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This be a hardcore mili-stim?
Still alive as well
So. Uhm.
That's a lot of a p p s

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-> No one from Heiseina village has traveled beyond the valley. Your character's knowledge of broader history and worldview will be shaped by the very narrow perspective of their home and its elders.
- Maxx, probably

His family and himself never traveled beyond the valley. All of 'em stayed in the valley since their birth.
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Could I have my character be black, belonging to a single family that lives alone. Due to his skin tone, not a lot of other villages will accept - neverminding that said villages also don't like foreigners. So when his mother, brother, and father died due to disease, my character traveled to Heiseina. Of course, they did not like him but offered him to stay on the condition that he worked off a loan placed on him from out of the blue.
Is there any racism in the village?
I am Dog and this concept peaks me.
I am Dog
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