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Current Have you tried NOT being a douche-canoe?
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After some soul searching, I've decided to let a lot of things go. It's just not worth it anymore. Let bygones be bygones, I'll carry on with my life and focus on me.
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Sometimes people become unrecognizable, doing things you never imagined they would and changing for the worse. It's a shame, but you can't help everyone.
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Whoever says "the customer is always right" has not worked with atual customers.
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"The flower that blooms in adversity. is the most rare and beautiful of them all." "Sir?" "You don't meet a girl like THAT every dynasty."


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Physical Description
The one thing most notable about Sengo Tsubasa is his beauty. While tall, he sports fair skin that looks softer than silk. His jet-black locks contrast his skin, tumbling over his shoulders and reaches his waist. He often pulls it up with a red ribbon, though it isn't uncommon for him to keep it loose. His amethyst-hued eyes often seem like they're looking through you, his features soft and his smile always gentle.

Character Conceptualization
Tsubasa is a young man who dreams of creating a forbidden weapon. Some years ago when he was learning signs from the Signkeeper, he stumbled into her collection of books and accidentally knocked over a pile. In his haste in putting them away, one was opened, revealing a page that had caught his interest: a colorful image of a man clad in metal wielding a weapon. He didn't even look at the rest of the book, entranced by the man and his strange equipment.
Despite knowing it was wrong, he tore the page out of the book and took it with him, obsessing over it for some time. One day, he managed to get the materials to make his first attempt at replicating the weapon. While his success varied, he was inevitably caught by his master. Instead of getting in trouble, however, he was strictly told that he should never attempt to do such a thing ever again and was only saved from being outed because no one else had seen it.
Ashes had been thrown onto his obsession, quelling it for the most part.

Other Information
  • His secondary hobby is flower pressing.
  • For some reason, Signkeeper Tomo doesn't seem to like him. He hasn't the foggiest clue as to why, either.
  • He is always happy to run errands for others. This is often exploited.

Known Signs:
Heat and Water signs for smithery; tried wind once for fun but doesn't really have an interest in magic

Spending time together? Lunch? Kaarage?! What in the world was wrong with this guy? There wasn't even time to come up with a proper retort as Hoshino made his swift exit, leaving Sakuya fuming. Idiot. He was an idiot! She absolutely hated that his stupid comment managed to hit her hard enough to stun her to silence. And she was supposed to look after him, what an absolute joke! Her initial assumption had been right on the money, at the very least, even if she was less than pleased at the outcome. Did she look like some sort of beguiled housewife?!

After a few seconds, however, it was apparent that any lingering students were definitely staring at her. Gripping her bag tightly, she spun on her heel and marched out of the room, biting down hard on her tongue to prevent herself from lashing out at anyone. This was so stupid, all that fuss for an idiot. No, that wasn't what she was really mad at. She felt completely embarrassed by the entire interaction, there were about a dozen different ways she could have handled it better. And of course, that spectacle in the second years' classroom would be quick to spread. So much for keeping her head low.

Noticing the vice principal a distance ahead, Sakuya stopped in her tracks. He kept looking around, and she assumed he was looking for her. Ducking into the girls' bathroom, she placed her bag down as she approached the sink, deciding to wash her face. As she checked her reflection, she noticed that she looked upset. Of all the sorry expressions she had to have, why did she have to look upset? Did what the stupid transfer student have to say really bother her that much?

Tearing her gaze away, she stared down at the running water. "Idiot," She muttered under her breath as she turned the faucets off. Whining about it wouldn't accomplish anything, she would just have to be more careful moving forward. It didn't matter how it started, it was all about how it finished, after all. At least, that was what Reiji used to tell her. Which meant she was going to have to make sure to handle the transfer student. She wasn't about to let him think he could walk all over her like that.

She was much more determined as she dried her face off, poking her head out to the hallway. The coast was clear, so it was one less thing to worry about, at least.


Sakuya held back the groan in her throat as she looked over to who called out her name, meeting the gaze of one displeased Yamamoto Kenta. While most people were quick to dismiss the bespectacled stickler, those that were in the know were all too aware of how much influence he had. The Yamamoto family was well known even outside of Kyoto, and the decision for one of their sons to attend Hinotori had been nothing short of a blessing; there had been multiple generous donations every year he had attended. To be fair, he typically kept to himself and wouldn't necessarily laud his position over overs. However, whenever he did decide to stick his nose somewhere, it was never a good thing.

Sakuya put on a more neutral expression as she stopped in place. "Good afternoon, Yamamoto-san," She replied.

"If you have a moment, I'd like to speak with you about something," He said, getting right to it.

"I'm gathering the council for something. If it isn't urgent, I'm happy to hear you out tomorrow," She told him.

"I wouldn't say urgent, but it is important," He paused for a moment, looking her over. "You look more mature now, like a spring flower that's finally blossomed."

Sakuya blinked slowly, her head trying to process what she just heard. First Hoshino, now this. She naively assumed she wasn't the type to draw male attention, but she supposed at the very least she should have expected it from Yamamoto. He was probably just being nice, she felt like she lost too much weight the past few months. "I'm...glad you think so," She replied, if only because she honestly had no idea what to even say to that. "Is that all?"

"Ah, no. Actually, maybe I'll take you up on that offer for tomorrow," He thought about it for a moment. "I assume you're aware of the increase in delinquency. It's bad enough poor Mochizuki-san ended up hospitalized, but it's important that they are stomped out sooner than later."

"Mochizuki Ayane? But her accident was..." Sakuya stopped herself, shaking her head. It wasn't any of her business to spread personal information around. "I believe you're mistaken that the two are connected, but I'm in full agreement. I'll come up with something sooner than later."

"Good! Though it really is a shame that poor Mochizuki was the one to suffer. Though I'll be honest, I don't think I would have cared as much if it had been Asakura," He admitted.

Sakuya resisted the urge to roll her eyes, though she did let out a sigh. Asakura did seem like he had come out of it none the worse for wear, but she wasn't going to go making assumptions. "You shouldn't say that, it's a terrible incident nonetheless," She stated.

"Don't tell me you actually care? Asakura was basically the ringleader of that little crew," Yamamoto scoffed.

While she had no strong feelings on the matter, Yamamoto was starting to annoy her. Placing her hand on her hip, she raised an eyebrow at him. "Your only interest lies in Mochizuki. As always, whenever there's a girl involved, suddenly you're right there," Sakuya replied without missing a beat. "Funny, I never took you as the type to pine over girls who had boyfriends."

"What--That's ridiculous," He snapped, much to her satisfaction. He quickly recovered, however, an odd expression on his face as his lips curved into a smirk. "And I never took you as the jealous type, Nakano-san."

Sakuya let out a hollow laugh, the smile on her face never quite reaching her eyes. Whatever little patience she had in her reservoir was already scraping the bottom, her temper flaring up again. Instead of outright yelling, however, she made sure this time she was the one in control of the situation. "I'd sooner watch you choke on your million yen bento lunch," She told him happily, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she walked past him. "Now, if you'll excuse me, my members are likely waiting for me."

She heard some grumbling behind her but chose to focus on continuing her walk, checking her watch. Hm, she wasted too much time with him, if he was going to approach her with more nonsense then she was going to have to be harsh from the start. Being stricter and more assertive was usually the way to go, anyway. With that in mind, she opened the door to the student council room, happy to see two members already there. She was certain Ueno-san would join them soon enough.

"Good afternoon," She greeted them both.

The Cooking Club's room was absolutely pristine, with every countertop and stove polished and shined to the point where if the sun pointed into the room, it could potentially blind a person. Its size was impressive and it boasted several top-of-the-line stoves, ovens, and a variety of different mixers. Pots and pans hung from above, almost making the place feel like a restaurant's kitchen, and a few cabinets lined up the opposite wall. Despite its size, however, it was remarkedly empty.

Only two people currently occupied the room and were huddled together over the only stovetop that was currently turned on. One was the girl that Genki had take note of. She stood tall, a hand on her forehead as an expression of exasperation pained her. The other was a boy who looked younger and on the verge of either bursting into hysterics or a rant, it was hard to tell. But there was a passion burning in his eyes as he watched the pot eagerly, hands itching to lift the pot.

At the sound of Genki's voice, however, the two looked over at him. After properly hearing what he had to say, the boy continued to watch the stove as the girl approached him, bearing a grin. "Nice to meet you, Mori Genki-san," Her voice was light and airy as she spoke, fitting her appearance. "I'm Mizuame Rin. You can just call me Linda."

Pausing for a moment, she threw a glare over the boy's way. "That's Kaito. I'm really glad you showed up, I was starting to think Kaito forgot to put up the recruitment posters!" She told him cheerfully.

At the sound of his name, the brunet threw an offended look at the pair. "After going through all the work of making them, of course I was going to put them up!" He replied, pouting.

Linda motioned for Genki to follow her as she returned to Kaito's side. "Actually, a lot of the members of the Cooking Club graduated last year, so I was a little worried about our numbers. There were only two second years last year, and Kaito here is a first year whose brother I know," She explained. "So now it's just the two of us. Now the three of us! All we need is one or two members and we'll get funding for the year!"

The Student Council Room wasn't much different from before with the exception of a noticeable polish. There was a whiteboard set up on one wall with a projector hanging from above and desks arranged in a square. While there were nameplates with markers behind them, they had nothing on them yet. On one side of the whiteboard, however, there was a list of names and positions written down in neat handwriting.

The door of the student council room slid open and a male student slipped in. He jumped in place as he spotted Oka, letting out a small laugh as he realized how silly he looked. Taking a seat at the table, he took out a small bag from his backpack before placing it on the ground next to him. As he unzipped the bag, the shine of a camera lens poked out. Once he was satisfied, he closed the bag and pushed it over to his right, giving Oka his full attention.

"Good afternoon, senpai!" He greeted her. "I'm Kinoshita Sora, a first year. I'll be the council's secretary this year."

The Archery Clubroom was as active as ever, with a majority of its members fawning over the new room. A majority of the equipment was stored safely in one corner of the room, but the new targets had been laid out already. Despite the excitement, however, there was some anxiety rolling around coming from the younger members.

Standing closest to the wall was the captain that Yori addressed. There wasn't much that was remarkable appearance-wise, but everyone in the club and even some outside of it knew that she wasn't someone to trifle with. She had been the number two of the club ever since she arrived in her first year and knew how to help lead the members. It was only natural that she was gifted the title of captain, so it didn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. That said, however, even she looked a little concerned, though it was promptly shelved as she was greeted.

"Welcome back, Sasaki," She greeted her cordially, lighting up. After a few seconds, however, she let out a small sigh. "I'm not sure if you've heard, but there's been some rumors that our funding is getting cut. If it's true, we're not going to be able to support as many people as we'd like."

The boy assaulted who now?! Did Sunny finally break under the pressure? Eris couldn't really stop his jaw dropping from shock, but he did miraculously hold back the hollow laugh that was about to follow. Huh, the kid snapped a lot sooner than expected, Eris figured it would've been maybe at least a year. Oh wait a second, Ismene did mention he had called, didn't she? He expected that much, but he didn't think the kid would lose it like that.

"Mmm...the dedication is admirable," He replied slowly, albeit his expression wasn't too impressed. "Better than finding out he had a secret celebration, I suppose."

But he wasn't going to get into that. Unfortunately, Eris didn't have too much to offer. "My grandfather wanted to see me about exchanging some assets, but aside from confirming that Adonis' investments went down faster than a mortal with whisky, it wasn't what I had hoped for," He rolled his eyes. As fun as it was seeing his cousins try and fail to reach his own magnitude of success, he had seen that one coming from a mile away.

"I'm more interested in the meeting tonight," He stole a glance at his watch, trying not to grin. "It'll be the first time Malek and Ismene interact without us around. I'm very interested to hear how that goes." He was all too aware that Ismene was essentially losing her seat at the top, and no amount of smartassery or lying was going to convince him that she was just okay with the changes. But he was extremely interested to see how she would handle it, that much was for sure.

He took the blindfold and wrapped it around his eyes. "I can take solace with knowing I have a lot in the pipeline. I'm going to end up making that debut sooner than later, too," He may or may not have already set out the rumor that the two were going out in preparation for his next hunt, but that was something for later. For now, he'd pop in the earbuds, smoothing his shirt as he readied himself.

Lilie was glad Esi was just as excited and ready to go as she was. She had no idea that there would be two teachers this time around, however. What interested her the most, however, was the mention of resonance research--her eyebrows shot up so quickly they probably looked like they were going to fly off her face. For some reason she had always thought of researchers being the type of people to get locked away in labs, or placed in cities--she honestly never imagined she'd get the chance to actually meet one! He wasn't exactly what she was expecting, either, but that wasn't really so much as a bad thing as it was, again, surprising.

Once the time came for the class to start, however, she shelved all those thoughts. The girl practically bounced into place, her heart racing with anticipation as she listened intently. Manipulating an element with another person sounded a little tricky, but it was still a challenge she was eager to step up to. She still felt like she had something to prove, so she made sure to mentally go over everything she had learned so far as she approached the barrel.

"Let's do our best!" She told Johnathan as she decided to take the lead. He already had practice, so it was up to her to catch up. She didn't want to come off as too cautious, but she did dip her fingers into the barrel, pulling up a handful's worth. The sooner she tested their limits, the better, right? With that in mind, she took in a deep breath and sent it over.

wow this crowd is poppin'

As the students moved and made their decisions, Michail was already reining in the horses back to the carriages. One, in particular, seemed grumpy about cutting their break short, but it couldn't be helped. If whoever was responsible for the explosion had decided to use that much force, than pillaging the village wasn't their goal. It was likely to be a slaughter of some sorts. The only thing he couldn't really figure out was why, though; aside from the farmlands nearby, Luin wasn't exactly a booming village. Even its name had been borrowed from the hero that had saved it, nothing of importance originated from there.

As he tightened the strap of the bar connecting horse to the carriage, he noticed Tomai nearby doing the complete opposite. They were going in with one carriage and leaving the other two behind as they needed to be as mobile as possible. He was still surprised the guy was doing as much, but he supposed everyone would put their dislikes aside when it came to something important. What was more, aside from Euphemia's initial protest, Tomai hadn't uttered a word to the contrary. He was so sure he would've been called reckless or suicidal, but nope. Tomai noticed Michail's stare, offering a shrug as if he already knew what he was thinking.

"I'm surprised," Michail ended up outright admitting as Tomai brought the freed horse over.

"As funny as it would be to watch you try to singlehandedly take on an entire army of bandits on your own, this is as good an opportunity as any," Tomai replied. "We can only shield them for so long."

That did seem more like a Tomai response. "To be honest, I just thought it would be easier this way," Michail said, adjusting the saddle. "Some of these kids would've been reckless and followed me. At least this way, it'll be safer."

Tomai nodded in agreement. "It's smart. I forget sometimes that you're an actual knight," He mused, ignoring Michail's strained smile as he looked over at the students. He watched Isolde pull herself up, raising his eyebrows. "All but two. You really have a way with words."

"That's not it," Michail corrected him, lifting himself up and over the horse. "They're ready to see the world outside theirs. That's all."

Tomai looked over to Kaira, who was handing the reins to Euphemia. Two free horses, one carriage, one knight, one archer, two mages, eight students going to the village. That much barely qualified as a brigade, but it couldn't be helped. Closing his eyes for a moment, he listened intently as the wind blew past them. Once he opened his eyes, he looked back up at Michail.

"We're up against two dozen bandits. A majority of them are already inside the village, but there are some lingering at the edge. I think they're looking to raze the village to the ground," He stated. "I suggest we take a few seconds to go over a formation."

Michail chewed on the corner of his lip as he listened. That many, huh? As he looked around, however, he had to put a pause to that thought. "It looks like they've all made their decisions," He noted out loud. "Get yourselves ready, once I finish talking to this pair, we're going."

He made sure to be as gentle with the horse as possible--even it seemed to sense the unrest nearby. He stopped in front of Lienna, looking the girl up and down. Resisting the urge to smile, he made sure she was looking at him before he would speak. "I'm leaving the two carriages to you," He stated, motioning to the nearly empty weapon carriage and the one the professors had previously occupied. "Remember what I said: don't assume you're safe here. We don't know what their objective is or what they're looking for. Stay on your guard and watch each other's backs."

Digging around in his satchel, he pulled out a small, silver wand adorned with a white crystal on top. "If trouble comes looking for you, concentrate into it, it'll release a minor cloaking spell in the form of a fog," He explained. "You can use it to run to us, or hide, or whatever you'd like."

Looking up, he let out a shrill whistle at Veronica, who had already decided to take a seat on a nearby log. She looked wholly disinterested in the entire situation, not even having bothered speaking to anyone. She briefly looked up from her nails to raise an eyebrow at Michail, waving her free hand. "I heard you," She muttered.

"Good," Michail looked back down at Lienna, giving her one last nod before riding over to the carriages. At this point, everyone had been squished back in fully equipped. He wished they had armor, but it was too late for that. Euphemia came over on her own horse, an ornate longbow slung around her chest. Tomai was already seated at the front of the carriage, stifling a yawn but clearly ready to go. The only one left was Kaira, who had still been rummaging through the carriage of the weapons.

"Ah! Michail!" She called, waving her arm for attention. "I'm not sure which role I should fill."

Michail looked back at the students, hastily putting together what he remembered. Imogen, Kellen, and the prince were all sword users, though he didn't doubt Clarissa would have her sword at the ready as well despite playing more of a support role. Auberon and Derec were also front line fighters with an axe and lance respectively, then there was Jorah with his bow. He would be with the front liners, Euphemia would be joining Jorah in the backlines, and Tomai was their only mage.

"Grab a staff of some sort, we're gonna need more firepower," He called. He waited as she did what she was told, offering her his hand. Once she was settled behind him, he let out another whistle. "Let's go!" He called.

"Roger," Tomai replied, taking a second to look back at the carriage. "Don't fall out." He suggested, lifting his arms and whipping the reins down harshly. The horses and carriage charged off, with the Kalonic duo hastily charging forward. Kaira hung onto Michail's armor, giving the village a nervous look.

"Our first goal is driving back the bandits!" Michail called out, his voice somehow heard clearly despite the movement. "We're splitting into three teams to accomplish this: Auberon, Derec, and Isolde will be on the offensive. You're joining me in the front and we're going to focus on getting the bandits' attention the best we can. Clarissa, Jorah, and Tomai will take center and make sure to cover any holes in our lineup--Clarissa, you're going to be taking up a majority of the support role, so we're going to be counting on you. Imogen, Kellen, and Kayden will be our backups and make sure to push back anyone that'd be dumb enough to try to surround us while making sure any villagers can get out."

Kaira's grip tightened on Michail, frowning at him. "Should I--"

"Euphemia is going to find the leader. As soon as the leader is found, we're going to bumrush them--once you get them out of the way, the rest should scatter," He cut her off. "No one do anything reckless. Stick to the plan, and we'll be fine."

Euphemia nodded, riding close to Michail. "Understood. I'm going off solo, then," She told him.

"Do it," He said, taking a second to look back at Kaira. She looked up at him, uncertain, but he shook his head, focusing instead on the village ahead. "Here we are! Get out and get moving!"

The carriage's halt was less than ideal, though the adrenaline was starting to rush through everyone. Euphemia followed suit, only looking back to shout, "Stay sharp!" before disappearing into the chaos.

Kaira hopped off Michail's horse, looking around at the destruction. The screams were somehow covered by the explosion, with a majority of people running around trying to flee and save themselves. A multitude of thugs in mismatched clothing and hackneyed weapons littered the area, breaking into homes and eagerly setting anything aflame as quickly as they could. Scorch marks surrounded the edge of one village--it had been where the initial explosion had happened.

Looking back at the students dropping out of the carriage, she felt like she should say something. As she opened her mouth to speak, however, the hairs on the back of her neck stood, and she turned back around to see what looked like half a dozen bandits looking right at them.

"They're here already?!" She gasped, backing up.

"Don't let your guard down!" Michail called. "The battle's already started!"

The sudden slam threw Sakuya off guard, eyes widening a touch. What was with this reaction? Was Hoshino really this averse to being told to do the bare minimum and keep out of trouble? A part of her thought that maybe there was some unknown misunderstanding or something. The rational thing to do would be to have a calm conversation and get to the bottom of it. However, even if that was the case, she didn't appreciate his action or his word. If he was trying to intimidate her, he was going to have to do a better job than that. She absolutely refused to back down, her glare matching his in intensity as her violet eyes locked onto his blue ones.

The tension all but evaporated as a third person joined the conversation--actually, he didn't so much join as he did barrel through, going so far as to sling an arm around Hoshino. Asakura Kazuyoshi was his name if she remembered correctly, though she couldn't say his face was one of comfort, especially with that stupid line. Who in their right mind would think she was trying to flirt? Was he that dense? It was absolutely ridiculous, further fueling the flames of her temper, but she managed to bite down the first response that came to mind. Even so, however, if looks could kill, she was pretty sure they'd both be on the floor.

"Your service is appreciated," Sakuya replied dryly, eyeing the other boy warily. "I expect you'll be on your best behavior this year, too, Asakura." She wasn't a stranger to his recklessness, either.

A tiny beep put a stop to anything else she wanted to say as she glanced down at her watch. Right, the meeting. The reminder actually served to calm her down greatly, albeit she wasn't going to just walk away without saying anything. Straightening up, Sakuya leveled a stern look on the pair. "Regardless of your guidance, it wouldn't do to abandon a new student. I'll be checking up on you once in a while to make sure you're acclimating properly. If there is any indication of the contrary, I'll make sure to step in," She reiterated, eyes landing on Hoshino again.

The return of silence wasn't exactly comforting--Fiona half expected something else to jump out at them if they dropped their guard for even a second. Fiona backed away from the black smoke, double-checking her ammo. She did her best to be as efficient as possible, but she'd be lying if she said she hadn't wasted a few shots. The Grimm moved faster than she anticipated; she wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. The last thing she wanted was to end up being a burden on the team. Or worse--she'd end up being the weak point.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as a strong guest of wind blew away the smoke. Letting out a sigh of relief, she figured she should get her head back in the game. "Thank you, Kohaku," Fiona thanked her first and foremost. At least that was one less thing to worry about. Rio was eager to take point again, with his semblance revealing that there were, of course, more Grimm. She seemed to have the same thought as Saffron as the girl expressed curiosity on how big the bunker was.

"Regardless of the distance, it's best to stay on guard," She decided to remind them, taking her spot after Saffron. "This bunker seems to have been built some time ago, so there should still be a distance before reaching the depths of where the Grimm would house themselves."

After a brief pause of thought, she added, "Whatever Rio senses is likely a wandering group. Let's stay in formation as we proceed."

The new student was certainly guarded. Sakuya could've been amused if she wasn't already in a bad mood, but her patience was already wearing thin. Was he testing her? She had no way of knowing what the source of the hostility could be. Perhaps he had issues with authority and Taniguchi thought she would be the best one to approach him. That sounded reasonable, but she wasn't sure, she was never good at guessing what people were like without knowing anything about them. Alternatively, he had already heard of her and decided that he wanted nothing to do with her following him around.

Would word have spread that quickly, though? He didn't seem that sociable--unless her classmates were determined to make sure everyone heard about that writing. It'd be impressive if it was put to some actual good use instead of being used for slander. Sakuya tried to see what she could get out of his expression, but aside from a very strong feeling of disdain, she was clueless. How did Natsuhime just walk up to anyone? Then again, the girl was much more charming and charismatic. Being charming and cute and nice was not one of Sakuya's strong points.

So be it.

The third year did let out a tiny sigh as she placed her hand on her hip. "Fair enough. I don't necessarily have the time to babysit anyone," She replied cooly, deciding to keep a level head as she brushed her hair off her shoulders. "I'll make sure to check up on you periodically to make sure you're adjusting properly. Hinotori is a place for learning and becoming a proper member of society, so I expect you'll do the same and not cause any trouble for anyone."
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