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Toraksui groaned seeing the shadows out of whack and slowly got up and huffed gently. "I'm always up when problems start" aid wincing at his side hurt. Before dodging a shadow and looked at the sleeping girl and frowned as he got close enough and touched her forehead with a finger as she could hear him in her mind ,"wake up Sarens your having a nightmare and your shadows are panicking"
Hello, I was hoping to see if anyone would like to do a Coming to America kind of idea, a Prince from a magical land and coming to the human world and trying to find a bride or a soulmate.

If anyone is interested hit me up, I do not want a damsel in distress female I want something strong-willed and hard to get. Something to capture his interest. Hell, she could even catch on that he's not human and call him out on it. But she must be soft on the inside and good-hearted.

We can double up as well.

PM me or mention me and I will PM you.
The Captain looked at him adn raised an eyebrow at his words and blinked her eyes " Evil is what you make of it Dante, it is not in blood or in souls. Sure you can come from evil places and evil realms but that doesn't mean you too are born evil or have to be such a way. I would know that better then most with the destructive and bloodthirsty demand of a hydra blood in me I should be more bloodthirsty but I learned to contain it" she said and while she was harsh she was wise, in overcoming the stigma many felt they had to prove from where they are from.

Before hearing a alarm on her computer and frowned "what now?" she groaned and looked as a new rival seemed to show up a huge bat like creature. Snatching and slaughtering people and then consuming their souls "Get Bane,Sarena and VT or whoever is awake, we have a new problem"

VT frowned and looked around slightly "NO he shouldn't be" said before the fox's eyes snapped open nearly spooking the mechanics out of VT who jumped sharply away "Toraksui your awake"

The fox groaned as he held his hand to cover the light slightly and grunted slightly "Ow the hell happened" he said tiredly.

Vos sighed and looked down at the paperwork trying to focus "kitsune is crazy at times. With no real info on him we run only by what we see and can measure" she sighed "they are good. Maybe not toraksui all the way but they are good. " She mutters.

VT shrugged "I couldn't tell you we don't know that much of toraksui origin" said rubbing his neck looking at the fox.
Dante could feel slihht lumps , problay swells from her lashings she took for the sake of those under her charge. While vos was harsh on everyone she took the punishments from higher ups like lashings and or torture in order to keep others from receiving them. She grunted as knots slowly undid theyselves as she sighed "what am I gonna do with these people" mutter.

Vt shrugged as he didn't know "I don't know we just keep tabs on him I guess. Or toraksui can if he wakes up again" mutters gently . Before seeing the fix finger twitch
Vt cracked his back slightly"unfortunately not much" he said opening the file for Dante. It was limited access.

Vos looked over slightly "well at least rest is good for them" said the captain looking over files and papers "what service?" She asked running her head
Vos was already back in her office just back to work like always. Ignoring herself and pain as she kept working regardless.

Vt rolled his eyes he never slept. He was awake for hours and never grown tired at all.
Vt grunted picking her up and taking her to her bedroom and tucked her to bed. Before coming out and looking at Dante "don't even try" he said annoyed as he wasn't about to deal with no trouble. Vt was calm but even he was incredibly dangerous when not in the mood.
"Sarens you need rest the fox is gonna be out for maybe a day or two from doing anything. Besides bane and I can keep watch over the fox" said the driod but knew talking was not gonna help. Before walking over to her and poked her shoulder a sharp pain would hit her shoulder as he injected anesthetic into her causing her to become numb and start to get sleepy "it will last at least eight hours " he said
Vt raised an eyebrow and looked at the passed out fox "well he's still a mystery to most of us we learn little by little" said and looked at Bane "get her to the medical bay at least there they can really help her there. I'll stay with the fox" VT said though he was worried he knew not most would bother trying him.

"Blades tell many stories many histories. That's what toraksui always said to us" said vt and looked at Bane to get sraena to the medical bay it would be the best chance she gets to really recovering well.
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