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@gtwade Here's the link to the Excel doc with all current, pending and WIP characters: bit.ly/329xCQx

Thanks, @Kuro! I suppose I would have found it myself if I had looked around a little more. :)
Hi all! I'm new to the site and would be interested in joining the Star Wars CG. My question is: how many of each character type are there? Is it balanced, or are there an overwhelming number of Jedi or Sith, for instance? I think I'd like to create a character that is in the minority of these groups.

Thanks & may the Force be with you!
Hi, I'm new to the forum, looking forward to doing some gaming! In real life I'm a software developer. My RPGs are Star Wars, Star Trek Adventures, Paranoia, Traveler. Currently I'm reading the Shadowrun rules, and running a STA play-by-forum on Discord with my board gaming group.

-- Guy
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