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@PPQ Purple And there you go. Ovaan just shared what he discovered about the Capsule Ship he found (gravity controls). Methinks that is how we're going to be getting our training in.

There was honestly too much information to take in. From the state of the planet, wondering what the harvesting was meant for, and now the strangers that requested they take their leave. In all fairness, the Supreme Kai of Time only asked them to gather some information. Well, they did that, and so one could technically call this a successful mission. Not that any of them actually felt like they had won anything. Not after that nightmarish hellscape they just witnessed.

As it were, Ovaan had no objections to making a retreat. Those fighting up above were giving their lives so that these two strangers could escape. That meant they knew something that could help. They were likely very important prisoners, which meant they would be of great use to their efforts as well. And besides, as much as Ovaan did not care heroics, letting the sacrifices of others be in vain seemed like rather poor form. And so, silent as he was throughout the exchange, Ovaan offered no objections and proceeded back through the portal with the others.

Perhaps if he'd had some sort of plan or strategy, they could have done more. But as it was, he didn't know this team very well. He needed more time to assess them. To get to know their strengths and weaknesses so that he could come up with battle strategies accordingly. That was how he and his own men had survived for so long, and he saw no reason why it couldn't be done with this group.

"What I know is that there is no point in us knowing until we can do something about it."
"We need to get stronger. Much stronger. What ever it takes."
"And I do not know how."

Mia's words made him clutch at something on his personage. It sounded like now was as good a time as any to share his most interesting find from last night's scavenging. He cleared his throat a bit, then offered a simple hand on the horned girl's shoulder, "I believe that I may have the answer to that question." he took out the capsule, and without missing a beat threw it to the ground nearby. After a brief puff of a smoke, the spherical ship appeared before them, "Truth be told... I believe this ship was used for more than mere travel. It's equipped with a computer that can increase the g-forces within the ship's confines. At first I thought it was for traveling purposes, but the levels the gravity can be set to is far beyond any planet or sector that I've ever heard of. But what if the high levels of gravity was intended to be trained in, instead? I suspect the ship's previous owners might have used it to enhance their battle powers, and by quite a lot I imagine."
In a struggle match, any scrap of time mattered. Whether it was a second, or a hundredth of a second. Some called it splitting hairs, but competitors like Seifer, like Zack, and like him knew better. They knew that the tiniest fraction of a second, whether from an advantage or a slip up, meant the difference between them scoring the point, or their opponent. And in high stakes matches? Down to the wire with both combatants at their 4th point and going for their fifth and final point for the win? That also meant the difference between victory and defeat.

The expression on Seifer's face shifted, barely noticeable. His confidence had skipped a beat, and he slipped into a purely focused look. For that seemingly eternal moment, his mind raced, desperate to come up with something, anything, to steal his way out of this mess he found himself in. But there was only one option, and it was one Seifer detested, because he knew from the onset that it would very likely fail. With no more options, Seifer's free hand made a quick and desperate move, reaching over to the handle of his twisting bat. His other hand's grip was losing its edge thanks to Zack's maneuver, and all Seifer had left was a fool's hope that he could switch hands fast enough to hit Zack before he got hit himself.

The moment, seemingly slowed down by the raw tension and Seifer's own trance-like focus, finally sped back up again to normal speed. Two distinct thuds were heard, but not simultaneously. The combatants were both struck by the other, but only one of them was struck fast enough to win the point. Seifer's eyes glanced down at the bat that was now in his left hand. Too slow. The time it took to switch hands was simply too slow to beat Zack's thrust. Not by much, but it was enough.

It didn't take Rai and Fuu long to figure out what had happened and they were quick to chime in, "Er, Seifer's not feeling so hot, ya know?" said Rai, trying not to led the leader's confidence seem too shaken.

"Tournament decides!" it was Fuu, as if these two were trying to invalidate the match. Which they basically were. Seifer, on the other hand, wasn't having any of it.

"Shut it, you two!" he snapped, shooting an angry glare at Rai and Fuu. Was he angry at the loss? Well, no, not really. For one thing, this wasn't an official match. And secondly, one point wasn't enough to determine who the actual better fighter was. No, what Seifer was actually angry at was himself for slipping up and being too slow to recover from it. He glanced down at his bat once again, "Tch... still needs work." he muttered, and then all of a sudden he was walking away. "Sorry Vivi, but I can't afford to lag behind in my own practice any further than I already have. You're on your own now."

In all this, Vivi hadn't said a word. Earlier, Seifer had demanded he choose between staying with him or not but... what had just happened was enough for Seifer to make the decision for him it seemed. And he had also been ignoring Droka, which honestly made him feel even worse about this whole thing. Should he just quit? Drop out? He looked down at his own bat, as if weighing the option, "Um... I think I wanna be alone for a little while, I need to think." he said to Droka, finally not ignoring him anymore, "I'm sorry... this, this is all my fault." and then he just took off running. And with Seifer (along with Rai and Fuu) long gone now, that left the four classmates there in the sandlot now.

I'm guessing this is where the misunderstanding is rooted; from my opening move.

<Snipped quote by Wayward>

The swing that Seifer is countering didn't actually happen. Rather, it was framed in terms of an if-then; the "if" being Seifer committing to the thrust, and Zack parrying it, neither of which ended up resolving. All that my first move amounted to was Zack getting his baton up to prepare himself to parry the thrust if need be (and also putting it into a somewhat better position to react if the conditions changed), and a small reorientation of his stance.

What I was referring to was the fact that Seifer literally just tried to use the hook-shaped handle of his bat to yank Zack's bat out of his hands by force. He attempted to completely disarm Zack and so far I'm not really seeing that being addressed.

Edit: Okay, well either you made an edit to your post or I'm just a blind idiot. Either way, my issue is resolved and we can continue forward. xP
@Wayward You, uh... just gonna ignore Seifer's entire counterattack?

After catching Zack's baton against his own, Seifer used this moment of closeness to attempt the modification he'd made to the strategy he borrowed. The Struggle Bats all had handles that ended in a hook shape. Already holding his bat backhanded, Seifer moved to grab hold of Zack's bat using the hook end of his handle and tried to force the bat out of Zack's hands. A disarmed opponent would make for easy pickings, and an easy win.

Cuz if ya are, then I'm going to assume it went through successfully and furthermore write my response as such.
@PPQ Purple Oh! Oh! I'm pretty sure Ovaan is holding the answer in his pockrt!
<Snipped quote by Double>

I figured Li wouldn't be involved right away, since he was so close to Han, in a sort of a mentor role. Of course, when (not if) Goda fails in his mission on Mars, Li would then be dispatched to finish the job.

Or were you really wanting him involved right away?

It's not like he would show up immediately. News of Goda's failure needs to reach Laoguai first before Li is dispatched. And by then we presumably are long gone and won't actually see him until another time later on.
@Wayward Sure. If I had to guess the others are waiting for the finish playing out.
@Balthazar007 Oh, just noticed this in your villain scene, but I was planning on Li being the one who specializes in hunting down traitors.
@Double Wait, is it my turn and stuff? We've done the montage. Am I handling the landing?

I dunno. I was just going by the fact we were going back and forth up to now.
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