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Oh no :( Just nbeen hectic
Toraksui didn't trust them still and grumbled, before walking in and looking around tensely waiting for whoever was gonna do something different.

Vt looked at her "get some rest I won't let you get hurt"

Vos sighed "got nothing of whatever this thing is not even a name so who knows just he ready for anything and everything" said
Yes just been incredbly busy
The fox snorted at the idea of having a band was any better. "Its still a device that keeps my powers at bay its no better" he mutters annoyed and ighsed "Have a feeling he's trying to play a game" said annoyed as he walked with Bane.

The Captain nodded ash looked through files based on this creature shifting her gaze around to the window keeping check nothing was incoming.

VT smiled at her slowly "You needed a slap in the head to get you out of dante mindset"
"don't really know what we are facing so just be ready for anything I guess" said the captain tilting her head slightly and cracked her back out slightly.

Toraksui frowned about getting checked for a different device to hold his power at bay "Do I have to?" he mutters annoyed and looked at her sweetly "Dante has Hypno eyes I am guessing and you stared at them so he pretty much controlling your thoughts" said amused before kissing the top of her head "Now behave for VT please" He teased and let her stand upright and VT charge before walking off with bane. Though the fox sulked for even having to get something see to restrict his powers
Vos sighed and rooled her eyes amused "try not to get killed Dante" she said amused before the plane took off amused, "Villians don't get happy endings" she reminded him.

Toraksui caught her and looked at her slowly "You really need to watch your footing" he muses gemtly.
Vos sighed and looked at him "whos her prince? " snorted amused as she got the gear into the plane. She was trying to just keep her composure and calm during missions.

Toraksui sighed as he flicked his finger across her forehead making it feel like a mental sharp jolt awake slap "Sorry Sarena" he muttered it be the last of his powers he be able to use.
"DANTE!" Snapped a female voice as Vos stood there arms crossed displeased on her face "I didn't tell you to force anyone to go, I said tell them to be ready if they are not all you do is come back and it's just you and me. You do NOT dare use your powers on my team " said scolded him harshly. The whole vos was harsh she was even harsher on those that dare to try to use their powers to get what they want "Now dante you suit up and be ready jet leaves in ten minutes" she dismissed him to leave and eyes glared at him dangerously. She enjoyed the company of the demon mage but she wasn't gonna have him pull this.

Toraksui was ready for a blood bath but sighed with relief as Vos intervened as it could have gotten bloody very fast. He felt Vos eyes on him and looked away slightly "Bane take Toraksui to the mechanical bay, see if we can't get wristband or an ankle bracelet" Vos said and looked at VT "Can you handle a goddess for right now?"

VT nodded "Always," he said as Vos nodded "I will call if we need help" she then left the room.
Torak shook his head roughly "you are both fools to think two hours of sleep is good enough" he said sternly and his eyes glowed dangerously. "You both will cause only more trouble with your state. I can already tell Sarena isn't ready for anything right now and Dante can be ready but maybe It just him and captain this time, your the only two at actual ability right now" he said but wasn't giving it a choice.

"So Dante you go back to the captain and tell her its just you and her till we actually rest enough," he said sternly giving Dante a warning glare and gave sarena an even harsher glare. he wasn't about to have things go to shit this fast. He knew none of them where up to snuff not even Sarena or him and he wasn't risking any more lives.

"there's no god in this reality that save you if anymore people get hurt" growled Toraksui ina very real threat to Dante and the captain.
The fox just smirked gently "Your okay you were having a nightmare is all" said assureing her she was fine as he nodded his head and glared slightly at Dante "I don;t think going on a mission right now would be good for us" explained.

VT rubbed his head and helped bane up slowly " Another fight we just can't rest huh?" asked annoyed and rolled his eyes slightly "I thought we could get one day or maybe even a weekend off from job for a moment at least" mutters as he looked at toraksui and sighed "what bcoulds possible be going wrong now?"
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