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2 mos ago
When you realize just how many accounts you have because you forgot your password so many times...
2 mos ago
Happy birthday Evil Snowman! Even if you never see this I shall shout my love and birthday wishes from the top of the status bar! Love, your fiancee! <3
2 mos ago
It's official: 37 hours no sleep and brain is still going strong. What did I do to deserve such pain? Who did I wrong in a past life?
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3 mos ago
Damn who got Filthy all hyped up and ready to rumble? xD
3 mos ago
I always look at whoever stumbled upon my profile and just think to myself, "How have you gotten here? What brought you to this page? How did you find me?"


Just a demonic bird living her life on the east coast. My fiancee is the lovely Evil Snowman (usernames not planned but worked so well together we thought "Hey, might as well get married and have some possessed kiddos one day!") That's pretty much it!

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Daily bump for interest!
@bumbles guthrie

Absolutely! I'm not sure if Sanity will be joining us again but you can always shoot him a message to ask for permission and doubling depending on whose interested is definitely an option! Still most certainly welcome aboard! ^-^
Also to all those who are interested you're more than welcome to join us! All zodiacs are open and if anyone from the original crew wishes to keep their character do let me know as well!

Hello everyone! I'm not sure if you're all still interested in this RP but my health issues have been resolved and I'm looking to start this up again! Please do let me know, but even if you're not I hope you all are doing well!
Are you still looking for female partners for FxF?
There once was a love story that spoke of the moon goddess and her one sided affection for the sun god. Luna admired his bright beautiful nature though she dared not approach him as the earth goddess always held his eye. She sought to stay by the earth goddess Terra's side revolving around her every whim to catch a glimpse of the glorious light. Once every few years the sun god and the moon goddess would share a conversation staying in one another presence but their love was not meant to be. The sun god would always have others revolving around him while Luna would merely stay by Terra's side. But what if Luna had taken the initiative and has pursued the sun god? Well tuck in and I shall tell you the tale of how the moon goddesses lament finally ended and a new light was born

Hello there my name is Demonic Raven and you're watching disney- Wait wait no that's not right.

Jokes aside this plot revolves around the reincarnation of the sun god and the moon goddess, both being worshipped in the temple of night and the temple of day respectively. The two would meet at the festival of the Lunar Eclipse and the mischievous Terra would be reincarnated causing chaos for the two. If you're interested in hearing the more detailed plot or if you wish to discuss things more PM me with you're favorite horror movie as the title!

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you have a wonderful night/day! ^-^
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