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Starring: Evan Bishop
Time: 8 AM
Location: The Sitting Room of the Oaklands

Music was blasting from the headphones wrapped around his neck as Evan Bishop skateboarded up the long, winding (way too winding, if you asked him) driveway to Marble Heights Academy. Back in the day, he supposed it wasn’t this winding — in fact, it was probably a dirt path in the good years, but somewhere along the line (the Regan era, maybe the Nixon era), people decided long, winding driveways made you look more sophisticated. Marble Heights didn’t even need to look more sophisticated, it already looked bougie as all hell; a side effect of the constant donations from rich people and a pretty damn gaudy eye for interior design, but hey, money was money and if there was one way to show wealth, it was long and winding driveways lined with little bushes and trees.

Evan’s backpack was slung over his shoulder, his actual luggage had been sent ahead of him and was waiting for him in whatever godforsaken room he ended up in this year. Why did it change every year? Evan didn’t know the answer to that question, and he frankly felt like no one knew the answer to that question. It had been written in stone when the foundations were laid! Evan had read the rulebook more than a couple of times — it was required reading in the ‘Guidance Room,’ where the people sentenced to detention gathered. It was basically a basement, where they at least had a vending machine with some decent snackage.

It was a big day for Marble Heights Academy: Move-In Day. This was the day when all the old students found their way to their rooms, and all the new students realized the hellacious situation they were now permastuck in. Boarding school was a kind of weird concept, in Evan’s opinion. Taking a bunch of teenagers, and locking them up together in close quarters? Evan felt like the real unsung hero of MHA was the nurse — if she didn’t provide free condoms, then fuck, there woul probably be more than a few prom night dumpster babies on the grounds.

Evan clicked the volume down on his headphones as he rolled into the new High Rise dorms, and smelled the air. It smelled like… a fine fragrance of oud wood and dark vanilla… no, no wait. That was the Axe body spray he’d doused himself in before skating here (it was part of the deal with his parents: if he was going to go to stupid boarding school again, then he was going to skate from a nearby inn, and so he did) to try and hide the weed. Did it work? Yes. Was he going to attract any women? Probably no—

“Mr. Bishop.”

Evan immediately stopped in his tracks, jumping off of his skateboard and popping it into his hand by stomping on the tail end and then catching it as it flew up, mouthing to himself. Shit. This was not the person he wanted to talk to first thing in the new school year. “Hello, Satan. I thought I had more time.” He said, turning his head to face the owner of the voice. “Oh, Mrs. Whitaker. I’m sorry, based on your voice, I thought you were someone else.” He explained, grinning — mostly to himself, he realized, as the elderly woman did not return his smile; however, Evan knew Mrs. Whitaker well, and he didn’t think she was capable of smiling.

“No skateboarding in the buildings of my academy — new or old.”

“Actually, ma’am, you’ll find skateboarding is not outlawed in the new building. It’s not mentioned in the handbook, trust me. I read the fuc— the handbook like seven times just to make sure. It’s not there. No subsections, no paragraph B’s. Ain’t there.” Evan was somewhat smug as he spoke. He was feeling like he had a one up. What was she gonna do now? Make up a new rule on the spot? No way. There was nothing else to complain about! He had the jacket on — granted, he was missing a tie, and the undershirt wasn’t exactly right, but still. He was in the right —

“I don’t want to see your silly cartoon characters either, you should be wearing your proper uniform.”

Oh hell no. Evan was not about to take that shit. She was going after the shirt? “Hey! Goku is a Super Saiyan! And it is a Saturday. A Saturday. And I’m wearin’ the fuckin’ jacket, what else do you want from me, dude? It’s Saturday! I shouldn’t even be in the jacket. But here I am, wearin’ the jacket, and you know why that is? That’s because I put some respect on your name, but you’re wipin’ it away and spittin’ on mine. A Super Saiyan for fuck’s sake.” Evan let loose, and then he almost immediately regretted it as he caught the disgusted look Mrs. Whitaker was wearing. “What’s the damage?”

“Detention on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now get to your room and unpack your things.”

Evan turned to walk away, glancing over his shoulder and giving Mrs. Whitaker a parting grin, “be seein’ ya, Vicky.” He said, hoping to get in the last word as he took off, but he should have known it was a false hope.

“Tack Thursday onto that.”

Evan sighed, but nodded his head. Would the little man ever get a win? Fuck.

Like Evan, most Marble Heights Students are reporting to the new Oaklands dorm building, where they’ll be meeting their new roommates, and adjusting to their new space. Compared to last year, returning students will find their new rooms to be spacious, modern, and with more amenities than the building they stayed in last year — however, last year students only had one roommate, this year they have three.

Some degree of growing pains are to be expected, but Headmistress Whitaker and her staff hope the students will be happy with the arrangements. Students were given their room assignments with their yearly syllabus and schedule, though they have yet to be told their roommates. Some students will find themselves paired with old friends, and some with soon-to-be new friends — and others still with enemies new and old.

Welcome to Marble Heights Academy.

Oh, and contrary to what Mrs. Whitaker barked at Evan for, the Uniform is not required on the weekends!

@iSuspect yes

Marble Heights Academy was built over 100 years ago, founded by a group of several San Francisco scholars following the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. The Academy was initially built as a place to harbor children who needed safety and the chance to learn during the rebuilding following the quake. At the time, public education was poor at best, but Marble Heights acted as a private entity, and people were willing to pay any price in their desperation to keep their children safe from the chaos.

Over the years, the Academy grew more famous and by the time construction of the Golden Gate Bridge had been completed, influential people were sending students from across the country to attend the prestigious Academy. Politicians, celebrities, and industry leaders sent their children to grow and learn on the grounds of Marble Heights. By the 1960s, even royalty from other countries were sending their children to Marble Heights.

Now, in the year 2019, Marble Heights Academy is attended by students from rich and affluent families, as well as offering scholarships for less privileged students with untapped potential. Recently, the school built new dorms, and though the historical ones are left standing, most students will be staying in the mini-skyscraper esque building thrown up over the last year. Rumor has it the building was built off of a single donation when the school turned down a particularly unruly student’s initial application.

The faculty and staff recognize students come in with a range of talents, abilities, and interests, and the school itself exists to nurture optimal growth, developing curious, creative, and confident leaders and learners. While partnering with parents in an effort to guide students on their Marble Heights journey, the private college preparatory experience encourages each individual to discover who they are and what they love. Not only will you develop empowering bonds within our supportive community, but you will also find opportunities to get involved and explore San Francisco on the weekends.

The staff of Marble Heights Academy are dedicated to the Academy’s core values of: integrity, professionalism, teamwork, and above all else, safety. Keeping our students safe is our number one priority; as a private boarding school, we recognize your children become our responsibility and we can assure you our grounds will be used only to foster their growth. Marble Heights aims to push students academically and offer unique opportunities professionally, guiding them down a starting path to lifelong careers.

Being an alumni from Marble Heights Academy is a unique resume mark for a student on the hunt for an Ivy League school.

“If you’re a nerd like me and you want to escape to a magical realm, I would recommend MHA to anyone! It’s like taking a trip to Hogwarts. Who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts?! I highly suggest checking out our site because my article on the The Golden Gate Gazette is still out there from last year where you can read the reputation this place has with all kinds of paranormal activity. Think hallways filled with mist, hidden classrooms underground, some cool stuff! I don’t want to scare you away so I can promise you this place only has the best curriculum, that doesn’t only shape your mind but also your character and your well being. MHA will make sure you have the support you need, whether in grades or emotionally. Sometimes you gotta stay up all night doing projects and study sessions, but that’s why we have access to common rooms, the library, and the dining hall 24/7! As long as our RA is aware of our whereabouts, and we are in the permitted areas at night, this place is our oyster.”
Dean Piccoli, Incoming Junior, Class of 2020

Thus far we only have two apparent factions but you’re more than welcome to create your own group before the start of the rp and let us know their involvement in this never ending battle of power.

The Sisters, which is the Academy’s most popular clique, consist of three blonde bombshells that hold influence in different areas of the school. They assert their dominance and good looks to stay high up in the social ladder. For example, Skylar Powers is the right hand man to the Queen Bee, Savanna Hart. He is poly, pan, and proud, leads the Gender & Sexuality Alliance club, and is a loyal member of the school orchestra. His two passions and potential weaknesses are his pride and his music. There’s also his manipulative charm, which has led him to have strong control in the Fashion and the Photography clubs; consider him an honorary member. In addition to prioritizing his influence over the clubs that sway the public image, such as those with a keen eye for ‘shots’, he has ‘Little Birds’ throughout the school that feed him secrets. Ultimately, he makes sure he has students under his thumb, for the sake of his and his Sisters’ status.

Well, aside from the newspaper club, but to him that can be a hit or miss since students are more likely to read into pictures and videos than they are to read a lengthy article. The second known faction is The Golden Gate Gazette or the Triple G team. Led by Jamie Callaghen, the newspaper club is said to be the Switzerland of the school and that lie is believable because there are some naive, innocent individuals in the club. In reality, they have a bigger agenda that most kids don’t realize. Just read in between the lines and you’ll see there is more than meets the eye. They do their due diligence to keep the school informed, for better and for worse. They are neither top of the hierarchy or below it, but they are known. Journalists are not mere messengers, they aim to make change and their words and stories are their weapons. Rumor has it, that D.B. the self proclaimed Queen of the Geeks, member of the A/V club is considering making an appealing and mutually beneficial proposition to Jamie.

Little does anyone know that a new force will be joining the school this year to shake things up. Let’s see how well our students can handle this unforeseeable factor. Only time can tell.

  • Year is 2019 and characters can be between 14-18 (Freshmen to Seniors).
  • Please do NOT post WIPs in the OOC. Just pm your sheet to yourself. We only want completed sheets in the OOC. Remember to tag us so we know you've posted your sheet and do not move your character over until after they're accepted.
  • If you want a tattoo please make your character 18. No more than two tattoos, please. Underage kids with tattoos are unrealistic. If your character has tattoos, they will need to cover it up since this is a private school with a uniform. The uniforms are provided in discord, so if you need it please contact the gm team.
  • If you want, you can put in the Extra Notes section of your sheet (very bottom of it) special items your character is bringing (in their luggage). In addition to this, if you are smuggling in contraband like drugs and booze, don't expect to get away with it. Your character is more than welcome to try, but do know if they are caught, consequences will be had.
  • If your character has a job in the city, they will need written permission from a faculty or staff member. Transportation will be provided, unless they have their own car. There is a fee to have a vehicle at the school and students need written permission to leave school grounds during the week, even with their vehicle on grounds.
  • Friday to Sunday there is a shuttle (Every 30 minutes from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM) that goes from the school to the closest bus station in San Francisco. Please remember to bring your student key card to get in the gates. Curfew is 10 PM.
  • This roleplay is focusing on the boarding school experience, so while parties won't be our focus, there still will be some. We're just not going to have a party every other scene. We plan to offer more of an immersive school experience, like Family Day, Dorm door decorating competitions, Movie Nights, a Halloween Carnival, and so much more!
  • We expect there to be lots of IC drama, and hopefully no OOC drama. Once characters come into fruitation, feel free to start establishing relationships. If there's ever an issue, we want you to communicate with us. We can't help unless we know!
  • We’ll be accepting characters from all around the world who are new students or have attended for their entire career as students (and everything in between). As I've said earlier, if you have any questions reach out to @Hey Im Jordan @Fabricant451 @LovelyComplex.
  • Lastly: Any specifics on the school, please join us on discord or PM us! For example, the school mascot is the Sea Lions. For now, while we are still getting the logistics down, that's the most convenient way to find out anything else.
Mentions: The Blue Counselors @HaleyTheRandom @Bee

Rich was normally one of the last ones to arrive at Second Horizons, but this year… something was a bit different. This year, he found himself excited to be heading to the camp, so much so that he left almost a week early, and by the time his fellow campers started flooding in, he’d been at the camp for a few days already. When he’d arrived so early, more than one of the counselors had given him a bit of a look, and watched him a bit more closely than he would have hoped, but… He couldn’t blame them. He’d be the first to admit he’d been a real asshole in his previous years of camp, and a reputation of being the local problem child wouldn’t go away overnight. No, Rich was going to have to work for that — and probably work hard for it.

Acting out for attention was the old Rich. Shooting smuggled fireworks at younger campers was old Rich. Breaking into the Lodge and nicking alcohol from the director’s personal store was old Rich… okay, the last one might still be the Rich of today, but the important thing was Rich wasn’t going to go out of his way to make a scene for the counselors at every possible turn. This year, he was determined to swing everyone’s opinions of him from… well, he assumed from negative to hopefully positive. Looking back, the staff of Second Horizons had always tried hard for him, so now he figured it was time to repay the favors.

One way or another, Rich Griffin was going to figure out how to make himself look as good as possible when it came to being a counselor the next time Second Horizons was in session.

After a few days of hanging out at the camp by himself, Rich was happy he’d finally made it to the day when his peers would start to arrive. Would there be familiar faces from the years past? Or mostly new people? At least the counselors were the same for the most part — although at least one of them had shifted cabins around, which was kind of a let down for Rich. He’d wanted to impress Nick with the fact that he’d been doing his best to spin on his heel and be a good guy now, but Nick had left them for the Pink cabin.

Pink? As he walked out of the Blue cabin and toward the arrival area, Rich took the time to think about it some, Nick did kind of seem like he belonged in Pink, didn’t he? Between the way Nick had a habit of hooking up with people at the camp, and the way he seemed to actually take it to heart when Rich had given him some choice words… Yeah, Nick in Pink made sense.


Christ. In the dynamic duo of Nick Walters and Mike Carter, if Nick had been misplaced… Mike certainly couldn’t have been more accurately placed. Who gave him a megaphone? Rich knew Mike well enough to know he sure as fuck didn’t need to be using a megaphone to be heard, but this… this just made it worse. Or, at least, it used to. Now, though? The message kind of had an infectious bit of enthusiasm to it.

Maybe this would finally be the year Mike and Nick got him to watch that Chinese cartoon bullshit. After all, he’d already started playing the games.

Fuck, was the therapist right the whole time? Was being a happier, nicer person really as easy a one, two, three… and then you were in? All Rich had done was try really hard to feel like he wanted to be in camp, and now?

Rich turned his attention to Fiona and Alex, and asked them a simple question: “How come neither of you have a megaphone? Seems to work for Mike.” Wait did he come off like a douche? Shit. “Just a, like, suggestion. I'm sure you guys got it under control though..."
this looks cool

Location: The Lodge w/ other Counselors —> The North Pole Christmas Tree
Featuring: Nick Walters
Mentions: None

It didn’t pay well, the kids were little shitheads, and the cabins were cold. And yet, Nick kept coming back.

He only went the first time because of memories talking about it with his father, and he wanted to try it out. After that? He managed to convince his best friend to tag along with him, and Nick was all in on Second Horizons. For five of the six years he’d attended, Nick had been the blue counselor, but this time? He was trying something different. Nick had decided to request the Pink Cabin — sure, it wasn’t his normal vibe, but he’d had a feeling when he was writing his sheet that it was time for a change. Maybe he’d like it there. ‘course, he figured that Andi kid was coming again, and they were a little extra from time to time.

He’d been in this same spot for five years now, listening to the camp director give his little spiel before he walked away to his office and the counselors were sent out of the Lodge and off to the North Pole to greet the kids who had shown up. A couple of the counselors were already gone and waiting at the airport for the fly-ins, but Nick managed to weasel out of that job once again. To him? Listening to the Director ramble on for a few minutes in a pre-camp hype speech was better in every way than sitting in a bus with entitled campers whose parents spent too much to get rid of their kids for the winter. Not that Nick knew anything about bad parents.

“Nicky boy, what’s the number one rule of Second Horizons?”

Nick was brought back to reality by the Director speaking directly to him, and he cleared his throat. “Uh, you know I don’t like being called that, right? Because I’ve been pretty clear about it for six years… okay, okay, whatever.” When the Director rolled his eyes,. Nick decided to brush it off, a gentle reminder that older people didn’t really care how he felt or what he wanted to be called. Okay, whatever. “The first rule is not to bother you unless there’s a life or death emergency BECAUSE,” Nick spoke up, prepared to give the rest of the answer before the Director even had a chance to interrupt him, “Second Horizons is your paid vacation home.”

“That’s correct.”

Of course it was correct. Nick had to wonder if it was just for show, or if the Director really thought Nick didn’t remember these conversations. It was the same thing, every goddamn time. Nick knew what was coming next, it was going to be the ‘second rule of Second Horizons. Why even wait? Nick should have given him the answer without even waiting.

“And, Nicky boy, what’s the second and final rule of Second Horizons?”

“Ain’t gonna be no fuckin’. Right? Satisfied?” Nick answered, rolling his eyes. No matter how many times the Director said it, that rule was almost always broken. Hell, Nick himself had a tendency to break it, but it wasn’t his own fault. He didn’t get it, but damn near everyone who applied to Second Horizons tended to be pretty hot. And what was he gonna do? Not flirt? That wasn’t really an option here. “Permission to be dismissed, Captain?” He asked, and the Director shook his head.

“Look, you guys just don’t cause problems for me and I won’t bother you. I hired you because your resume leads me to believe you’d make a pretty good professional babysitter. Those kids in your cabins are collectively your problem. Not mine. If they become my problem, then we’re gonna have a problem. And I want a very problem free winter holiday.”

That was understandable. Who didn’t want a problem free holiday season? Hell, Mike was spending Christmas here, and Mike had a family. Nick had… well, there was that gremlin kid, and Nick was pretty sure her family would let him hang out at her house if he didn’t feel like intruding on the Carters, but all in all… Nick liked it here. This was his family — for the season, anyway. As ragtag as the counselors were, Nick liked more than a few of the longtime campers. A lot of the time, their families didn’t want them for the holiday. Nick definitely understood that on a personal level.

“That being said, I hope you enjoy your time here as well. We got a good thing going here, and I’d love to keep it that way. Just remember, I’m watching you. Always watching you. Like…”

“Roz from Monsters, Inc?” Nick suggested, but he was ignored. Why was his best material always ignored?

“Like Santa Claus. I know when you’ve been naughty and I know when you’ve been nice, so you better be good for goodness’s sake. Or however that stupid song goes. Now go stand by the Christmas tree so you can meet your kids. Merry Christmas.”

Nick shook his head, but as the Director dismissed them, he was happy to be out of the Lodge. Weirdly enough, Nick didn’t really like it in the Lodge — too comfortable, it took away from the idea that Second Horizons was a ‘camp.’ There were already too many resort-esque features for Nick, like the pool room and the sauna. But, to his credit, the Director spared no expense. As he stepped into the brisk, cold air of a Washington morning, Nick pulled out his phone and typed out a text message to his co-counselor:

To: Kim Benson (counselor)
Boss freaking out, where are you w/ kids??

5 mins.

Wait, are you texting while driving? Don’t do that.

Nick shook his head and dropped his phone back into his pocket as he wondered if he’d drawn the short stick, as far as cabin counselors went. Maybe he should have stayed in blue… No, wait. He needed positive thoughts, right? Positive thoughts. Plus, there were a ton of campers he had to meet at the Christmas tree. Then, they had the big group bonfire, then the smaller bonfires by the cabins… why did they have two bonfires? Nick didn’t know the answer to that either.

To: Kim Benson (counselor)
I’m at the tree in a bright pink sweatshirt. You can’t miss me.
Seriously, I would be a liability if we were in a stealth mission.
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