (most recent and fleshed out OC and Ralph)
(just have to ask and I'll probably try it out!)
It's been a crazy time out in the world and I'm just about ready to shake things up again with some interesting RP threads! I find I have more time on my hands now after not having properly Role played in almost a year and a half. I really miss it.

So here I am again back to hopefully make some friends and do some good threads!

I'm more than a little excited to be back! :)
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