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She knocked that smug look off my face but luckily I was wearing a second, smaller smug look underneath.
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There's nothing more intoxicating than the clear absence of a penis.
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Half of Blink 182 is Wink 91.
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A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.


"I like it when the center is wet."

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This is the chunk I wrote for the Magus Librarium, though waiting for approval for Chaotic on it.

Collab between: Inertia & @mantou

Ixius’ ears pricked at the door clicking open again. Great, He sighed, he honestly wanted to be alone. More room for himself- his books, scrolls, and experiments. He didn’t bother craning his neck to look at Calven and continued reading his book. Hopefully, the stranger could read body language… but apparently not. The voice spewed out a vomit of words.

”Even though you seem pretty busy, care for a mana muffin? I made them myself, and they’re meant to restore your energy for this morning spent moving. Don’t worry, you can’t actually taste the mana in them.”

Never mind, he could read body language but just chose to willfully ignore it. Ixius could tell he would love this roommate, though he did ponder his last few words. Wait, did this bufoon say mana... muffin?

”Did you just say ‘Mana muffin’. What in the hells is that, and why does it sound vaguely familiar?” Ixius replied, he had heard of something like this back at the Librarium. He also didn’t admit that injecting mana into food was a relatively impressive but impractical feat. Rumours say that the conversion rate from mana inputted to output is abysmal.

”OH, my name is Calven by the way. Calven Fallard. Nice to meet you, roomie!”

This time Ixius did crane his neck and rested his cheek on the back of his hand before addressing the blond, ”Fallard… Fallard, the son of High Magus Theodore Fallard?” Ixius paused as he gathered his thoughts, ”The so-called ‘problem child’ of the Librarium.” It seemed that Ixius didn’t get the irony. ”What rotten luck to have a fellow Magus as my roommate. Ixius continued, flipping a page and letting the conversation lull to a stop.

Cal gasped, his excitement had grown stronger at the sight of the other students’ magus garb. Oh wow… How lucky AM I! he thought, eyes turned up to form crescents at the boy sitting down. The blond’s train of thoughts began, cycling through each and every future scenario spanning the next 4 years with his newfound friend. All situations had to do with magic, food, adventure, and their soon-to-be friendship. With Cal’s imagination having difficulty coming to a rest, even his roommate’s haughty remarks went in through one ear and out the other. And did he mention something about his father?

Ixius’ felt uncomfortable at the blond Magus’ blankly staring at him. It seemed that his gears were turning, trying to place who Ixius was. Should he bother introducing himself? It wasn’t like Calven, nor any other Magus as a matter-of-fact, would even know him. Still, Calven was a member of the Librarium, a high-ranking one at that, and that... deserved some respect, with another weary sigh, he deigned to introduce himself. ”Ixius Delthrane.”

As the raven-haired boy finally introduced himself, Calven internally came to a screeching halt.

The student chef exclaimed with eyes wide: “Ixius? Ixius DELTHRANE?” The boy mused as he recalled his father’s late-night telepathic meetings, discussing with other council members about a student called Delthrane. It wasn’t gossip, per se, but the meetings weren’t for very notable, or even good reasons to say the least… so Cal chose to leave it at that.

”Yes, that is indeed my name.” Ixius replied, the faintest hint of biting sarcasm in his tone.

The blond broke away from his thoughts and beamed back at his roommate, ”Ixius, my fellow problem child. It’s great to finally meet you!”

Ixius halted his reading; the red-eyed boy opened his mouth as if to speak but closed it after a moment of consideration. It wasn’t worth the energy talking to this gleaming pile of optimism, Ixius’ words would just bounce right off. The boy seemed to be the type to endlessly chatter, regardless if there was a participant or not. Instead, he replied with another turn of a page.

The chef attempted to feign a calmness he did not feel; the spring in Cal’s step betraying him as he made his way across the room to the bed. Unpacking was an issue on the schedule to be worried about later, after the feast. The boys had just gotten acquainted with each other - for now he just wanted to relax, kick his boots off, and release himself from his heavily-embellished magus robe. With a quick swipe past the clasp, his robe proceeded to fall to the bed with a light thud. A second heavier THUD followed as Calven lay sprawled on top of his garb, assuming a starfish position. He let out a sigh as he felt the mana that went into baking those muffins start to regenerate steadily.

The noise caused Ixius to glance at Calven, who was now practically sinking into his bed. The robes sank with him, the robes that signified one’s dignity as a Magus and he treated it like a mattress. Ixius got up, his chair screeched as it dragged across the floor, and turned to the blond. His mouth contorted, he couldn’t find the words. His hands shook unsteadily. Even his mana rose and fell in equal measures.

It’s his robes, he’s free to do as he wants- Ixius repeated in his mind, it was the only thing holding him back, He’s a high magus’ son, He’s a high magus’ son, He’s a high magus’ son.

Ixius massaged his temple as he slowly collected himself. ”So this,” He gestures to Calven’s, well, everything, ”... is why High Magus Fallard is greying, as young as he is.”

Calven lifted his head up in response, “Oh? I thought he just preferred the salt and pepper look.” he chirped. “You should try one of my muffins, you’ve been massaging that temple of yours for a while now. Speaking of which, toss me one!”

Ixius blinked incredulously. Was Calven really going to eat that muffin and leave crumbs all over his bed- and even worse, all over his robes? It was at this point that Ixius mentally checked out. He grabbed one of the muffins, there definitely was mana. It was carefully knitted into the bread, it seemed that his claims were atleast true. Ixius walked over to the lying blond and carefully placed it next to him.

Calven smiled, reached for the muffin, and was about to stuff it into his mouth before his roommate gave him a word of caution.

”Don’t leave crumbs in the room,” Ixius warned, mentally blocking out the robes’ desecration at the hands of this boy, ”If I find bugs gnawing at my research...” He stopped himself and shook his head. With another weary sigh he found his seat again.

Don’t leave crumbs when eating delicious food… that’s almost like saying don’t laugh when you hear a funny joke. Then Calven swiftly laid back down, muffin in hand, and bit into it, making sure all of the crumbs fell straight into his mouth to the best of his ability. The things people do for friendship.

Calven chewed twice, opening his mouth to speak, ”Therehh, hyou happfy?” consequently letting loose crumbs scatter on both the robe and the bed.

”So help me, Calven,” Ixius didn’t even turn from his book, but he could definitely tell that crumbs were already all over Calven’s floor, bed, and... robes. ”The moment I find a single bug- ant, fly, cockroach, I will separate our room by a barrier.”

The student chef promptly dusted the fallen crumbs off his bed, as if having them on the floor was a much better choice. The boy made a mental note to put in some effort to sweep the room out later. Calven finished dusting and shot a toothy grin to the back of Ixius' head, who was still very much engrossed in his book.

"Like hell I'd let you do that! Roomies stick together regardless of insect colonies." He hopped onto his feet to get to the next point of interest - the wardrobe. The uniforms piqued his curiosity when he ran into some students who had worn them earlier, though they were female. Exclaiming in advance, Calven excitedly unlocked the hatch to their closet and his voice died in his throat. The design was rather fetching, not too shabby in the slightest. The color scheme was especially appealing to the eye. However, the thing that bothered him the most was the fact that the uniform set came with a coat blazer. And a scarf. On top of that, he was also expected to wear the magus robes over it? Did the council not consider that their apprentices had pores to sweat from? The blond already felt a layer of sweat that formed on his back. Magus Librarium, really… no matter how adept at magic you are, you can't just ignore the heat rashes…

In the end, Calven decided to simply fold the red scarf into a pocket square and tuck it into the front of his magus robe. Unfortunately, he still had on two layers of long-sleeved garments, but at least he could have his magus robes unbuttoned to alleviate some of the stuffiness. Even if it didn't help much, the heat would have to be endured, and Ixius would have to endure his complaints.

Ixius glanced at the clock, and with Calven dressing up, he figured it best to follow suit. He barely spared a glance at the design nor make of the uniform. He fastened the belts on the long-sleeved torso and slid his legs into the white cargo pants. Like Calven, he carefully placed his robes over the uniform but left the middle bare to keep his uniform visible. The logo of Hoseforn and the Insignia of the Magus’ Librarium were both shown. Finally, he wrapped the red scarf (meant to be on his neck) around his right arm.

"Over-layering aside, we look pretty damn good if I do say so myself…" Calven stated while giving Ixius an unwarranted turn-around. Just then, a thought popped into the little chef's head.

"Hey… we forgot to bathe."

Forty minutes later, the two made their way down to their second stop. It wasn’t too difficult to find, especially with the help of the map Athena provided them with. A pre-marked route was easy enough to follow, and soon enough, they found themselves at the grand entrance of Hoseforn's Feast Hall. Calven quickly ushered an exasperated Ixius to the first seats his eyes landed on, and paid no mind to the fact that they were nearly twenty minutes early.
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Edit: Changed wording and sentences a bit.
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The carriage shook to a stop infront of the Hoseforn Academy. A listless, red-eyed boy draped in the illustrious robes of a magus, stepped out. The robe is inky blank, with golden ornaments stitched along the lapels and tapestry. A pin signifying one as a Magus was pinned to the breast. Ixius Delthrane, the problem child of the Magus' Librarium.

The boy, who didn't once look up from his book during the journey, now looked around his environment with with clear interest. The Hoseforn Academy, rumored to have sprouted out of nowhere one day and became the monolith it is today. Ixius' senior Magus had stated that Asmodius Hoseforn, the currently known longest living human mage, was a Magus' Librarium alumni. A whistle escaped the boy's lips as he took in the grand architecture. The magical aura exuded by the building was almost suffocating; so much so that even a non-magically inclined individual could feel the thrums of magic against the back of their head.

"As expected of a Magus..." Ixius mumbled to himself before a fellow student bumped into his shoulder causing him to careen to the floor. Luckily he propped his foot up before he could stumble over.

"... out of the way," The student scoffed before walking away and muttering to himself, "... Damned wizards."

In Ixius mind, that student with the two handed mace just reinforced his stigma of non-magic users being the mindless, brutish types. No choice words were said as the student disappeared into the crowd when he looked up. Ixius shrugged indignantly and continued to follow the path.

As the wave moved into the hall, Ixius eyes was drawn to the center of the room- towards the crystal ball. This was the first time he'd seen a crystal ball of that magnitude and size. His heart lurched, Hoseforn had artifacts that the Librarium didn't? It was more of the case that he wasn't yet a full-fledged Magus and wasn't allowed to interact with the more dangerous artifacts.

Ixius squeezed into an empty booth and presented his acceptance letter when asked. He squinted at the spectrum being shone directly into his retinas.

"Letter accepted. Welcome, Ixius Delthrane."

Ixius eyes shone curiously. Athena was quite something, even the acceptance letter's counterfeit measures was impressive.

"This is a map of the school grounds, your dorm number is 781. A fresh uniform and any supplies you require will be waiting for you. Please change... Bathe... and return to the Main Hall within an hour and a half for the welcoming feast. Attendance is mandatory."

"Understood." Ixius replied simply before promptly stepping out of the booth. He had some questions scratching at the back of his mind but he figured it best to follow instructions for now- his thirst for knowledge would be sated soon enough.

Ixius traced the map and located his dorm quickly. The brisk walk to his room was accompanied by the nigh-endless chatter of the student body. Infront of the dorm, it slipped his mind to ask Athena a method of unlocking the door. Before he could turn around and go back to Athena, he felt magic prick at his neck. The door hummed with magic and clicked open. "Curious..." He said, stepping into the room, "Did it detect my magical signature, somehow?" He took in the room- personal beds, study desks, dressers and shelves. His eyes drifted to his belongings, it was sent a week in advance by the Librarium, at the insistence of his mentor. It wasn't much, mostly just clothing, books and scrolls, and other miscellaneous knick-knacks.

Ixius trod to the study desk, sat on a chair and crossed his legs, facing away from the dorm door as he opened and began reading a book. It was magical theory, the basics of rudimentary teleportation. An hour and a half was a long time, and he didn't quite feel like unpacking his meager belongings just yet, so why not pass the time with reading.

"Hoseforn Academy, huh?"
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In Acrius' eyes, poison, simply put, is dull. It forces the assailed combatant to fight defensively. This style of combat wasn't compatible with his 'be fine with getting injured as long as you've doled out harsher injuries' mindset. Still, Acrius thought he was going to enjoy meals from around the country but here he is fighting in some abandoned alleyway against a potentially deranged man with a poisoned weapon. He enjoyed a good fight, but he hardly considered dueling poison users a 'fight'. It was a prolonged game of cat-and-mouse. Except, if patient enough, the mouse could kill the cat.

The assassin and Acrius circled each other, both eyeing each other for any opening. The orange-eyed boy would lunge at any sign of weakness but the assassin was extremely cautious, almost as if avoiding an engagement. It seemed entirely possible that the assassins had been briefed of his, and likely the other retinue's, profiles. Though, if his suspicions proved correct, it was odd that the man would opt to trade blows with him rather than retreat.

It wasn't only pride that let Acrius know, poison notwithstanding, that he would win in a clash against the assassin. Acrius eyes, molded through countless years of experience and training, had a knack for discerning foes. From the beginning he had carefully observed the assassin's mannerisms- His movement, stance, grip, and experience. None denoted a particularly experienced or rigorously trained swordsman. Atleast, one able to best him. In his head he concluded that this man must not be alone. This caused Acrius to be wary, well more wary than usual. An ally or two roaming the shadows nearby was more than likely. That and their poisoned weapons spelled bad news.

The assassin threw knives in a fan-like fashion. This movement was telegraphed and would've been a simple enough process to dodge or even deflect. In response Acrius' waved his free hand to create a small, thin sheet of fire infront of him. This fire was harmless and only served as a distraction. It blocked the line-of-sight of the assassin in-front of him. The assassin, bewildered by his action, strained to see ahead of him.

The other assassin took this as an opening and aimed his crossbow at Acrius' head. The bolt flew through the air and cut through the fire. A grunt of pain soon followed. The crossbow assassin clambered down the rooftops, in hopes of finishing off the swordsman with his compatriot.

As the fire dissipated, the two found Acrius kneeling and clutching his bleeding face. With satisfied smiles they moved to end his life. A dagger flew from the boy to the assailants.

"Last death throes, eh boy?" One of them spat with a toothy grin, "Any last words?"

As they approached the seemingly poisoned swordsman they expected an easy kill. Suddenly, Acrius jumped up and slashed the first assassin diagonally in the chest. The cut was deep and caused him to reel backwards in agony and begin bleeding. The second gripped his own daggers and charged the boy. Surely he was running low on stamina, his vitality can only take him so far, right?

"Keh, give up, the poison should be seeping into your heart," The second spat as he clashed with Acrius, "I'll give you a clean death."

"Maybe so," Acrius replied simply as he deflected each stroke, "I'm not the type to die with my weapons down. But you know that, right?"

The basic rule of combat against multiple assailants was to keep them all within your line of sight and do not let them surround you. The first assassin clutched his chest and tried his best to push through the pain. His movements became slow and lethargic, he cringed in pain with every movement. The first assassin would go down easily enough, but Acrius still moved backwards as he deflected and blocked their attacks. He never let them out of his sight and always kept them in-front of him. Each exchange allowed Acrius to create and maintain distance between them.

With each passing moment a searing doubt would enter the assassins heads; how in gods name was this man still standing. He was 'poisoned' yet was able to fend both of them off with ease.

Acrius spotted an opening with the dagger-wielding assassin's hesitance. The man swung wildly and his momentum left him open- Acrius kicked his foot that supported his weight. This sent the man careening towards the floor, dropping like a sack of potatoes. Another swing from the wounded assassin came right after his kick, but it was slow and telegraphed. Acrius deflected the sword away and slashed the man's wrist. The assassin groaned in pain and dropped his weapon. Acrius readied himself for another clash with the second assassin but found that he had vanished. The dagger-wielding assassin had retreated back into the darkness. The man had come to the conclusion that the attempt on Acrius' life failed and opted to run away.

It was due to Acrius' carelessness that the second one got away. He clicked his tongue in annoyance. Atleast he still had one that the guard can question. The man desperately tried crawling away. Acrius pinned his hands and dug through his clothes- he threw away any weapons or poisons that can be used against him before pinning the man down by sitting on him.

The man yelled out expletives at Acrius but soon passed out due to blood loss. Acrius would sear the bleeding cuts close and slung the man over his shoulders before he made his way to the plaza, hopefully to the prince and back to the keep to question this man. He didn't care or, more likely, even notice how terrifying it was to carry a bloodied, unconscious man to a crowded place.

Acrius' cheek still bled, he sighed and thought that he may have cut too deeply.
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