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Finally read through everything. Just deciding on what to go for.

The seas are home to the scum of the world. Thieves, cheats, gangsters, murderers, and worst of all, pirates. Although under the watchful vigilance of the marines, there are still those unfortunate enough to still be at their mercy as their local governments struggle to manage to get by against those villains who would seek to cause them harm. The answer to this? They call out for heroes. Great men and women who seek to uphold justice and stop the evil-doers from ravaging their lands. Ones who will put an end to this horrible pirate era. It is the Marines who stand proud to save the innocent. The marines will be the ones to put an end to all the injustice in the world and put to rest this chaotic search for the One Piece.

You may stand as an outcast. Perhaps one who just fell short of satisfying the needs of your higher ups. Perhaps your strong ego clashed against your superior leaving a blackmark upon you with their only wish was to get rid of you. Maybe you’re just someone with a dubious past who had no choice but to enlist. Whatever your reason might have been, you have found yourself recruited into a brand new experimental squad. The Last Option Squadron for Extraordinary Rejects (L.O.S.E.R.) is a smaller crew from your typical team who actively seeks out problems to solve.

Welcome to the Marines, Loser!

This is a roleplay set in an alternate universe of the One Piece world. The story takes place during Gol D. Roger’s execution. Aside from Roger, other canon characters will not exist. The story will be about a newly formed ship employed under the Marines to actively seek out various islands to investigate for and eliminate any threats. While most Marines wait for orders, LOSERs are able to act on their captain’s (questionable) whim and do as they please, so long as a direct order isn't given to do otherwise. I'm looking for a smaller group of players with the goal of working together to create a compelling narrative with the hope of having the chance to dive into each character and flesh out a bigger story while incorporating elements directly related to each character. In many ways this is much like a normal One Piece Roleplay, just this time the law is on your side.
@Jangel13 If you read the hider, it said that I was looking for an encounter with a creature. You asked me to be active, and I did but since my character doesn't seem to get the same attention as the others, I'll be withdrawing.
@TheMushroomLord I mentioned in the post that I was looking for an encounter with a creature. I guess I'm just getting ignored.
@Eviledd1984 I wasn't included in the update?

On Stranger Tides

Seventeen years ago, the world changed. One man of implacable zeal and indomitable will, the Pirate King, met his end after sharing with the world the existence of his greatest treasure. Lust, greed, and pride brought a slew of pirates, invoking the wrath of the World Government and the Marines, starting something more akin to a war in this new age of piracy.

Some seas fared better than others: the Grand Line saw a boom of commerce as adventurers and pirates alike arrived, but with so many bloody accidents, costly miscalculations, and gruesome battles, the death toll seemed to rise much more. The East Blue remained mostly tranquil, as it had often been, as did the West. The North boomed loudly, but in the South, there was trouble. Though it was the largest of the seas by population, it did not have the peace of the East, the technology of the North, or the history of the West. Without the staying power of tranquility, craft, or tradition, the South saw the largest boom in piracy from the Blue Seas. Some tales traded of chaos at Reverse Mountain where too many ships tried to enter simultaneously in the dawn light, rushing as if One Piece was just on the other side. Worse yet, the increased piracy left less of the able bodied to defend cities, making it all to easy for failed pirates to return to their seas with many undefended islands to plunder. Some failed pirates turned to other avenues of crime, abusing the fact that the Marines and law enforcement were spread thin.

Countries fell, only to be replaced with new regimes, just to fall once again. Marines, fatigued from the constant struggle, fell to corruption and greed to ease their burden. The seas have quieted in parts, but under the surface lies a thick layer of blight, and thundering skies approach. The seas have never been stranger.

On Stranger Tides is a role play that is mainly based on One Piece; to not hinder your role playing experience, it would be best if you are familiar with the series. Following an Age of Romanticism, adventure and relative peace, this age is a fairly dark one. You can be anything you wish. Within reason, and as appropriate for the setting. An anthropomorphic captain of the guard trying to control the anarchic pirate town? Why not? Runaway prince from an underwater kingdom? Go for it! An mercenary working as a shipwright? Interesting! A intergalactic space marine? No. It is recommended to be something similar to a humanoid, but not required.

As written in the premise, players will start in the four blues, and then move on to tackle the Grand Line itself. More emphasis would be directed towards sailings and the journey in between islands. Improving your ship via parts and upgrades will be options granted to you. Goals throughout the story would probably include improving your skills and abilities, amassing wealth beyond your imaginations, become infamous beyond measure, and engraving your name in history to name a few.

Aside from certain elements of fantasy, you will eventually come to notice the level of technology in this world will be slightly advanced as compared to that in the manga. And if you were wondering, most of the canon characters are dead or retreated from the world altogether.

Goblin Qee

Although not receiving anything tangible, Qee couldn't help but give off a gleeful smile. There was something comforting about pats to the head. Hearing that she had to hunt for herself didn't excite her, but learning of the rabbits and berries, Qee felt relieved. From her initial interaction with the elderly goblin, she could feel that he was kind. Whether this was genuine or not, she didn't really dwell on it that much.

"Oh, okay. Thanks grandpa!" Qee shouted as she waved farewell to her wise elder. It was time to search for some rabbits and berries. Since it came from her elder, these thing were probably safe.

"Rabbits and berries, huh?" Qee's fingers twiddled her hair as she thought. She was certain she knew what these things were, but she wasn't certain where to find them. Thinking as hard as she could, a single word popped into her mind.

"Bush!" She screamed, as if she made a breakthrough.

Elder it is then.
Goblin Qee

Coming into terms with her new physique, Qee cautiously looked around before wandering around the place they called their home. Her stomach growled in hunger, but a greater instinct was more predominant; the urge to survive. As much as her body sought for food, Qee felt that it wasn't the most optimal choice at the time. Instead, her eyes trailed until they landed upon the wrinkliest goblin within her sights. It was their elder.

"Greetings, great and wise elder." Qee smiled, waving her hands up into the air, trying to grab the older goblin's attention.

"Qee is hungry, but isn't sure where to go or what to do. Can great elder help me?"

She grinned, smiling at her own incompetence. Hopefully, she looked as helpless as she could.
@Jangel13 Oh. Its that early. Alright. I'll read up and check out who I can tag along with. Are there NPC goblins that I can go with? Or who would I be closed to right now?

Any would-be-leaders, Qee is lackey-in-waiting.
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