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6 days ago
Current Taking some time off to deal with these issues...again... I'm sorry to my RP partners.
7 days ago
@Jonesparrow: "Well I guess that's why they say every rose has its thorn. Just like every night has its dawn."
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7 days ago
This isn't a bathtub. It's a sink.
10 days ago
Currently wondering how to do an RP about professional wrestling.
11 days ago
Sometimes, I feel as though the definition of employee has changed over the course of history. However, it does not give you, the customer, the excuse to treat them like a pile of human excrement.


I'm a human, so there.

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I'm not a dragon unfortunately, but I do own one.

I would be biased, if I said otherwise, so....

Not particularly joining sadly, but this does look like it will be a good read. ^-^ Nevertheless excited
@Vampiretwilight Okay, sounds great! ^_^ I'll write a PM as soon as I get to my computer. Can't write for shit on a phone.
@Vampiretwilight Awesome. So did you want to make a thread or do this over PMs? Also, I gotta go to work soon, so I won't be on till later tonight.
@Vampiretwilight Mostly Free these days. I could do Casual, but with work and real life, I barely have the brain capacity to churn out a novel. XD
@Vampiretwilight The Alicorn plot to me sounds like it has alot of potential. Plus I'm a sucker for classic generic fantasy, so this is definitely up my alley.
@Vampiretwilight I really like the Guardians of the Crystal Rose plot. Would make for a very good group RP. I also like the Vampire Princess Luna plot and your Alicorn plot too.
Anyone? Bueller?
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