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Missing the forest for the trees. It comes off a bit salty and I get where Hawk was coming from, but there's still some point to Purple's issue.
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He's not saying he doesn't want to write with anyone, instead write with the people who have similar pacing. Problem is, it's a tricky balance and the guild's not exactly speedy by nature.
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Free trial for some of my toes, but the rest are DLC.
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Hello :o

I'm not much of a bbcoder and frankly, I'm awkward introducing. But I haven't written much about me at all. So here I am.

I was on the guild some time back, but it doesn't really matter; I lurked and I had some hatchets to bury. I'm in a better state and would like to keep it that way.

I go for drawn out posting, since it is easy for me to check in. Not so much to sit down with a keyboard, and harder than that to have the muse for the right time. In other words, IC speed is much slower than OOC. The comfy average is 1-2 posts a week. More than 10 days and I'll have said something or there's a problem. Some games might draw out longer, especially if my partner is doing the same.

I'm 'middle of the road' on length and detail. I try to get as many details out as are important in my head, but things always fall through. The result on average is between 2 and 4 paragraphs of substance. I like to break them up to variable lengths, especially more winding ones. It's a work in progress as always. I feel far more than I write, if that makes sense. The writing part of it all is a bitch, and sometimes getting in the mood and character mind(s) is too.

What I'll do when I know you is different than if you're a stranger (wo0ow). I'm easy to draw in, hard to keep. Lots of interests. I'm always open for a chat about whatever. Serious or... not so serious, or not so safe for work, it's fine by me. I'm easier to get on short term plots or roleplay 'episodes' than tying the knot with a long-term roleplay. Frankly, that's just unrealistic in most cases. So I avoid it unless I feel I can keep it, and I cannot tell you that until some time after we start or see the idea (takes some time to really commit >.<). If we kick off in tastes and OOC, I'll be happy to turn that one-off into something much more.

My length tends to reflect what I get, to a point. One-liners or less than a paragraph leave me starving, 6+ paragraphs I'm much slower responding to and may not reciprocate. I can do multiple characters, GM style setting, lengthier sequences by myself (for the fun of it or advancement, whatever) and nation style roleplays, but more of any of those = slower me. Don't worry, it's not to scale. 3 characters shouldn't take 3 weeks >.>

And since it comes up quite a bit, smut, avoid at your discretion. Frankly, I'll take 90/10 either direction. It is easier to appeal to my BDSM streak for a one-shot and lead it into something more on pure interest than drawing it out with that as the end goal. A hook if you will. I would like to avoid any below 18 players as I am willing to explore the depths of smut, and possibly other extremes as well. All depends on what we want to do. Basically, I don't back down to NSFW and I can discuss it openly (in private. >.>). Take that as you will, with discretion~

This isn't going to make much sense. I just want to collect titles of things I am, been referenced as, etc under this alias.

Currently, I am a white knight. Yay!

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Eh, we're just spitballing possibilities at this point. I couldn't resist, myself. It's not the way of forum threads to just end when the OP is satisfied...
Pour your all into a single personality that's convincing and different from your own, and I'd say you're pretty advanced even if you play nothing else. Particularly if the split is distinct...
I've shied from starting/joining anything in general from the highly pessimistic take that anything I'd start would probably just die off, and it's tiring to put my mind into something that's not gonna continue if the thing it was made for doesn't. Either I'm gonna put heart into it and others will leave, or I do the same but I realize it's not something I'd stick to for a longer period. Kinda depressing when the going mindset is 'if they don't kill it I probably will'. The idea of doing stuff is fun, but the doing stuff is an exhausting prospect.

My answer to part of above has been 'start something you can remix into original content', but I haven't had enough thoughts in general that I think would actually work for the Guild. I have random stuff like thoughts of a Battletech based roleplay or something to revive Arena, but again. All stuff that takes energy to pull off for returns I'm not sure are there.

Mainly I'm here out of nostalgia, and remembering why I vanished. Add tangents of real life, very fickle muse and other hobbies and the result is not much at all happening. Sorry if I took it a little too dark.
In Announcement. 27 days ago Forum: Star Wars OOC
<Snipped quote by Ruby>

Why strictly focus on cutting out the force-using? Just asking out of pure curiosity.

So the trick with this and the subsequent answer is the potential of the setting. A western that does a good deal of worldbuilding might get samey to people when literally everyone you meet is also a gunslinger. There was a fairly successful star wars game that got on well with a somewhat small, but devoted audience that explored everyone except Jedi/force users. I often hear the reason it failed is because of the update that added force users, resulting in everyone wanting to be that guy... resulting in that getting old rather quickly and the immersion of the game falling apart.

I don't strictly fall in this camp, but the trick is ending up with a very large scope project where everyone is special, and then nobody is special. The reverse, where nobody is special and everybody is unique can be a strong appeal when the setting has enough background for most people to just get started. You might lose the people who just want to play force users, but there have been examples where being more humble in a setting of special can be quite successful.
Not necessarily family, but a few good friends.
With great seriousness comes great pomp and little results.

But seriously, nothing odd about it, but you may find it harder to get a bite for basic interest (the girl doing male thing is no problem). Via a few discord circuits I know someone who's been into MxM and kinks related to male submissives who basically never gets anything.
<Snipped quote by Darth Cognus>
That I can understand.

This said, I honestly think that issues of any sort aren't a predicate for this. I mean, I don't have issues and yet frankly I find it much easier to be social and honest online than in real life simply because in real life the vast majority of people are simply unlikable. And in real life there is zero you can do about that where as online you can just detect those people and ghost them if they start to get annoying and find new people that aren't.

Plus there is the fact that online we all tend to congregate in groups with shared interests and personality types to a large extent. And it's just easier to like and get along with other people who share your interests and hobbies even if they are otherwise unlikable individuals because you have something in common.

All quite true. Individual folks have their respective reasons, issues for me is one of them but is not for many others. Many others are also far better proper writers than I've ever managed, so we all have our spectrum.
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